All 13 New Dinosaurs in Jurassic World Dominion

With little more than a month to go, or less if you are in korea, The Jurassic world Dominion dinosaurs and movie will hit the cinemas and, more than likely given the public’s enduring love of all things dinosaur, break box office records all over the place. Rumored to be the last chapter, for a while at least, of the Jurassic park movies it features old favorites and some new dinosaurs. Here we take a look at the New Jurassic World dominion Dinosaurs.

Jurassic World dominion looks to feature 13 new dinosaurs in the upcoming moving including:

  1. Giganotosaurus
  2. Lystrosaurus
  3. Quetzalcoatlus
  4. Nasutoceratops
  5. Pyroraptor
  6. Atrociraptor
  7. Dreadnoughtus
  8. Iguanodon
  9. Oviraptor
  10. Therizinosaurus
  11. Microceratus
  12. Dimetrodon
  13. Moros Intrepidus

We also have dinosaur facts and information about the new jurassic world dominion dinosaurs below so after the movie you can impress/bore your friends. It was originally going to be all the dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park Franchise but it turns out there have been many more than we thought. So here we just look at the 13 New jurassic World Dominion Dinosaurs. .

NOTE: We have made some guess at the roles and purposes of some of the dinosaurs in the movie, and if these happen to be correct sorry! ( and YAY us) but we have no special information, and have not done any huge research. We are a dinosaur site and just might have had some lucky guesses

Jurassic world dominion giganotosaurus
the dinosaur who fights t rex in jurassic world dominion
the dinosaur who eats ian jurassic world dominion

Jurassic World Dominion Dinosaurs: Giganotosaurus

The largest carnivore to ever walk the Earth, Whether this is being said about the Giganotosaurus or the rumoured Spinosaurus return to Jurassic World Dominion matters. One is correct and one is Wrong. You can read “How big was Spinosaurus” to find out that answer. Though if you are on a dinosaur website you probably already know.

giganotosaurus is certainly a worthy “villain” of the movie. it was truly massive, and being less developed than a T-Rex might make it more like a fox in a chicken coop, as it seems to being portrayed. like a real life version of the Indominus Rex, with the attitude and lust for death to match.

We see it dispatching the T-Rex in the prologue to Jurassic World dominion and have a feeling that round two of T-Rex Vs. Giganotosaurus might go a little differently. If so, its about time! That T-rex can never catch a break!

Giganotosaurus Cool Facts: The giganotosaurus, or “Giga” as it has now been shortened to. Was The Apex predator of its time.

DinosaurLengthHeightWeightDietPeriod Lived
Giganotosaurus40ft+16 feet18,0000 lbsCarnivore99-97 million years ago
Lystrosaurus new jurassic world dinosaurs
The dinosaurs with the mask name
The mask dinosaur in jurassic world dominion
The pet shop dinosaur jurassic world dominion

Jurassic World Dominion Dinosaurs: Lystrosaurus

Not exactly a dinosaur Lystrosaurus lived about 5 to 10 million years before dinosaurs reared their heads. It was a born survivor managing to make it through the Earth’s worst ever Extinction event. It appears in the Jurassic World Dominion trailer wearing a mask, which while cute is probably unnecessary for this hyper adaptable, laughs in the face of extinctions, almost a dinosaur.

It was relatively small as Jurassic World “dinosaurs” go, and it looks like they didn’t mess with its appearance too much, we have the stats below, but it is good to see it make an appearance as at one stage is was about 95% of all vertebrate animals in its environment. It was THAT successful! Not bad for a dinosaur you have never heard of!

Lystrosaurus Cool Facts: Lystrosaurus is a survivor, it survived the largest extinction event on earth the the Permian-Triassic extinction event 250 million years ago.

DinosaurLengthHeightWeightDietPeriod Lived
Lystrosaurus2-8ft 1-2.5 ft60-200 lbsHerbivore255-250 million years ago
jurassic world Dominion atrociraptor
The dinosaurs in malta in jurassic world dominion
the dinosaurs chasing the motorbike in jurassic world dominion

Jurassic World Dominion Dinosaurs: Atrociraptor

Along with the giganotosaurus, it looks like the other major dinosaur villain ( yes, we know dinosaurs can’t really be villains) in jurassic World dominion are going to be raptors. With the velociraptor, Blue, now looking like she is firmly in the “good” camp it falls to the velociraptors flatter faced more bulldog like cousin, the Atrociraptor to fill the role.

