All Dinosaur Names: Dinosaur A to Z List

There are over 1200 Dinosaurs currently classified, described or named in the World today. So even a list of those, with full names, is going to be over 2800 words long!

So we have narrowed it down here for you. We have 3 examples of the most famous dinosaurs from each letter, and have made a lin to our dedicated page for each letter which you can jump to as you wish.

So for example,

  • A would be Allosaurus, Ankylosaurus and Argentinosaurus.
  • T would you Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops and Troodon
  • C would be Carnotaurus, Compsognathus and corythosaurus

and if you wanted to know more Dinosaur A to Z then you can head to the page for the letter of your choice.

or download the full list from the links in the side or here when they are available.

The table below jumps to you the dinosaur A to Z of your Choice and you can head back to the top by finding the back to top buttons.


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Dinosaurs Beginning with A

As Maria Von Trapp quite beautifully sang. Let’s start at the very beginning. And in this List of All Dinosaurs, we start with the letter A. Here we have all the dinosaurs that start with the letter A, so expect to see some famous faces like Allosaurus and Ankylosaurus, and the largest (maybe dinosaurs like argentinosaurus and amphicoelias) and even ones with a possible X-men connections called Adamantisaurus

Dinosaur Names Beginning With A
Click Me for all Dinosaurs starting with A

if you see anything you like you can click the links and either be taken to that dinosaurs page or to more information about that dinosaur where we have it, and if not to another site to check out more information.


Allosaurus was an awesome carnivore from North America 155-145 million years ago. it could be over 35 feet long and had an axe like mouth.

Dinosaur names beginning with A , allosaurus

It lived about 120 million years ago and would have been the apex predator of its time. We also have the allosaurus as our number on scary dinosaur!

Allosaurus Name meaning: “Different Lizard”


ankylosaurus was the biggest of the ankylosaur family at up to 26 feet long and 150,00lbs in weight was very well armoured! It was discovered in 1906


it has appeared in many Jurassic World movies and even the animation Camp cretaceous. and is one of the most recognisable dinosaurs.

ankylosaurus Name meaning: “fused lizard”


Archaeopteryx was thought to be one of the VERY few if not the only Feathered dinosaurs properly capable of powered flight. it lived in Europe about 150 million to 148 years ago. it was found in 1861.

Archaeopteryx dinsoaur names beginning with A, dinosaur names beginning with W

It is was small, about 2 feet long and although it could fly it would not have been particularly good at it.

Archaeopteryx Name meaning: “old wing”


Atrociraptor was a small member of the raptor family ( unlike its Jurassic World Dominion depiction!) It had a flatter face than most raptors and was discovered in 1995

atrociraptor dinosaur name beginning with a

Although it is large in the movies in reality it would have been much smaller similar in size to a velociraptor.

Name meaning: “Savage Thief “

Dinosaurs beginning with B

There are plenty of dinosaurs beginning with B, and here you will find some famous dinosaurs like Baryonyx, Brachiosaurus and more. You can click on the link to see all the dinosaurs beginning with B.

Dinosaur Names Beginning With B


Baryonyx is an iconic dinosaur. It is the most complete fossil of the Spinosaurus family and was discovered in 1983 in the UK. Although smaller than the more famous spinosaurus it was still a very large carnivore dinosaur at 25-33 feet long and about 3500 lbs ( 1700 kg) it is named after a huge claw on its front limbs that could be 12 inches long.

It has been found with fish scales in its stomach and may have hunted fish in the water as well. It also makes an appearance in both Jurassic World fallen kingdom and in Jurassic World Dominion.

Baryonyx Name Meaning: “Heavy Claw”


Brachiosaurus lived 154-150 million years ago and was one of the most famous dinosaurs. Especially after being the first dinosaur seen in Jurassic Park. it was a huge sauropod and you can find out more about it here, but it was about 70 feet long and 80,000 lbs in weight. it lived in North America.

you can read more about the brachiosaurus here.

