Dinosaur Limericks

As we are a website devoted to everyone’s favorite prehistoric creatures, the dinosaurs! We noticed we have hundreds of pages of facts and stats and information about these amazing animals.

And while we have some joke pages, (we link them in on this page as well) we though its time we lightened the site a little with some fun dinosaur stuff as well. So this page is all about dinosaur limericks, a type of poem that is light-hearted, funny and easy to remember.

Each dinosaur limerick features a different type of dinosaur, from the fierce T-Rex to the gentle Triceratops, and many more.

As the T-Rex and the Triceratops are usually the most popular of all dinosaurs we have included them first in their own dinosaur limerick sections below, then we have split the limericks into two sections

You can jump to each dinosaur limerick section on the links above to save you some time. ( we have a lot of dinosaur limericks here!

We have included the omnivores into the herbivore section, just for ease! there are also two dinosaurs in thee wrong section for the eagle eyed among you to spot if you can!

We hope this collection of dinosaur limericks will not only make you laugh, but also spark your curiosity and imagination about the fascinating world of dinosaurs.

These dinosaur limericks are suitable for children of all ages and can be a great way to introduce kids to the world of poetry and literature. Especially on a subject close to many a childs heart: The Dinosaurs!

All us to introduce the page with a limerick about our dinosaur limerick page

  • Do you love dinosaurs, both the big and the small?
  • On this page, limericks, can you read them all
  • From carnivores with sharp teeth,
  • To herbivores eating just the leaf,
  • These prehistoric creatures are sure to enthrall.

Dinosaur limericks: T-Rex Limericks and Poems

We feel we have to start out dinosaur limerick page off with the King of The Tyrant lizards and show a little poetry love for the Tyrannosaurus rex. there are many, MANY, pages on the internet and on our own site about this most famous and popular of dinosaurs,

Dinosaur Poetry, dinosaur limericks
T rex poem,. t rex limerick

We even have dedicated joke page to the T-Rex, but there are not many Poems about dinosaurs. We aim to correct that with some dinosaur limericks here! This section is all about the T-Rex!

  • There was a T-Rex named Sunny,
  • Who had small arms that made him quite funny
  • But with jaws that were strong,
  • He’d crunch bones all day long,
  • A carnivore, meat he wanted, not money.

  • There was once a T-Rex named Tim,
  • Who was a carnivore with a really big grin,
  • With teeth that were sharp,
  • He’d never eat carp,
  • A dino hunter who always would win.

  • There was a T-Rex called sue
  • Whose body was huge, that’s true,
  • She’d sniff out her prey,
  • And chase it all day,
  • A dino who could certainly eat you!

  • There was a T-Rex named Mabel
  • Was a fierce hunter, a true fable
  • With a roar so loud,
  • She could be heard in a crowd
  • A dino queen, her power was stable

  • There was a T-Rex named Trevor,
  • His arms were small, but he was quite clever,
  • He’d use his head instead,
  • To push, pull, and tread,
  • A dino that would not give up ever.

  • There was a T-Rex named Terry,
  • Had eyes that were sharp and was quite merry,
  • He’d spot his prey from afar,
  • And chase it like a star,
  • A dino hunter who was quite scary.

  • There as a T-Rex named Tim
  • Who had a roar that was quite grim
  • He’d shake the ground,
  • With a deafening sound,
  • A dino though loud, who can swim.

  • There was a T-Rex named Kat
  • That had teeth that were sharp like a bat
  • She’d use them with skill,
  • which was always a thrill.
  • A carnivore who had hunting down pat.

  • There was a T-Rex named Troy,
  • who had jaws that were strong, oh boy,
  • He’d bite and he’d chew,
  • And never with a clue,
  • A dino hunter who was quite coy.

  • There once was a dino named Rex,
  • Whose size made him feel quite complex,
  • But he roared loud and strong,
  • Proving others were wrong,
  • And proved he was a big ol’ T-Rex

  • There was a young Tyrannosaurus named Ted
  • He roared so loudly, he made all others feel dread,
  • With his short, tiny arms,
  • He had plenty of charms,
  • but In the Late Cretaceous, he led.

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Dinosaur limericks: Triceratops Limericks and Poems

If there T-Rex has any serious challenger for the title of most popular dinosaur then it is the triceratops. So, to keep it fair between the carnivores and the herbivores we have set aside a section of dinosaur limericks that just focus on the triceratops.

Dinosaur poem Triceratops, dinosaur limerick, dinosaur poetry
  • There once was a Triceratops named Tess,
  • Whose horns were a real show of finesse,
  • She’d charge at her foes,
  • With great strength, she’d oppose,
  • A herbivore who could really impress.

  • There was a Triceratops named Tommy,
  • Had horns that were sharp and quite bony,
  • He’d graze on the leaves,
  • Of tall, tree branches and trees,
  • A dino who was quite lonely.

  • There was a Triceratops named Trixie,
  • Was a herbivore who was quite picky,
  • She’d only eat greens,
  • From the best and the clean,
  • A dino whose diet was quite tricky.

  • There was a Triceratops named Tucker,
  • Had a beak that made him quite the plucker,
  • He’d shake it with flair,
  • In the Cretaceous air,
  • A dino with frills, quite the stunner.

  • There was a Triceratops named Trudy,
  • Had a horn on her snout, quite a beauty,
  • She’d charge with great speed,
  • And cause her foes to bleed,
  • A dino whose power was a duty.