Atrociraptor was similar in many ways to velociraptor, likely feathered, pretty small, but with a flatter snout. Its name means “Savage thief or plunderer” And that cool sounding name might have been a deciding factor in bringing it into the Jurassic World franchise.

It would have been considerable smaller, and actually potentially cuter looking with its feathers, than in the movie. Put being chased by a 3 foot long chicken on a motorbike (Owen is on the motor bike not the atrociraptor, they were smart but not that smart) would not create the same drama.

Atrociraptor Cool Facts: Atrociraptor is a relatively newly discovered dinosaur, first discovered in 1995 in horseshoe canyon and later also in the Hells Creek Formation.

DinosaurLengthHeightWeightDietPeriod Lived
Atrociraptor6.5 ft2 ft44 lbscarnivore70 million years ago
jurassic world Dominion baryonyx
the dinosaur that fights in a pit
the dinosaur fighting in jurassic world dominion

Jurassic World Dominion Dinosaurs: Baryonyx

We got to see a Baryonyx in Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom in the control room being surrounded by lava, and in the trailer for Jurassic World Dominion it doesn’t seem to be fairing much better being used in a cage / pit fighting scene with an allosaurus. (You can read here on how we think a fight between Baryonyx and Allosaurus would go)

The baryonyx is famous for having an almost foot long claw on its hands ( measured on the curve and by bearing a more than passing resemblance to a Spinosaurus.

Baryonyx Cool Fact: The Baryonyx name means “heavy Claw” Due to the large claw on its first finger.

DinosaurLengthHeightWeightDietPeriod Lived
Baryonyx33 ft8-9 ft4000 lbsCarnivore130 -125 million years ago
Jurassic world dominion dinosaur pyroraptor the dinosaur that swims
the dinosaur that breaks the ice in jurassic world dominion

Jurassic World Dominion Dinosaurs: Pyroraptor

The other raptor family member getting a Jurassic World debut is the Pyroraptor. it has caused a little “ruffled feathers” (pun intended) in the Dinosaur and Paleontology world with tis depicted in the trailers. Likely explained away by Genetic enhancements ( what looks like Penguin or Dolphin DNA added!) it has acquired the ability to swim, and live in the cold. ( more on that swimming here)

While dinosaurs were able to live in cold temperatures, (and again more on that here) We can’t help but we think with Pyroraptors name meaning “Fire Thief” that the movie is playing with us a little here.

In real life it was similar again to both the atrociraptor and the velociraptor in size and despite the name being pretty cool, it was named for being found after a forest fire in France, not because of any fire breathing abilities we know of.

Pyroraptor Hot Facts: Very few fossils of Pyroraptor have been found, and these are located in france and possibly Spain.

DinosaurLengthHeightWeightDietPeriod Lived
Pyroraptor5 ft1.5 ft5-10 lbscarnivore77 million years ago
Jurassic world dominion dinosaur dreadnoughtus

Jurassic World Dominion Dinosaurs: Dreadnoughtus

In the ever changing answer to the Google search “what was the biggest” dinosaur dreadnoughtus occasionally turns up. It was a massive Sauropod larger than apatosaurus, brachiosaurus and any other sauropod in any Jurassic World movie. It probably wasn’t the biggest, but that title changes almost weekly anyway.

Again its name has a cool meaning (a pattern is emerging here) . Dreadnoughtus means “fears nothing” and while its size certainly did mean once fully grown it would have had little to fear from any other dinosaur it lived with there were still likely bigger sauropods wout there.

Argentinosaurus and the heavily rumoured Amphicoelias which could have been challenging a blue whale in size. Depending where you read this rumoured gigapod ( its a thing) may have been a massive barosaurus rather than a new species.

Dreadnoughtus Cool Facts: Dreadnoughtus is named after the fearsome Naval battle ships of the 19th century.

DinosaurLengthHeightWeightDietPeriod Lived
Dreadnoughtus85 ft33 ft108,000 lbsHerbivore76-70 million years ago
moros intrepidus facts for kids
Moros intrepidus. Credit: Jorge Gonzalez

Jurassic World Dominion Dinosaurs: Moros Intrepidus

Very recently Discovered the Moros Interipus was, sorry to say, anything but the toothy cute bundle of feathers it is shown as in the trailer. At least when it was fully grown anyway. It was about human sized with a considerably larger mouth and teeth, and as it was a ancestor of the Tyrannosaurus Rex we can be fairly sure it would not be using those teeth to chew on apples.

its name, another cool name is this movie, means harbinger, of (doom) and as it is thought to have evolved into the T-Rex about 30 or so million years later it is certainly a fitting name .

