Dinosaur Haiku and Poetry

As you are probably fully aware our website is dedicated to the world of dinosaurs, with pages full of facts, stats, and information about these amazing prehistoric creatures.

While we do have some less serious and statistical pages dedicated to dinosaur limericks, jokes and coloring, we thought it was time to lighten up the site with some fun and creative dinosaur haikus.

On this page, we have put together a collection of dinosaur haikus that celebrate different types of dinosaurs, from the fierce T-Rex to the gentle Triceratops and many more.

To make it easier to access we have splitting our dinosaur haikus into the below categories, you can use the links below to jump to any section you wish. This allows you to explore different aspects of these prehistoric creatures in a new and hopefully creative way, with a dinosaur haiku!

dinosaur haiku

What is a Haiku Poem?

A haiku is a type of poem that originated in Japan. It is a short and simple poem that usually contains three lines. The first and third lines contain five syllables each, while the second line contains seven syllables. (We counted these dinosaur haikus three times!, so hopefully they are all ok!)

Haikus are meant to capture a moment in time and describe a scene or feeling related to nature. They often focus on the seasons, such as spring, summer, fall, or winter, and aim to evoke a sense of peace and tranquility. (not sure dinosaur haikus will make you feel peaceful or tranquil though! )

Haikus are a great way to express yourself creatively and to appreciate the beauty of nature around us. So seeing as dinosaurs were one of the most amazing of all natural things here are some dinosaur Haikus for you to enjoy and maybe try to write your own.

We also have dinosaur limericks and Dinosaur poems – we went for rhyming here, that are quite fun, (and well as these dinosaur haikus) you can check them out on the links here or on the section that links all our fun dinosaur stuff like worksheets, games and coloring below.

Anyway lets take a look at some Dinosaur Haikus

Dinosaur Haikus

Haikus, a form of Japanese poetry, can be used to capture the essence of these prehistoric beasts. this section will explore a few haikus that cover different time periods and dinosaurs as a whole.

  • Dinosaurs roamed earth,
  • Millions of years before us,
  • Fascinating past.

  • Fossilized remains,
  • can teach us life’s history,
  • Dinosaurs’ legacy.

  • Reptilian Beasts,
  • Roaming earth long before us,
  • Awe-inspiring beasts.

  • Bones and fossils found,
  • Shed light on their existence,
  • Ancient mysteries.

  • Dinosaurs’ demise,
  • A catastrophic event,
  • Changed earth forever.

  • Prehistoric life,
  • Different from our own but yet,
  • Connect to our past.

  • Mesozoic time,
  • Dinosaurs’ reign and demise,
  • Study this great time

  • Jurassic forests,
  • Giant herbivores grazing,
  • Carnivores on hunt.

  • Dinosaurs that lived,
  • In the Jurassic era,
  • Long lost world reborn.

most popular dinosaur - T Rex
Dinosaur haiku t rex

Dinosaur Haiku: T-Rex Haikus

The Tyrannosaurus Rex is one of the most well-known dinosaurs to have ever lived, and on the top of most lists of most popular dinosaurs as well. As a top predator, it ruled the land during the late Cretaceous period. This section will showcase a series of haikus that focus on the T-Rex’s fearsome power.

  • Roaring thunder heard
  • King of the prehistoric
  • T-Rex rules it all

  • Massive jaws snap shut
  • Sharp teeth tear through flesh and bone
  • T-Rex dines so well.

  • Small arms and big feet
  • T-Rex stomps across the earth
  • Apex predator.

  • Dinosaurs rule all
  • T-Rex leads the pack, so strong
  • Nature’s balance shift.

  • T-Rex’s eyes gleam
  • Hunting down its prey with ease
  • The apex hunter.

  • Roaring and so fierce
  • T-Rex dominates the herd
  • Nature’s fierce leader.

  • Through the ages past
  • T-Rex roams and hunts with grace
  • Planets timeless king.

  • Majestic beast roars
  • T-Rex, king of dinosaurs
  • Nature’s power shown.

  • T-Rex hunting alone
  • Through the wilderness it roams
  • Master of them all.

  • Ruling the earth’s land
  • T-Rex, is the pinnacle
  • Nature’s fiercest force.

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Dinosaur haiku triceratops

Dinosaur Haiku: Triceratops haikus

Triceratops, a large herbivorous dinosaur with three horns on its head, is another iconic dinosaur and often if no the most popular dinosaur at least the most popular herbivore. This section will feature a collection of haikus that pay tribute to triceratops,

  • Three horns gleam in sun
  • Triceratops walks the earth
  • Nature’s armored giant.

  • Majestic and strong
  • Triceratops roams the land
  • Nature’s peaceful giant.

  • Through fields it will roam
  • Triceratops, sight to see
  • three horns and its frill

  • Herbivore’s mighty
  • Triceratops, a gentle soul
  • Unless you eat him

  • Grass between its teeth
  • Triceratops feeds with ease
  • Nature’s peaceful king.

  • Three horns like a crown
  • Triceratops, warrior
  • Nature’s armored knight.

