Tyrannosaurus Rex: 20 Questions and Answers.

When you say the word dinosaurs for most people they think of the huge Tyrannosaurus Rex roaming around looking for something to sink its teeth into. There is plenty we know about this most popular of dinosaurs, but also plenty we don’t know. We try to answer some of those T-Rex questions below!

We have20 questions and answers on the Tyrannosaurus rex below for you to read and learn about this most popular of dinosaurs! If you want to learn about more dinosaurs you can check out the other pages on our site to learn about Dinosaur facts for kids right here.

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20 Tyrannosaurus Rex Facts!

How Big was the Tyrannosaurus Rex?

The Tyrannosaurus Rex was one of the largest land carnivores to ever exist, measuring up to 40 feet in length and weighing up to 7 tons. That is about 14,000 pounds or the same as a very large elephant.

How Big was the Tyrannosaurus Rex Head?

The T-Rex had a massive skull that measured 5 feet long and was equipped with powerful jaws that could crush bone. its teeth could be up to 12 inches inside that head.

How Fast Could the Tyrannosaurus Rex Run?

Although very big, the T- Rex was a fast and agile hunter,. however there is some dispute on its top speed. on one side it is said it could probably run at around 20-25 miles and hour, and the other say it more likely was to be found in a fast walk at around 12 miles an hour.

They say it it ran two fast it may shatter the bones in its legs.

Did the Tyrannosaurus Rex have Good Eyesight?

The Tyrannosaurus Rex did have great eyesight was so good that it could spot prey from over a mile away. though seeing at its prey were other dinosaurs surely they were hard to miss!

What was the Bite Force of a T-Rex?

The Tyrannosaurus Rex had a bite force of up to 12,000 pounds, the most powerful of any land animal ever known. It is like a medium elephant sitting on you, except with teeth!

What Did a Tyrannosaurus Eat?

It ate mostly large herbivores, but would also feast on smaller animals, including lizards and mammals. It was not above, eating dead animals it found as well like most predators.

What Movies Have Featured a T-Rex

The Tyrannosaurus Rex is in almost any and all movies with a dinosaur theme. It is the most popular dinosaur and has appeared in movies like all the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World movies, Journey to the Centre of the Earth, King Kong, and the Land that time Forgot. Of course our youtube movie is all about the T-Rex as well !

When Did the T-Rex become Extinct?

Tyrannosaurs rex lived between 75 and 65 Million years ago and was likely wiped out due to the asteroid strike on the Earth at that time and the effects of climate change in the aftermath. Most dinosaurs became extinct at that time.

Could the Tyrannosaurus Rex Swim?

Although hard to believe of a dinosaur so large, there are now Some scientists who think that the T-Rex may have been able to use its long powerful tail to swim. it certainly wouldn’t be able by just using those tiny arms!

Trex questions and answers

Which museums have a T-Rex skeleton

Most National Natural History Museums will have a T-rex skeleton in their collection, however as it is rare to find complete models they often have resin models and recreations of other T-rex skeletons.

The most complete skeleton is in the Field Museum in Chicago and is called “Sue” After the discoverer Sue Hendrickson. Almost 90% of the whole fossilized t-rex was discovered.

What does the name Tyrannosaurus Rex Mean?

The name “Tyrannosaurus Rex” comes from an old language called Latin with some greek in the mix and means “king of the tyrant lizards.” Tyrannosaur means tyrant lizard in greek and rex means king in Latin. you can imagine when they found that first skull why they decided on this name!

Was Tyrannosaurus Rex the Biggest Predator on Earth?

The Tyrannosaurus Rex is certainly one of the largest land animals to ever live on Earth.However, even though T-Rex is one of the most popular and famous of all the dinosaurs he was not the biggest. Currently, as we are still learning so much, the largest is thought to be the Spinosaurus, at up to 60ft long.

However there are plenty more dinosaur species that have been found that are over 40ft! Like Sigilmassasaurus, Giganotosaurus, Carcharodontosaurus and Mapusaurus.

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Was T-Rex Warm or Cold Blooded?

Some scientists believe that the Tyrannosaurus Rex may have been a warm-blooded creature. Others think they are between birds and reptiles and maybe neither warm or cold blooded. However, despite the lack of agreement, most scientists are moving towards dinosaurs being warm-blooded rather than cold.

