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If you are looking for facts on dinosaurs types for kids ( and adults of course then you have come to the right place.

dinosaur facts for kids

We have all the famous dinosaurs with fact pages, question pages, printable worksheets, coloring and more here. we have split them to link to on this page. so make sure you bookmark this page if you are a dinosaur fan! We have tried to cover all types, families of dinosaurs.

We have split the types of dinosaur up on this page into the following so you can jump down to the correct section.

Dinosaur Facts (teeth, size etc)CarnivoresHerbivoresWater Dinosaurs (plesiosaurs)
Flying Dinosaurs (pterosaurs)OmnivoresNot Dinosaurs!

Dinosaur Facts

These are our pages on general dinosaur facts like how big are their teeth, how many dinosaurs are there, and how to you say their name. You can click on the pictures to find out. How to go fossil hunting etc.

Different Types of Dinosaur

Learn all about the different types of Dinosaurs there were in the world.

6 Of The Best Dinosaur Documentaries

Learn all about the different dinosaur documentaries that are accurate!

How to pronounce dinosaur names

How do you say pachycephalosaurus and more.

Tips tricks and resources on how to teach dinosaurs to children

Dinosaur Name Meanings

Every dinosaur name means something, we explain what that is here.

best dinosaur toys for kids

Some of the best Dinosaur Toys for all ages here. big and small just like dinosaurs

Dinosaur teeth facts

Which dinosaurs has the biggest, smallest, most teeth?

what was the most scary dinosaur

What were the scariest dinosaurs ever, some may surprise you!

Did All Dinosaurs Lay Eggs

We know Dinosaurs are birds now, but did they all lay eggs?

Are Turtles And Dinosaurs Related

Both are ancient animals but do they come from the same place!

What Were the Feathered Dinosaurs 16 Feathery Examples

Was the time of the dinosaurs a more feathery place than we thought

8 Best Dinosaur Computer Games

Sometimes its time to put the books down and just play a game

What does RAWR Mean in Dinosaur?

It seems dinosaurs had their own language! We take a look here.

Were Any Dinosaurs Bigger Than A Blue Whale

The blue whale was the largest animal and land and sea… wasn’t it?

How Fast Could A T-Rex Run

Could you outrun this massive predator, would you want to try?

How Big Were Dinosaur Eggs

Certainly big enough for breakfast, but how did were dinosaur eggs?

Where There Nocturnal Dinosaurs

Did dinosaurs sleep at night, or were there other things going on.

How Big Were Dinosaur Babies (2)

Dinosaurs were not born massive, so how big were they when babies.

What Do You Need To Go Fossil Hunting (For Kids)

Learn how to start your first fossil hunt, and what equipment here.

How to Start A Dinosaur Fossil Collection

What are some good fossils to start a fossil collection. we look at it here.

Are Crocodiles related to Dinosaurs

it it looks like a dinosaur, lived with the dinosaurs, was it a dinosaur?

why did dinosaurs have feathers

We hear lots about the fact that dinosaurs did have feathers..but why!

What were the largest flying Dinosaurs

Things in the sky were somewhat larger than the birds we see today!

What You Call A Blind Dinosaur and Other Dinosaur Jokes.

We know all about dinosaur bones, but do we know if dinosaurs had funny bones!

What Inflatable Dinosaur Costumes Are There

We own a dinosaur costume for parties, find out the choices here.

Where any Sea dinosaurs larger than a Blue whale

Was the blue whale the largest ever animal in the sea?

Will dinosaurs ever come back (2)

Will we ever see a real Jurassic World park in our lifetime?

What was the Smartest Dinosaur

Which dinosaur really was a “clever girl” the answer might be a surprise.

Did dinosaurs sleep standing up (2)

Did dinosaurs, curl up, stand up or lay down to sleep. The answers are here.

What was the Laziest dinosaur, lazy dinosaur, sleeping dinosaur

What were the couch potatoes of the dinosaur world.

Were there any poisonous Dinosaurs

Were there any poisonous dinosaurs? Did any use venom?

Could Dinosaurs Live in the Cold and Snow

There were dinosaurs everywhere! Even in the snow!

Are Lizards Related To Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are called terrible Lizards, but is there more to it than just a name?

Did Snakes Live At The Same Time As Dinosaurs?

Did titanoboa fight the dinosaurs, what snakes lived at the same time!

What were the largest meat eating Dinosaurs

Can you guess after the top 2! There were plenty of big ones back then.

What were the largest Horned Dinosaurs

Everyone knows at least one horned dinosaur, how about the others?

What Were The Largest Armored Dinosaurs

Do you know all the largest living tank dinosaurs there were?

What Was The Fastest Dinosaur

Can you run faster than the fastest dinosaur?

Did Dinosaurs Migrate Like Animals Today

Were dinosaurs always on the move? or did they stay at home.

What Dinosaur Has The Longest Name

Dinosaur names are never easy, but what about the longest one?

All The New Dinosaurs in Jurassic World Dominion, new dinosaurs in jurassic world dominion, what are the new dinosaurs in jurassic world dominion

There are at least 13 new dinosaurs in the Jurassic World Dominion movie.

What was the largest dinosaur ever

The neverending question..what was the largest ever dinosaur.


Usually everyone has a favourite dinosaur, and these meat eating types of dinosaurs are often favourites. Unless you meet one of course! learn about your favourite carnivores here.

Moros intrepidus. facts for kids

Morus Intrepidus was not as small as you might think! Check it out here.

Atrociraptor Facts For Kids

In the movies they are like a velociraptor but more brutal, is that true?

Every thing about Giganotosaurus was big, even their name!

25 Pyroraptor Facts For Kids.

Fiery by name but was pyroraptor fiery by nature? Take a look here.