Brachiosaurus Name Meaning: “Arm Lizard”


Bruhathkayosaurus  is a contender for largest dinosaur ever, but the dinosaur fossil that could claim that was beyond repair and in pieces in 2017. When it was described in 1987 it was suggested to be larger than Argentinosaurus at 115 feet long and 170,000 lbs in weight. ( 80,000 kg)

it was discovered in India, and although no one will go fully on the record the upper size estimates for Bruhathkayosaurus actually make it larger than a blue whale.

So while argentinosaurus may hold the record at the moment two lesser known sauropods may have actually been bigger.

Bruhathkayosaurus and the amphicoelias ( now renamed to the maraapunisaurus) which you can read about on the link below.

Bruhathkayosaurus Name Meaning: “Massive bodied Lizard”

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Dinosaurs beginning with C

Dinosaur Names beginning with C is a long list, there three we have highlights are only three of the famous dinosaurs starting with C, but there are many more like Coelophysis and Chasmosaurus if you want to check out the full list.

dinosaur names beginning with c


Carcharodontosaurus is one of the most famous dinosaur names beginning with C. It is a challenger for largest carnivore of all time, with Spinosaurus, t-Rex and giganotosaurus. ti lived around 100-94 million years ago in North Africa around the same time as spinosaurus.

It was discovered in 1924, although just two teeth at that time. However later discoveries allowed size estimates to be researched. Carcharodontosaurus could be between 39-45 feet long and weigh up between (these vary dramatically) 6000-15000 kg (13000 – 33,000 lbs) However, these estimated are constantly changing.

Carcharodontosaurus Name Meaning: “Great White Shark Tooth Lizard” 


Carnotaurus is a relatively famous dinosaur as it is. However In 2022 it featured both in the Jurassic World Dominion Movie, and in the BBC Prehistoric Planet Documentary doing a dance to impress a lady Carnotaurus. We don’t often put videos in our Dinosaur A to Z pages but this one is to hard to pass up.

Carnotaurus. was a large predator with very very short arms, vestigial ( unused) it was discovered in 1984 and lived about 71 million years ago. It is famous for having two horns on its head, which is unusual for carnivorous dinosaurs and it is thought it was used to fight other males or as display to females.

Do a little Dance…

it was about 7-8 metres long and thought to be quite agile and fast. it would have weighed about 2600 lbs, 1300 kg You can watch the clip of it dancing below. We have no idea if the arms were blue by the way.

Carnotaurus Name meaning: “Meat Eating Bull”


Compsognathus was a same biped dinosaur that lived in Europe. It lived about 150 million years ago during the late jurassic, and is famous for being in the Jurassic Park movies. it was a carnivore and was discovered in 1859.

It was a little larger than first thought as the first fossils were a juvenile but still was not a large dinosaur. it likely grew to a maximum of about 1.4 metres and weighed about 7-8 lbs ( 3 -4 kg) You can read more about it in the article linked here and above

Compsognathus Name Meaning: “Elegant Jaw

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Dinosaurs Beginning with D

D is for Dinosaur, and in our Dinosaur A to Z it is where you will find some scary predator and carnivore dinosaurs like Deinonychus and dilophosaurus. one of which was the basis of the Jurassic park raptors, and the other appeared in the first and then was missing until the last Jurassic movie, Jurassic World Dominion where they make quite a return!

dinosaur names beginning with d
A to Z dinosaurs

Though these two are probably the most famous, check out the Dinosaurs beginning with D page to look at over 40 more dinosaurs that start with D.

Although there are plenty of herbivore dinosaurs being with D, we have chose the 3 most famous carnivores.


There is a habit of naming dinosaurs after where they are found, and Utahraptor is the biggest of the raptor family, but both its name in location and in size was the Dakotaraptor.

A to Z of Dinosaurs - Dakotaraptor

As the name suggests it lived in Dakota about 66 million years ago. and would have been about 18 feet long and 450-772 lbs. It was discovered in 2005 and named in 2015.

Dakotaraptor Name Meaning: “Dakota Thief”



Deinonychus was a raptor (dromaeosaur) dinosaur that lived 115-108 million years ago. it is the dinosaur that the jurassic park velociraptors are based on and was much bigger than they were.


it lived in what is now the USA, and would have been 3.4 metres long ( 11 feet) it was discovered in 1931.