  • Majestic beast roars
  • Triceratops, a dinosaur
  • Cretaceous wonder.

  • three horns, strong and bright
  • Triceratops, sight so right
  • Nature’s armored king

  • Through the ages past
  • Triceratops roams the land
  • Peaceful timeless soul.

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Dinosaur haiku triceratops

Dinosaur Haiku: Herbivore Haikus

While they may not have had the same fearsome reputation as their carnivorous counterparts, herbivorous dinosaurs were still awesome from the tall to the small they all played their role. . This section will feature haikus about the gentle giants of the prehistoric world, and some of the smaller but not less amazing ones as well.

  • Prairies far and wide
  • Edmontosaurus is found
  • Gentle giant roams.

  • Barosaurus stands tall
  • Graceful and not at all small
  • Head like a football

  • Grazing through the fields
  • Diplodocus, long and tall
  • Longest tail of all?

  • Plates for great defense
  • Stegosaurus had some more
  • a four spike long tail

  • Armored, strong, it roams
  • Ankylosaurus, alone
  • Natures walking tank

  • Munching on the green
  • Iguanodon roams with ease
  • Check out that thumb spike

  • Long-necked Sauropod,
  • Stretching high to reach the leaves,
  • A gentle giant.

  • Stegosaurus plates,
  • Adorn its back for defense,
  • A herbivore’s shield.

  • Ankylosaurus,
  • A Cretaceous armored tank
  • Tail club at the ready.

  • Head crest trumpeting
  • Parasaurolophus, sings
  • Sing it loud and proud

  • Huge Apatosaur,
  • Long neck and tail, plant eater,
  • A Jurassic king.

  • Hadrosaurus honks,
  • Crests adorned with bright colors,
  • Herds roamed the landscape.

  • Stegosaurus tail,
  • Spiked weapon against attacks,
  • Well Armed Herbivore.

  • Traversing the swamps,
  • Duck-billed Maiasaura grazed,
  • Young ones by her side.

  • Brontosaurus feet,
  • Gentle giants of the earth,
  • Eating leaves up high.

  • Long Name Dinosaur
  • Pachycephalosaurus,
  • Herbivore or not?

  • Protoceratops,
  • Frilled neck for its protection,
  • Forages for plants.

  • Diplodocus tail,
  • Whips through the air with great force,
  • Fends off predators.

  • Sauropods’ long necks,
  • Reach high to graze on treetops,
  • Plant-eaters up high.

  • Ornithopods’ speed,
  • Run from carnivorous beasts,
  • Graceful herbivores.

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Dinosaur haiku poetry

Dinosaur Haiku: Carnivore haikus

Did we save the best till last, I guess that’s up to you to decide, carnivorous dinosaurs were some of the most fearsome predators to have ever walked the earth. This section will showcase haikus that focus some of the most ferocious of the carnivore dinosaurs, including T-Rex, Velociraptor, Spinosaurus, and more.

  • Flying through the skies
  • Pteranodon, soars with grace
  • catching fish with ease

  • Sharp teeth, massive jaws
  • Spinosaurus roams the earth
  • Nature’s fierce hunter.

  • Shredding with its claws
  • Utahraptor, hunting all
  • Hide, no use to run

  • Feathers, glide, and soar
  • Microraptor, hunter’s form
  • Nature’s graceful bird?

  • Sharp-toothed predators,
  • Survival of the fittest
  • Hunting for their meal

  • Velociraptor
  • Swift and deadly, they hunt prey,
  • Silent as the night.

  • Ferocious T-Rex,
  • Top of the food chain, feared most,
  • King of carnivores.

  • Spinosaurus’ sail,
  • A deadly carnivore’s threat,
  • Surviving in swamps.

  • Dilophosaurus,
  • Spitting venom to blind prey,
  • not reality

  • Allosaurus jaws,
  • Ripping flesh from its victims,
  • A predator’s might.

  • Carnotaurus horns,
  • Used in battle for conquest,
  • A fierce carnivore.

  • Troodon’s sharp claws,
  • Dexterous hunter of the night,
  • Prey cannot escape.

  • Baryonyx claws,
  • Fishing in the riverside,
  • Carnivore’s delight.

  • Utahraptor’s size,
  • A giant and agile beast,
  • Hunting with its pack.

  • Compsognathus small,
  • A Fierce and quick predator,
  • Stealthy and cunning.

  • Spinosaurus fin,
  • A predator in the swamps,
  • Hunting its prey down.

  • Carnivorous beasts,
  • Roaming prehistoric earth,
  • Feasting on the weak.

  • Pterodactylus,
  • Carnivorous flying beast,
  • Aerial hunter.

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Hopefully these dinosaur Haikus have given you some inspiration to try your own, the format is really quite simple,

5 syllables

7 syllables

5 syllables

the only issue is some dinosaurs names have more than seven syllables!!! so I guess you have to pick carefully and miss out Micropachycephalosaurus which is the longest name!

Other Resources

Just in case the 70 plus dinosaur haikus we have above are not enough, then you can check out some of the links below to do some further reading and research.

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