How Much Does a T-rex Skeleton cost?

While fossils can be quite cheap, even as low as 1 dollar, if you want a full skeleton of dinosaurs then you will have to start saving. The most expensive dinosaur fossils was a T-rex skeleton that sold for 31.8 million dollars in 2020!!

How for much MUCH less you can look at smaller fossils if you want to have a piece of a dinosaur. You can check those out here and below.

How Long were T-Rex Teeth?

The longest tyrannosaurus Rex tooth found is 12 inches long. However, more often teeth were around 8 inches. That’s still longer than a book!

FREE T-REX Download – You can download the T-REX Fact sheet below. It has all the above facts for you to keep and read. Below we will continue with some more Tyrannosaurus facts!

Where can you find T-Rex Fossils?

Although for a very long time people thought that T-rex only lived in what is now North America, other fossils have been now found in Asia.the Scarily named Death Valley in the USA has loads of fossils. So it looks like T-rex may have lived all over the world, or at least a lot of it when they walked the Earth.

How Long Did a Tyrannosaurus Rex Live for?

The average age for a T-rex was around 25+ years, however the oldest fossil in age was 30 years old. They can find out how old a dinosaur was by looking at the fossilized bones.

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Why Did T-rex have Small arms

When you look at a T-rex arms they look really small compared to the rest of the body. Scientists now think that they had small arms as the head was so big and the bite was so strong.

The Trex needed the muscles in its neck to be big so it could bite down hard on its prey, this did not leave that much room for arm muscles in its thick neck.

Were Tyrannosaurus Rex Teeth Sharp?

Actually, even though T-Rex has over 50 teeth, and they could be up to 12 inches long, they were not that sharp. teeth are designed to do different things. Some are used to cut, some are used to grind and chew and some are used to stab and catch.

Most T-rex teeth were used to stab and catch and not cut although they did have serrated (like a saw) edges.

Was the T-Rex Smart or Clever?

While you couldn’t ask a Trex to do your maths homework, or you could but those little arms might not be good at holding a pencil, the Trex was certainly a smart dinosaur. Its brain was almost twice the size of other Carnivorous dinosaurs that lived at the time.

We have a huge selection or articles to answer the common and some less common questions about the Tyrannosaurus Rex here on the site and to make it easier to access we have them in the table below.

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There are 20 Questions and answers about the Tyrannosaurus Rex here, of course we couldn’t cover it all here, as the page would be crazy long. If you want to know more you can check out our T-rex fact sheet on this page, or download the other dinosaur facts we have on our site.

If we don’t have your favorite you can leave a comment at the bottom and we can try to write it for you!

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Some of My Dinosaur Resource Recommendations for Home and School.

Thanks for taking the time to read our facts and questions articles, as a teacher myself i have struggled to find resources in one place and that is why this website was born. I simply love teaching students about dinosaurs both in my role as a language and General Studies teacher. However there is sometimes a need for something more concrete than a printout (as useful as we think ours are! )

There is something awesome about the feeling of awe that these amazing creatures instil in our children and students. To further help you, and potentially me, i have included a few resources below that i have found to be incredibly successful when explaining dinosaurs to children, these range form books and resources, to toys fossils and dinosaur figures.

Sometimes having something tactile to touch in those tiny hands help to focus and cement learning and develop those big brains! Hope they are helpful too.

Dinosaur Books and Readers

There are of course hundreds of excellent, and not so excellent books on Dinosaurs for Children out there. So rather than, yet, go into huge detail. I will highlight the ones I love to use with my students from ages 6 to 10. We have include AR in these as well. ( nothing quite like a moving dinosaur in front of you!

Fossil Sets

I cant say how great these are to use in a classroom while reading with a group. the chance to read about a dinosaur and then touch a real piece is simply great. I have a selection ( self confessed dinosaur geek) but a cheap set of 10 or so will do the trick just as well. Dinosaur poop is great as well!!! i pass it round and ask them to guess what it is first!

Dinosaur Figures

I actually use realia in a lot of classes especially with animals and dinosaurs, and figures help to show the kind of animal we are reading about. It is possible to spend hundreds of dollars on dinosaur figures but ther eis no need, either as a teacher or a parent. The set below and similar we have used to help students picture dinosaurs to great effect.




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