In the trailer to Jurassic World Dominion it appears to be a young dinosaur ( or that is a really massive set of teeth its eating from!! ) and we can’t help but think it may be being packaged as a pet in the “Jurassic World, world” pure guess on our part but if it is we hope it comes with a buyer beware disclaimer.

look out for cuddly toy version in the store soon we think.

Moros Intrepidus Cool Facts: Moros Intrepidus is one of the earliest known relatives of the mighty T-Rex, living 30 million years or so before.

DinosaurLengthHeightWeightDietPeriod Lived
Moros Intrepidus9 ft5 ft170 lbscarnivore96 million years ago
Quetzalcoatlus ,dinosaur scary

Jurassic World Dominion Dinosaurs: Quetzalcoatlus

36 feet of wings is the defining feature of the Quetzalcoatlus, and it appears an intense dislike of planes. The quetzalcoatlus was and is the the largest ever flying dinosaur. Well it wasn’t a dinosaur, it was a pterosaur but it was still the largest ever flying animal.

It was as tall as a giraffe and had the wing span to match, those wings are thought to be able to take it 8000 miles or so in one go flying for up to 10 days with out a stop. More than enough to cross oceans if it felt a need, so we have a feeling as one of the new Jurassic World dinosaurs this one may be a little widespread!

Quetzalcoatlus Cool Facts: The Name Quetzalcoatlus means winged serpent god in Aztec, and looking at it we can understand why!

DinosaurLengthHeightWeightDietPeriod Lived
Quetzalcoatlus36 feet18 ft550lbsCarnivore68-66 million years ago
oviraptor jurassic world dominion dinosaur

Jurassic World Dominion Dinosaurs: Oviraptor

Oviraptor is depicted in the movie breaking eating and eggs, and the name Oviraptor means “Egg Thief” But if dinosaurs were just that little bit smarter (and not dead) this would be a case for better call Saur (not Saul) and this dinosaur in particular could lawyer up.

While some of the first fossils of oviraptor were found with a clutch of eggs, the original, pretty negative, assumption that it was eating them is now thought to be wrong, and it turns out these were its own eggs that is was protecting, probably from a sandstorm or dune collapse considering the environment that oviraptor lived in.

Going from Egg eater to a mother (probably) who died protecting their young is quite a redemption story…. they haven’t got round to changing the dinosaurs name yet though.

Oviraptor Cool Facts: Oviraptor was originally named “Egg Thief”, but it is now thought it is an example of parental care in dinosaurs. Quite the turn around!

DinosaurLengthHeightWeightDietPeriod Lived
Oviraptor5 ft2 ft88 lbOmnivore75-71 million years ago
dinosaur with long claws name jurassic world dominion dinosaur

Jurassic World Dominion Dinosaurs: Therizinosaurus

If Indominus Rex would give the parents nightmares, then Therizinosaurus would give the grandparents nightmares, or parts of it would. It has 3 ft long claws on each hand and was over 30 feet long. Looking, the claws at least, like Wolverine from the X-men if he had feathers rather than a half mullet and 70’s sideburns.

However after the nightmare if you look this dinosaur up, (We have a page on it to calm nerves here) It turns out it was actually a herbivore that used those claws to strip and cut through leaves. (though honestly we kinda think it wouldn’t pass up free smaller meatier meal… but that’s just us) So kind of a Cretaceous gardener with a beak.

There is a rumor going around currently therizinosaurus may have a larger role in the Jurassic world dominion movie than just following Claire around for a while as shown in the trailer. However we wont go into that more deeply as it kinda read like a “jump the shark” moment — update it did indeed jump the shark, or spear the Giga.

Therizinosaurus Cool Facts: As huge and terrifying as those 3ft long claws on a therizinosaurus it was actually considered to be a herbivore and use them to strip leaves not meat!

DinosaurLengthHeightWeightDietPeriod Lived
Therizinosaurus33 ft16 ft11,000 lbsHerbivore70 million years ago

Jurassic World Dominion Dinosaurs: Iguanodon

The first dinosaur fossil discovered was of an Iguanodon in 1822. Although more accurately we should say the first dinosaur discovery that was classified as a dinosaur was the iguanodon. We are fairly sure huge bones had been found all the way back to the dawn of humankind we just had no idea what they were, calling them dragons, sea monsters, gods and similar.

iguanodon makes an blink and you miss it appearance in the prologue but is still one of the new Jurassic World Dominion Dinosaurs. It was a large herbivore with a spiky thumb that was found in England 200 years ago this year.