Deinonychus Name Meaning: “Terrible Claw”


Dilophosaurus was much bigger than you may have seen them in the movies. it lived about 193 million years ago and was likely not poisonous.

It would have been about 23 feet long (7 metres) and weighted up to 880 pounds ( 400 kg) it was a very early predatory dinosaur and was discovered in 1954.

Dilophosaurus Name Meaning “Double Crested Lizard”

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Dinosaurs Beginning with E

Dinosaur names beginning with E

With “Eo” meaning dawn there are a lot of the early dinosaurs in the list of dinosaur names beginning with E. Here we include one of the biggest hadrosaurs and the earliest tyrannosaurs and you can check out the full page in the link above.


Edmontosaurus was a large hadrosaur dinosaur, these are the duckbilled dinosaurs. It lived at the same time as triceratops and tyrannosaurus Rex.

it was one of the largest of its species and could grow up to 39 feet long (12 metres) and weigh up to 9000 lbs ( 4000 kg) it lived 73 to 66 million years ago and was discovered in 1982

Edmontosaurus Name Meaning: “Edmonton Lizard”.

Dinosaur Facts Iguanodon Facts
A to Z of dinsaours


Eotyrannus is an Earlier member of the tyrannosaur family 130 million years ago. It was first discovered in 1995 in England.

It was thought to grow to about 4.5 metres (15 feet) and 100-227 kg ( 2-500 lbs)

Eotyrannus Name Meaning: “Dawn Tyrant”

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Dinosaurs Beginning with F

There are not too many dinosaurs beginning with F as of yet, however there are a few from Japan, which is pretty rare at the moment. You can check out the full list below.



Fukuiraptor was a large member of the raptor family ( megaraptoran) from Japan. It would have been approximately 16 feet long nad 660 lbs in weight. and had teeth like a carcharodontosaurus being sharp and blade like.

It was discovered in 2000 and lived about 127 to 115 million years ago at the beginning of the Early Cretaceous.

Fukuiraptor Name Meaning: “Thief of Fuki”


A Futalognkosaurus was another huge sauropod from argentina, there must have been something in the water down there! it live about 87 million years ago, although first though to be possibly 112 feet in length this was revised to 85 feet and a weight of over 100,000 lbs.

Futalognkosaurus Name Meaning: “giant chief lizard”

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Dinosaurs Beginning with G

Dinosaur names beginning with G include Gallimimus, the fast running ostrich type dinosaur and of course giganotosaurus one of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs ever to walk the earth. There are even dinosaurs named after Godzilla in the list on the link below.

dinosaur names beginning with g


Gallimimus  was an ostrich like dinosaur that lived in the late cretaceous about 70-66 million years ago. it is famous for appearing in Jurassic Park. It is thought to be a fast runner with strong hind legs. it was larger than most people imagine.

Gallimimus could be up to 20 ft long (6 metres) and weight up to 970 lbs, and stand about 9 feet tall. to its head. It was discovered in Mongolia in 1964.

Gallimimus Name meaning: “Chicken Mimic”

Jurassic world dominion giganotosaurus


Giganotosaurus was a giant south American carnivore dinosaur that challenged for the largest meat eater of all time, along with Spinosaurus, T-Rex and carcharodontosaurus. It lived about 99-97 million years ago

It could be anywhere from 39 -43 feet long and weight estimate vary widely from 8,000 lbs all the way up to 27,000 lbs. ( 4-13800 kg) Although its speed has been suggested to be 50 kmph (31 mph) this has been challenged die t bone density weaknesses in large carnivores.

It is also the main dinosaur, or one of them, in the Jurassic World dominion movie.

Giganotosaurus Name Meaning: “Giant Southern Lizard”


Although named after Godzilla it was not as large as its namesake, it was a a little smaller than the other triassic meat eating dinosaur dilophosaurus. at 5.5 metres lng and about 330-440 lbs.

It was traissic and lived about 210 million years ago, and was discovered in 1997.

