50+ Printable Dinosaur Worksheets.

We have free printable dinosaur Worksheets, activities, puzzles and more for teachers, parents and children to download here. They include loads of different types of dinosaur, flying dinosaurs (pterosaurs) and sea reptiles.

We will add to this often so we suggest bookmarking it somewhere however we also have a table below for you to navigate ( this page will get quite long!)

Just click on the section you want and it will jump down to that. Or you can browse and take a look at them all.

There are more printable dinosaur worksheets coming all the time, so make sure to check back. if you are looking for the coloring pages you can check them out on this page and the link below.

Dinosaur Worksheets: puzzles

These will be the classification, mazes, Dinosaur sequencing, brain training and tricky dinosaur worksheets,

Other Fun Dinosaur resources

Dinosaur Join the Dots Worksheets

Perfect your younger learners and kindergarten age students. These join the dots dinosaur worksheets will train their hands, eyes and brains!!

Dinosaur Holidays Worksheets

Here we will have all of our holiday themed dinosaur worksheets, resources and Activities.

Dinosaur Egg Hunt

dinosaur egg hunt worksheet

Dinosaur Body Part Worksheets

Great for STEM Dinosaur lessons these are multi level so some require a little more dinosaur knowledge to complete these dinosaur worksheets.

Dinosaur English Worksheets

We also run an English website and dinosaurs are simply excellent to teach English with! reading, phonics and more! We will have it all here in these English Dinosaur Worksheets

Dinosaur Maths and Numbers Worksheets

Number and maths both are needed when studying dinosaurs and these dinosaur maths worksheets start that journey in a fun and interactive way. Dinosaurs are a great way to teach numbers, especially big number as they lived so many years ago, and they were so big and heavy!

Dinosaur Word Searches and Crosswords

We have dinosaur Word searches and Crosswords here, they can be a little tricky so make sure your students or children can tackle some more challenging dinosaur worksheets here. We have carnivores, herbivores, flying and swimming dinosaur worksheets word searches and crosswords for you here.

We also have some for sale on our sister site. these are really popular.

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