This may be the reason it made an appearance with the Jurassic World Dominion dinosaurs as it appears with Giganotosaurus and T-Rex which is has no business being with.

Iguanodon Cool Facts: The iguanodon had a spike on the end of its thumb, it is thought this was not used to give a thumbs up, but in defense against predators.

DinosaurLengthHeightWeightDietPeriod Lived
Iguanodon30 ft9 ft7000 lbsHerbivore126-122 million years ago

Nasutoceratops jurassic world dominion. The dinsaour people eat in Jurassic world dominion?

Jurassic World Dominion Dinosaurs: Nasutoceratops

Making a move on the popularity of Triceratops as the horned dinosaur of choice the nasutoceratops was smaller than its more famous cousin and its horns slightly more like a bull, in appearance, they were still pretty long horns that extended to the tip of its snout.

This made the need for the rhino like nose horn on other ceratopsians unneeded and nasutoceratops doesn’t have one. We have a feeling with this bull like horns it may be being made by ingen/biosyn in the movie as some sort of agricultural animal.

Though quite how a genetically modified animal is more cost effective than a machine is beyond us….. oh wait….. unless they are breeding them to eat like the cattle they resemble…

Expensive Dinoburger anyone?

Nasutoceratops Cool Facts: The name Nasutoceratops actually means big nose horned face. Pretty insulting actually!

DinosaurLengthHeightWeightDietPeriod Lived
Nasutoceratops15 ft6 ft3000 lbsHerbivore75 million years ago
dimetrodon the dinosaur with the sail jurassic world dominion.

Jurassic World Dominion Dinosaurs: Dimetrodon

The second of our not a dinosaur, or third if you count quetzalcoatlus ( we aren’t as at least it lived at the same time as dinosaurs) The Dimetrodon is classified, popularly at least, as a kind of Mammal like reptile, or reptile like mammal. Which it is really neither of

. It was a pelycosaur ( check out our Dimetrodon facts page as the explanation is too long for here)

It lived about 35 million years before the first dinosaurs, and it is known for its huge sail on its back, probably used for both keeping cool and looking cool. ( scientifically speaking attracting mates or warning off rivals, as well as thermoregulation)

Dimetrodon Cool Facts: Dimetrodon was a type of prehistoric reptile known as a pelycosaur that existed during the Permian epoch, roughly 35 million years before the first dinosaur appeared.

DinosaurLengthHeightWeightDietPeriod Lived
Dimetrodon2 ft to 15 ftup to 6 ftup to 500lbsCarnivore295 million years ago

Jurassic World Dominion Dinosaurs: Microceratus

Microceratus is something of an enigma as one of the new Jurassic World Dominion Dinosaurs. It doesn’t appear in the trailer, or the prologue (that we noticed) and it is just from internet leaks that we know, or suspect, it is in the movie.

It was a small, really small, small horned dinosaur that was about 2 feet long and was an early horned dinosaur living about 90 million years ago. That about 20 million years before its descendant and more famous family member the triceratops.

With its size we are thinking this addition to the list of new jurassic world dinosaurs may well be in the form of a pet in Jurassic World Dominion and potentially a cuddly toy in our non Jurassic World shops.

Update: *Well pet it certainly wasn’t, it was there for BBQ, we thought that some dinosaurs would be being eaten, its seems a very very expensive meal!

Microceratus Cool Facts: It was actually called Microceratops for a while, until it was discovered that this name had been taken by a Wasp! it then had its name changed to Microceratus.

DinosaurLengthHeightWeightDietPeriod Lived
Microceratus2ft (60 cm)1ft (30 cm) 10 lbsHerbivore90 Million years ago


So we have 13 new dinosaurs, along with the countless others that have appeared in the other 5 movies, 13 new dinosaurs to booked a series of 6 movies and although we poke a little fun in these new dinosaurs in Jurassic world dominion we will certainly be sad to see it draw to a close.

We also hid a baryonyx in there to see if anyone notices! We felt it needed a little love after the lava in Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom!

Hopefully the commens coming tha it isnt the end, its jsut the end of this chapter are real and we have a few more movies coming our way in the future.

While 13 new dinosaurs is plenty, you can never have enough can you!

References ( 8 here – looks like 13 new dinosaurs though)

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