Gojirasaurus Name Meaning: “Godzilla lizard”

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Dinosaurs Beginning with H

There are quote a few famous dinosaurs beginning with H. We have included 2 of the early ones on this page, but you can find a whole lot more on the link below and the full page of dinosaurs names beginning with H

Dinosaur names beginning with H



Herrerasaurus was found in 1958 in South American and was a early carnivore. It lived in the Late triassic period about 231 – 228 million years ago. It could grown up to 20 Feet long and a fast runner. It would have weighed about 35o kg ( 770 Lbs)

Herrerasaurus name meaning: “Herrera’s Lizard”


Hypsilophodon lived about 130 to 125 million years ago during the early Cretaceous period in England. it walked on two legs (Bipedal) and likely herbivore or omnivore diet.

it was discovered in 1849, and was a small dinosaur. it grew to 2 metres (6.5 feet) and 20 kg (44 lbs) in weight.

Hypsilophodon Name Meaning: “Hypsilophus Tooth”

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Dinosaurs Beginning with I

Dinosaur names like Iguanodon, and irritator are two of the famous names you will find beginning with I, and you can access the full list below.

Dinosaur Names Beginning with I


Iguanodon is one of the earliest both found and named dinosaurs. It was named in 1825 but there was some dispute about whether it was a Dinosaur, a fish or a Rhino. it would have lived in what is now in England about 126 to 122 million years ago.

It was a big dinosaur and could grow up to 23 to 30 feet long and weigh up 8,000 lbs and was a herbivore.

Iguanodon Name Meaning: “Iguana Teeth


Irritator Lived about 110 million years ago in what is now Brazil. it got its very unique name from the paleontologists who reclaimed the fossil after it had been sold on the black market only to discover that it had been damaged and changed by fossil collectors.

How Big Was a Spinosaurus

Irritator was a smaller Spinosaurus that its more famous and much MUCH larger cousin. it was about 7.5 meters long and about 2000 lbs. There Have been a few species identified of this dinosaur.

Irritator Name Meaning: “Irritating”

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Dinosaurs Beginning with J

J only has a few dinosaurs beginning with it. However with Dinosaurs Like Jobaria there are some important ones. You can check the full list below.

dinosaur names beginning with j


Jobaria  is a Dinosaur name beginning with J not from china! it was discovered in Niger, Africa in 1997 and would have been walking the earth about 164 -161 million years ago. it was an early sauropod dinosaur.

it size has been estimated at between 52-60 feet long and its weight was between 32,000 lbs and 45,000 lbs or (16,000 kg to 22,000 kg) It was thought it may have been able to stand on to legs, which would have made it very tall!!

Jobaria’s Fossil is almost 95% complete it is one of the most complete sauropods, and dinosaurs ever found!

Jobaria Name Meaning: “mythical creature:


was a small member of the coelurosaurian family and a likely carnivore dinosaur. it lived in what is now Germany about 151 million years ago and would have walked, and ran , on two legs.

it was very small, only 75 cm ( 2 feet or so) long and may have had a covering of feathers. it was later suggested it may be a type of compsognathus instead.

Juravenator Name Meaning: “Jura mountain Hunter “

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Dinosaurs Beginning with K

Kentrosaurus, Kol, and Khaan. Dinosaurs beginning with K are distinguished by Long spikes and short names. Check them all out on the link below.

Dinosaur names beginning with K



It a stegosaur type dinosaur from the late jurassic. 152 million years ago. It was discovered in 1909 in Tanzania, from Africa.

it was smaller than its more famous family member the Stegosaurus. it was 15 feet, was 4.5 metres and about 2200 lbs or 1100 kg. It looked different to stegosaurus as it had not just plates on its back but spikes on shoulders.

These spikes could have been 73 centimetres long!

Kentrosaurus Name Meaning: “Pointed Tail Lizard”


Kol was a Theropod dinosaur that lived in Mongolia, which is where its name comes from ( Kol is foot in Mongolian) It lived 75 million years ago during the late cretaceous period.

it was thought to be a member of the Alvarez dinosaurs, and would have been about 1-8 2.4 metres long ( 6-8 feet) and weigh 20-24 kg ( 44-5 lbs. ) It also has the second shortest name of any dinosaur with Mei. ( the shortest is yi)

Kol Name Meaning: “foot”

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Dinosaurs Beginning with L

Dinosaurs beginning with L are not as famous as the other letters but there are still some great ones here. Including tyrannosaur members and plenty of hadrosaurs. You can check the full list below.