25 Spinosaurus facts for kids

Was Spinosaurus the biggest carnivore? Find out here.

30 Velociraptor Facts For Kids.

Check out facts you didn’t know about the speedy velociraptor here.

Tyrannosaurus Rex Facts for Kids

Tyrannosaurus Rex, see if you know all of our facts about the Tyrant King.

Dinosaur Facts Compsognathus

Learn more about the tiny terror that was the compsognathus here!

Dilophosaurus Facts for Kids

Was dilophosaurus poisonous, what were the frills for?

Who would Win in a fight Baryonyx Vs. Allosaurus

It could never happen but just in case., allosaurus Vs. Baryonyx

allosaurus Facts for kids

The often over looked Allosaurus, lets show him some love.

How Big Was A Tyrannosaurus rex

The most Famous of all dinosaurs, lets look at her more closely.

ceratosaurus facts for kids

Another horned T-Rex, we look at his details below, all the facts

How Big Was a Spinosaurus

The biggest carnivore to ever walk the Earth, or was there something bigger!

Carnotaurus Facts for Kids

The T-rex with horns? or the meat eating bull? lets explore inside

Carcharodontosaurus facts

As if dinosaurs were not scary enough, here is one with shark teeth!

Utahraptor facts and stats

The largest Raptor, even bigger than the more famous velociraptor!

Could pyroraptor Swim, water raptor, pyroraptor swimming

We know its a movie, but we had to answer the swimmign question.


Gentle giants, horns and long claws. Here we have some of the famous and less famous planet eating dinosaurs to learn about. These types of dinosaur while not eating meat could still be scary and ferocious.

25 Parasaurolophus Facts For Kids

The dinosaur with the thing on its head, what exactly was parasaurolophus?

20 Brachiosaurus Questions and Answers

Brachiosaurus everything you need to know about this long necked dinosaur.

25 Stegosaurus Facts for Kids

Stegosaurus and his huge plates, what exactly were they for?

25 facts about therizinosaurus for kids

A dinosaur with the longest claws, was therizinosaurus really a plant eater

diplodocus facts for kids

A dinosaur with the longest tail, but was it the longest dinosaur?

dreadnoughtus facts for kids

Was the the biggest ever dinosaur? Find out if so here!

How Big Was The Amphicoelias

The case of the missing dinosaur, how big would it have been!

30 Triceratops Facts for Kids

Is he the most famous dinosaur, find out all about triceratops here

Apatosaurus Facts For Kids

A large sauropod, and a famous one. Were they the biggest?

A very confusing dinosaur, we had to put it in two sections!

Dinosaur Facts Nasutoceratops Facts

Small and Fiesty, learn about this cattle horned dinosaur here.

Long Neck Dinosaur Facts

Top Facts and examples about the long neck dinosaurs

Pachycephalosaurus Facts For Kids

Was this 3 dinosaurs! a hard head and an even harder and longer name!

Gallimimus Facts For Kids

Was this the fastest Chicken in the land of the dinosaurs! or was it something else!

Dinosaur Facts Iguanodon Facts

One of the oldest and first dinosaurs to be discovered, what do you know about it.

Water Dinosaurs

Is there such a thing as a water dinosaur? Could dinosaurs swim, was the Lock Ness monster a dinosaur? We answer these and more and look at the types of animals and reptiles that lived in the water.

could dinosaurs swim

Were there swimming dinosaurs?, we might make a splash here.

Dinosaur Facts Shastasaurus

What was the biggest Marine reptile ever to swim in the sea?

30 facts about the Mosasaurus

Was the Mighty Mosasaurus a dinosaur? The answer might surprise you.

Dinosaur Facts Elasmosaurus Facts

Learn all about the plesiosaur with the longest neck here.

Where any Sea dinosaurs larger than a Blue whale

Was any thing that lived in the sea as large as the massive blue whale?

Flying Dinosaurs

Could dinosaurs fly? If not what should we call those huge flying lizards that lived 66 million years ago. you can find out here. Although these are different types of reptiles, they are still incredible animals.

Quetzalcoatlus Facts for kids

Was Quetzalcoatlus, biggest flying dinosaur, actually a dinosaur?

Dimorphodon Facts For Kids

Like a T-Rex head with Wings, what exactly was a dimorphodon?

What Were the Flying Dinosaurs

So if not dinosaurs, what exactly were these Flying reptiles!

What were the largest flying Dinosaurs

Things in the sky were somewhat larger than the birds we see today!

Omnivore Dinosaurs

If you have been to a buffet in a restaurant and can’t choose what to eat and try everything, then you know what these types of dinosaurs are like. They eat everything, both meat and plants.

Oviraptor facts for kids (2)

Did Oviraptor really steal eggs? We have the answers here.

Gallimimus Facts For Kids

so many different ideas on what this dinosaur ate! We put it here to be safe/

Was this a Baby Pachycephalosaurus? read this to find out.

Pachycephalosaurus Facts For Kids

Herbivore or omnivore, recent findings have made the answer difficult.

Not a Dinosaur?

Even scientists can get mixed up explaining where these prehistoric animals belong. We made it simple, here are all our “not a dinosaur” animals. Not Flying reptiles, Not Swimming Dinosaurs, what exactly ‘types of animal’ were these!

25 Dimetrodon Facts For Kids.

The often mistaken Dimetrodon was not a dinosaur!

Lystrosaurus facts for kids

This was the ultimate survivor, lets find out some more .

Titanoboa Facts

As big as a dinosaur, but not one. We learn all about the largest snake in the world.

Lystrosaurus facts for kids

Here you can earn the real reason why Lystrosaurus is famous!

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