Who Would Win in a Fight Between a Baryonyx Vs. Allosaurus?

By now you have probably seen either the trailer showing the pit fight between a Baryonyx and an Allosaurus or the movie. It has likely led you to google “who would win in a fight between an Baryonyx Vs. Allosaurus and brought you here! We look at the strengths of both and the likely outcome in a fight between the two.

Here’s how a fight between these two dinosaurs might play out. If the two were to meet in the wild, which would win?

Who would Win in a fight Baryonyx Vs. Allosaurus

Baryonyx Facts

What’s so cool about Baryonyx? This genus of theropod dinosaurs lived in the Barremian stage of the Early Cretaceous period, approximately 130-125 million years ago.

Baryonyx fighting skills

The skull of Baryonyx is quite distinct and filled with Sharp pointed teeth perfect for grabbing slippery fish, but not so great at cutting and slashing at other dinosaurs.

Baryonyx Claws

it did however, like its bigger cousin have claws on its arms to do just that. Measure along the long curve these could be 31 cm ( 12 inches) long and could do considerable damage. In fact the name Baryonyx means Heavy Claw

Size of Baryonyx

It would have weighed about 3000 lbs, and could be up to 25 ft long. Though this sounds heavy for a carnivore dinosaur there were plenty bigger than it. That thinner form gave it speed to dash in for a quick bite and get away before it was bitten back! It was also able to swim, so a quick dash into the water could give baryonyx the upper hand as well.

Baryonyx Jaws

A baryonyx croc-like jaw is a unique feature, and the lizard has a large, crocodile-like mouth. Keepers nicknamed this dinosaur “The Croc” for its croc-like jaw which had a large number of teeth compared to the allosaurus. ( over 70).

Swimming ability

This animal is semi-aquatic, making it a stealthy hunter. Although plenty of dinosaurs would have had the ability to swim to some degree, only the Spinosaurus family did it by choice, and the baryonyx was a proud member of that family. ( though not of course the biggest)

Who would Win in a fight Baryonyx Vs. Allosaurus

Allosaurus Fighting Skills

Allosaurus was a large carnosaurian theropod dinosaur that lived 155 million to 145 million years ago. The name Allosaurus means “different lizard,” alluding to the unique shape of its concave vertebrae. Its name is Greek and derives from the word “allos” which means lizard. This large, carnivorous dinosaur lived in the Mesozoic Era and lived in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Jaw Power

A common myth about Allosaurus is that it had a large jaw. However, this is not true. Allosaurus had a short neck and a comparatively soft skull, which meant it could easily pluck meat from corpses. To do this, Allosaurus would have grasped a chunk of flesh and yanked it back into its mouth, a technique similar to that used by modern falcons. Allosaurus would have eaten juvenile sauropods and beaked herbivores. Taking on the well armoured Stegosaurus.

Axe like bite

It is thought that Allosaurus not only had its bite to use as a weapon in any hunts or fights with other dinosaurs. It also used its powerful neck muscles to swing its head like an axe to cut into other dinosaurs repeatedly until they became weaker and he could move in for the kill.

How big was allosaurus.

It could grown to 32 feet and weight up to about 5000 lbs, though there are reports of larger ones as well and in those jaws were 60 sharp flesh cutting teeth! It was meant for business and that business was hunting! it also could use its lighter body to its advantage and would be quicker than a lot of both its prey and other dinosaurs that may want to challenge it.

Allosaurus Claws

Although the bite was likely the weapon of choice for the allosaurus it also had some scary looking claws on the end of those arms. They could be 6 inches long and were more than enough to cause serious damage if you were on the wrong end of them.

Did they live at the same time?

baryonyx and allosaurus did live at the same time, during the Cretaceous period about 140-120 million years ago. However a fight would not have been very likely as Allosaurus was predominantly a North American dinosaur and Baryonyx a European dinosaur.

it would have taken some travelling to have them meet up for a fight!

Strengths in a Baryonyx Vs. Allosaurus Fight.

Fighting FeatureBaryonyxAllosaurus
Number of teeth70+60+
Weight3400 lbs.5000 lbs
Length35 ft +32 ft
Speed18 mph21 Mph
Claws11 inches +As long as 6 inches
Special SkillsPossible swimmer!Axe like Jaws

Both dinosaurs were formidable predators, but who would win in a fight between a Baryonyx and an Allosaurus? The Baryonyx was smaller and skinnier, and it was adapted to snatch slippery fish from a stream. The Allosaurus, on the other hand, had lethal claws that could tear flesh. and a potentially formidable weapon in its think neck and axe like jaws.

The Allosaurus was a larger predator, with a mass of approximately 2.1 tons and a length of up to 32 feet. . The Baryonyx was a lighter built, possibly quicker predator relying on speed. Both had their strengths and weakness and we explore those below in our Baryonyx Vs. Allosaurus results below.

Who would Win Allosaurus V’s. Baryonyx.

Winner Baryonyx Vs. Allosaurus: Allosaurus.

Although we don’t think it would be a walkover we have to give the victory to the Allosaurus, for the following reasons.

Reasons Allosaurus would win a fight with baryonyx

  • It was so successful a dinosaur dealing with ceratosaurus and other sin its environment.
  • Allosaurus was used to hunting dinosaurs that fight back like stegosaurus
  • It hunted larger prey like sauropods
  • It was heavier than Baryonyx
  • It was Longer than Baryonyx
  • It had teeth that were suited to cutting and biting rather than spearing like a baryonyx.
  • Allosaurus may have used its head like an axe to cut and weaken its prey.
  • The bAryonyx just wouldn’t be able to get enough damage done to the Allosaurus.

Watch Allosaurus Vs. Baryonyx Video.

We actually did a totally no scientific experiment in light of the teaser trailer in Jurassic world Dominion which you can watch here. We decided to recreate the Allosaurus V Baryonyx Fight scene.

To make it fair we did a best of 3 matches, but didn’t need to do the third… You can see the results for yourself below. ( we did feel kinda guilty doing this by the way!)

We did use Jurassic World Evolution Dinosaur Computer Game to do this, it took much longer than expected to make them fight, so maybe they would not be that keen on it in real life too!

You can see the results below. We ran it through twice to be sure of the result. We were going to best of three, but well in the end there was no need! . Check out the Baryonyx Vs. Allosaurus fights below.

We will also run through the T-Rex Vs giganotosaurus , and T-Rex V Spinosaurus, as well as the Giganotosaurus Vs. Spinosaurus Fights soon as well. We have a feeling there will be more dinosaur fights in the Jurassic World Dominion Movie than just this one !

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