Dinosaur names beginning with L


Latirhinus Was a hadrosaur from Mexico. It was discovered in 2012 it is known for its big nose and is still being studied. It would have lived about 72 million years ago.

Latirhinus Name Meaning: “Broad Nose”


Was a member of the tyrannosaur family, that live din North America 80 million years ago. it was discovered in 2009 and named in 2013. It has quite a horrible name as you can see below.

Tyrannosaurus T-rex ,scary dinosaur

It is thought to be about 16-26 feet in length and about 1-5000 lbs in weight. (500-2500 kg) Heavy for its size but much smaller than its bigger brother the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Lythronax Name Meaning: “Gore King”

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Dinosaurs Beginning with M

Unlike L, Dinosaur names beginning with M are plenty. There are also many famous dinosaurs in this page we have highlighted just three here but there are over 70 others listed and details on the page below. We didn’t even mention maiasaura, or mimi !

dinosaur names beginning with M


Megalosaurus is the first dinosaur to be named in 1824. it was one of three dinosaurs, iguanodon, and hy It was a carnivore that lied in England in 166 million years ago.

It was about 30 feet long ( 9 metres long) and despite thought to be 4 legged was later described to be a bipedal carnivore.

Megalosaurus Name Meaning: “Great Lizard”


Micropachycephalosaurus is famous for having the longest name of any dinosaur. – you can read more about long and short dinosaur names here.

it lived in Asia 70 million years ago

Micropachycephalosaurus Name Meaning: “Small Thick Headed Lizard”

microraptor flying dinosaur


Microraptor was a four winged dinosaur that lived 120 million years ago. It lived in what is now China.

It was a small dinosaur about 2.5 feet long and weighed about 1 kg ( 2.2lbs) and due to it being found in good condition it is possible to know what color it was, black it turns out!

Microraptor Name Meaning: ” Small Thief”

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Dinosaurs Beginning with N

Here you will find some of the large dinosaurs, including some movie stars like nasutoceratops, which appears in the Jurassic World Dominion movie, how others like the multiple toothed dinosaur like nigersaurus are worth learning about on the links below.

Dinosaur Names Beginning With n



Is a horned face dinosaur ( ceratopsian) that lived during the Late Cretaceous, It is famous for having cow, or cattle like horns which are the longest relatively of all the ceratopsians. it was featured in the Jurassic World Dominion movie.

It was about 15 ft long(4.5 metres) and would have weighed about 3400 lbs. ( 1500 kg) and we have a page for it on the site you can access on the link below or here.

Nasutoceratops name meaning: “big nose horned face”

Nasutoceratops 75 million years, when did live, herds, horns


Nigersaurus was a sauropod from Africa that lived 115 to 105 million years ago. it is famous for possibly have the most teeth of any dinosaur – possibly up to 500 in its wide mouth!

it was discovered in 1976 but not named until 1999. It was relatively small for a long neck dinosaur at 9 metres ( 30 feet) long and about 8500 lbs ( 4000kg)

Nigersaurus Name Meaning ” Niger Lizard”

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Dinosaurs Beginning with O

O has some of the fastest dinosaurs in it, ornithomimus is one of those, there are also misnamed dinosaurs like Oviraptor who wasn’t an egg thief after all. you can head to the dinosaur names beginning with O on the link below.

Dinosaur names beginning with O


Ornithomimus Was a fast running feathered dinosaur Named as it resembled a modern bird / ostrich. it was discovered in 1890 and would have lived 76-66 million years ago.

It would have been about 12 feet long, shorter than gallimimus to which it is related, and would have weighed up to 370 lbs ( 170 kg)

Ornithomimus Name Meaning: “Ostrich Mimic”


Oviraptor was a misnamed ( as it turns) out feathered dinosaur. It was likely to be an omnivore but there is now no evidence it ate eggs. in fact the eggs its fossils were found near are probably its own that it was protecting.

It lived in Mongolia 75-71 million years ago. It was Found in 1923 and would have been about 1.6 metres long and weigh 88 lbs ( 40 kg)

Oviraptor Name Meaning: “Egg Thief”

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Dinosaurs Beginning with P

dinosaur names beginning with p

There are lots of dinosaur names beginning with P, and plenty of famous ones. We have included pachycephalosaurus and pyroraptor below as they are movie stars however, on the Dinosaur names with P page we have over 60 more including Pachyrhinosaurus and parasaurolophus who are equally as famous.


Pachycephalosaurus was the hard headed lizard from Jurassic Park fame. it has actually a few names in recent years as other dinosaurs have been discovered to be younger versions of it. Both Stygimoloch and dracorex are now considered to be pachycephalosaurus.

it was about 15 feet long ( 4.5 metres) and about 1000 lbs in weight ( 450 kg)

Pachycephalosaurus Name Meaning: “Thick Headed Lizard”

Did Velociraptors Hunt In Packs


Pyroraptor has become more famous recently due to its brief appearance in Jurassic World Dominion and the debate over its swimming abilities! Which we go into in more detail here.

it is now known from many fossils, those that have been found were discovered after a forest fire in France. it would have been small and about 4 feet long.

Pyroraptor Name Meaning: “Fire Thief”

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Dinosaurs Beginning with Q

We have felt the need to include an animal that wasn’t a dinosaur here. The quetzalcoatlus, just because it was super cool! However here you will also find dinosaurs named after airlines and a whole lot from China as well.

Dinosaur names beginning with Q


Qantassaurus despite being named after Australia’s flagship air carrier it could not fly. It was a two legged herbivore that lived about 115 million years ago in Australia. it was a small dinosaur only about 3 metres long ( 9 feet) and a mere tall ( 3 feet) and was likely to be able to run quite fast.

It was similar to a scaled down iguanodon, and lived in Australia when it would have been quite cold, for this reason it was thought that it would have been warm blooded to be able to maintain its body temperature. It was discovered in 1996.

Qantassaurus Name meaning: “Qantas Lizard”


And here it is, totally not a dinosaur, despite its size, and living at the same time as dinosaurs. The Quetzalcoatlus is a pterosaur, and was the largest flying animal ever on earth. It had at least a 36 feet wing span and would be a similar length. When standing up it would be as tall as a giraffe to the top of its head.

We know it is not a dinosaur, but as it lived 68 to 66 million years ago we think we can be sneaky and put in in here as there are not that many dinosaur names beginning with the letter q! We have a full page on this amazing pterosaur here and linked below.

Quetzalcoatlus Name Meaning: “feathered serpent God”

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Dinosaurs Beginning with R

We have two examples of dinosaur names beginning with R below, and a lot more on the dedicated page on the link below. There were a lot of carnivores beginning with R if you like the toothy dinosaurs.

Dinosaur names beginning with r


Raptorex despite is cool name, is a dinosaur that may be a younger version of another dinosaur. Currently it is thought to be a member of the tyrannosaur family possibly a young Tarbosaurus.

It was small ( possibly young) and 3 metres long (10 feet) and 140 lbs in weight.

Raptorex Name Meaning: “King Thief”


Rugops lived 95 million years ago in North Africa. It was a carnivore that was thought to be 6 metres long ( 20 feet) and 1700 lbs. (410 kilograms)

Rugops Name Meaning: “Wrinkle Face”

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Dinosaurs Beginning with S

S is the largest list of dinosaur names. More dinosaurs begin with the letter S than any other letter. So we suggest you head over to the dinosaur names beginning with S page to check them all out linked on the picture below. We have highlighted Spinosaurus and Stegosaurus here as they are two of the famous ones.

Dinosaur names beginning with s


Spinosaurus is probably the longest (and possibly the heaviest) carnivore dinosaur that ever lived. it lived 100 million years ago in North Africa and is thought to be one of the only fully aquatic dinosaurs.

it could be up to 52 feet long and was possibly 7500 kg ( 16000 lbs)

Spinosaurus Name Meaning: “Spine Lizard”



Stegosaurus is an iconic dinosaur and probably the most famous of all the dinosaur names beginning with S. It is also one of the early dinosaurs discovered – in 1887. They lived 155 – 145 million years ago.

It was the largest of the stegosaurus family and coul dbe 30 feet long (9 metres) and is estimated to be 7000 lbs or 35000 kg in weight.

Stegosaurus Name Meaning: “Roof Lizard”

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Dinosaurs Beginning with T

Second only to S for the most dinosaurs starting with letter T has some of the largest and most famous of all the dinosaurs. Without looking you can guess two of them we are sure. We have also the new to the public ( jurassic world) therizinosaurus, as well as over 70 other dinosaur names beginning with T. Check out the page linked below for the full list.


Therizinosaurus Was a large, very large, Theropod from the LAte cretaceous. TI has become well known for the ending of Jurassic World Dominion which if you want to know more click this link, but we won’t go into spoilers here.

it was a feathered herbivore ( probably) that was 33 feet long and over 10,000 lbs in weight. It is known for having huge claws on its hands that while looking scary were most likely for show and to cut leaves and branches.

Therizinosaurus Name Meaning: “Scythe Lizard”

dinosaur with long claws name jurassic world dominion dinosaur dinosaur name beginning with J


Triceratops is probably the second most famous dinosaur in this dinosaur A to Z. It lived 68 to 66 million years ago and was probably the largest of all the ceratopsian dinosaurs ( horned face)

It was up to 8 metres long and could weigh 18,000 lbs in weight. it lived in North American and is well known for its 3 horns and large frill.

Triceratops Name Meaning: ” Three Horn Face”

dinosaur names beginning with p

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Tyrannosaurus Rex is the most famous dinosaur beginning with T, in fact it is the most famous of all the dinosaurs. It was an Apex carnivore firmly at the top of its food chain.

It was also one of the largest carnivore dinosaurs to live on Earth. it could be over 40 feet long ( 12 metres) and weighed between (17 and 30,000 lbs)

Tyrannosaurus Rex Name Meaning: “King of the Tyrant Lizards”

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Dinosaurs Beginning with U

One of the largest ever raptors is a dinosaur name that starts with U, it was much bigger and scarier than even the Jurassic park velociraptors. We have the full list of dinosaur names beginning with U on the picture and link below.

Dinosaur Names beginning with U


After the two previous horned dinosaur names beginning with U that were horned dinosaurs without the horns we finally have one that did have horns. Utahceratops was a large ceratopsian dinosaur with 3 horns like a triceratops.

it was about 23 feet long and 4000 lbs in weight and about 9 feet tall to the top of the frill.

Utahceratops Name Meaning: “Utah horned Face”


utah raptor was the largest of all the known raptors so far, you can read more on the link here and below) it could be 18 feet and 660 lbs in weight.


it lived 135 to 130 million years ago in Utah, which is where it got its name from and had a huge up to 12 inch claw on its toe.

Utah Raptor Name Meaning: “Utah thief”

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Dinosaurs Beginning with V

Everyone knows one dinosaur name beginning with V, famous for over 30 years now and appearing in every Jurassic park movie since the first one! However there are plenty more dinosaurs beginning with v as well. Check them out below.

Dinosaur Names Beginning with V


Velociraptor is the most famous of the dinosaur names beginning with a V by far. Its appearances in every Jurassic Park and Jurassic World movie have made it a public favourite for almost 30 years.

As is common knowledge now, it was much smaller than it was portrayed in the movies. It was about 2 metres long or about 7 feet long and about 33 lbs. it was first discovered in 1923 and lived about 75 to 71 million years ago.

Velociraptor  Name Meaning: “swift Thief”


Vulcanodon another sauropod, this one coming from Africa. it is quite old living 199-88 million years ago. it was a very early example of a sauropod when it was first discovered in 1969 and still is today.

supersaurus long neck dinosaur

Like most early sauropods it was smaller than its later cousins, ad would have been about 36 feet long and about 8,000 lbs, and even has been suggested to be smaller than that at 21 ft in some research.

Although its name was called volcano tooth, it wasn’t actually discovered as part of the Batoka formation, it was below the lava flows of the volcano.

Vulcanodon Name Meaning: “Volcano tooth”

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Dinosaurs Beginning with W

Not so many famous dinosaurs start with W, but there are some unusual names, like the wendiceratops, proving you really can name a dinosaur after yourself 😉

Dinosaur names beginning with W


Wendiceratops is another species of horned dinosaur that lived in North America about 79 million years ago. It was the second horned dinosaur fossils to be found in 2015.

it was a medium sized ceratopsian, at about 20 feet long (6 meters) long. and would have lived with troodon, parasaurolophus, and albertaceratops.

Wendiceratops  Name Meaning: “Wendy Horn Face

Archaeopteryx dinsoaur names beginning with A, dinosaur names beginning with W


Wyleyia is now thought to be a bird, but was suggested and still occasionally argued to be a coelurosaur. It lived about 140 to 136 million years ago.

Wyleyia Name Meaning: ” for Wyley”

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Dinosaurs Beginning with X

There are even dinosaur names beginning with X, not that many of course, but we have them all here on the picture below as well as a couple with cool names. the Alien Horned Face is our personal favorite.

dinosaur names beginning with x


Xenoceratops was a horned dinosaur that lived in North America About 79 million years ago. it was found in 1958 but not classified until 2012. Although it is called Alien, that is referring to its discovery in a fossil area not known for ceratopsian dinosaurs ( horned) Not because it looked like an alien!

It would have lived about 76 million years ago.

Xenoceratops Name meaning: “Alien Horned Face”


Xiaosaurus fossils are two few and of poor quality to classify properly but it is thought it may have been a bird hipped herbivore two legged dinosaur.

What they do know is that is was small at about 1 metre long, or 3 feet and lived in the Mid Jurassic about 169-163 million years ago.

Xiaosaurus Name Meaning: “dawn lizard”

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Dinosaurs Beginning with Y

As we get closer to the end of the alphabet the dinosaurs numbers start to slow down. However there are still some awesome dinosaurs beginning with Y. Including the Dinosaur with the shortest name – Yi – and the largest dinosaur known to have feathers. Which you can click the link to find out its name and all the other dinosaurs beginning with Y.

Dinosaur names beginning with Y


Yangchuanosaurus was a large carnivorous dinosaur that lived 168 to 157 million years ago in China. It was found in 1977 in Yongchuan, sichuan where it gets its name.

It Would have been 26 feet long when fully grown and a later species could be up t 35 feet ( 11 metres long) it would have weighed 7,000 lbs. ( 3300kg)

Yangchuanosaurus Name Meaning: “Yangchuan Lizard”

Archaeopteryx dinsoaur names beginning with A, dinosaur names beginning with W

Yi Qi

Yi Qi is the dinosaur with the shortest name, which you can read more about here ( and the longest name for a dinosaur) it had bat like wings and lived in china about 164 to 159 million years ago during the mid to late Jurassic period.

Yi Qi would have weighed less than a pound (400 grams) and had feathered to go with those bat like wings.

Yi Qi Name Meaning: ” strange wing”

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Dinosaurs Beginning with Z

There are plenty of cool dinosaurs at the end of the alphabet just like at the beginning and the letter Z has quite a few. Including the Zby! try to say that, and the Ziapelta. you can check out the full list on the picture and link below.

Dinosaur names beginning with Z


Zby Was a large Sauropod that lived in Europe 150 or so million years ago during the late Jurassic. it was named after Georges Zbyszewski, a researcher who studied rocks and paleontology of portugal.

It would have been about 60 feet long.

Zby Name Meaning: “For Zbyszewski”



Ziapelta is yet another Ankylosaurid dinosaur name beginning with Z. It was discovered in New mexico, USA, in 2011 and would have lived 74 -72 million years ago.

it was 15 to 20 feet long (4.5 to 6 metres) and covered in armor.

Ziapelta Name Meaning: “Zia (sun) Shield”

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So here is the A to Z of Dinosaur names. There are over 1100 discovered species so far and this page would go on for 1000’s more words if we listed them all. So we have a dedicated page for each letter of the alphabet to help you learn more about them all!

You can navigate this page by clicking on the tap at the top or here at the bottom of the page.


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