  • There was a Triceratops named Tony,
  • Had horns that were sharp and quite bony,
  • He’d dig in the earth,
  • And find roots with great mirth,
  • A dino whose appetite was not phony.

  • There was a Triceratops named Tiny
  • Who had frills that were quite shiny,
  • She’d show them with pride,
  • To other dinos nearby,
  • This herbivore who was quite spiny.

  • There was a Triceratops named Tracy,
  • Had horns that were long and quite lacy,
  • She’d use them to fight,
  • And protect with great might,
  • A dino who was tough and quite racy

  • There was a Triceratops named Tilly,
  • Who had a frill that was quite silly,
  • She’d wobble and shake,
  • With a dino-like quake,
  • This herbivore who was actually quite chilly.

  • There was a Triceratops named Tom,
  • who had horns he would use without qualm,
  • He’d use them with force,
  • And cause quite a remorse,
  • But was a dino who was actually quite calm.

  • There was a Triceratops called Mary,
  • Had horns that were sharp and quite scary,
  • But she munched on some plants,
  • And did peaceful slow dance,
  • For this herbivore, life was quite merry.

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Dinosaur Limericks and Poems

Now there are over 1000 species of dinosaurs that have been discovered so far, and at a rate of 50 a year or so being added to that, it becomes impossible to cover them all, at least in dinosaur poetry form! ( we do have a list of all dinosaur names here, and a A to Z of all dinosaurs, funny dinosaur names and even a list of pet dinosaur names as well!) you can check those out on the links in the text above.

Dinosaur poem  dinosaur limerick, dinosaur poetry

Dinosaur limericks: Carnivores

however here we have picked some carnivore dinosaurs to make some dinosaur limericks from. We hope they are useful and maybe you can try to writ your own dinosaur limerick about your favorite dinosaur after reading these.

  • There was a frisky young raptor named Blue
  • who was as fast as the strongest wind blew
  • With a swift, stealthy stride,
  • Prey had nowhere to hide,
  • In the blink of an eye, it was through.

  • There was an Edmontosaurus named Eddie
  • Who had a bill like a duck, always ready,
  • He grazed on the plants,
  • in a slow, peaceful dance,
  • A herbivore gentle and steady.

  • There was a Velociraptor called Vince
  • Was remarkably agile and swift,
  • He’d hunt with his pack,
  • And never look back,
  • Their teamwork, an incredible gift.

  • There was a Pterodactyl named Pete,
  • Who flew in the sky for a treat,
  • He soared high and then dove,
  • In the air, he would rove,
  • As the master of his skybound retreat.

  • There was once a Utahraptor named grace
  • With sickle-shaped claws, she used in a chase
  • She hunted with stealth,
  • Using strength and great health,
  • A dino that no one could ever out race.

  • There was a Compsognathus named Cooper
  • Was a small dino, quite the trooper,
  • He’d scurry around,
  • With barely a sound,
  • A tiny predator, never a snoozer.

  • There once was a Microraptor named Kitty
  • Who had feathers to make her feel pretty
  • a Swift glider in trees,
  • As quick as a breeze,
  • Her Prey were certainly shown no pity.

  • There was a Baryonyx named Barry
  • Who had large claws, both strong and scary,
  • He’d fish by the shore,
  • Forever explore,
  • A Cretaceous carnivore yes, but not hairy.

  • There was a Mosasaurus named Moe
  • Swam the oceans, to and fro,
  • With powerful jaws,
  • He’d snap with no pause,
  • A marine reptile, the star of the show.

  • There was a Allosaurus named Alice
  • who had sharp teeth used with malice,
  • She hunted with skill,
  • Her prey she would kill,
  • A fierce dinosaur, the Jurassic was definitely her palace.

  • There was a Ceratosaurus named Claire
  • who had a horn on her snout, quite rare,
  • With powerful strides,
  • She’d hunt far and wide,
  • A predator strong and aware.

  • There was a Giganotosaurus named Gigi
  • Was a hunter so fierce and speedy,
  • She’d stalk through the plains,
  • In search of her gains,
  • A predator, her hunt never easy.

  • There was a Megalosaurus named Ted
  • who was a carnivore, strong and well-fed,
  • With powerful jaws,
  • And sharp, curving claws,
  • A big Jurassic hunter, ahead.

  • There was a Spinosaurus named Sally
  • Had a sail that she’d proudly rally,
  • She swam through the lakes,
  • For fish, she would take,
  • A carnivore of the Cretaceous valley.

  • There was a Carnotaurus named Carter
  • Who had small arms and horns that were sharper,
  • He’d chase after prey,
  • In a powerful display,
  • A predator who’d never falter.

  • There was a Pteranodon named Pete
  • Who soared through the skies, quite elite,
  • With a flap of his wings,
  • He’d glide as he sings,
  • A Cretaceous sky-bound athlete.

  • There was a Deinonychus named Dan
  • Was skilled and cunning when he ran,
  • With a sharp, curved claw,
  • He’d strike without flaw,
  • A dino hunter with a plan.

  • There was a Carnotaurus named Bob
  • Had small arms and horns, and one job,
  • He’d run with great force,
  • On a hunting-based course,
  • To see whose food he could rob

  • There was a Dimetrodon named Mark
  • Who had a sail that was bright in the dark
  • In the Permian age,
  • He’d bask on the stage,
  • A synapsid, the same age as a shark.

  • There was a Quetzalcoatlus named Quinn
  • Who flew gracefully, her wings were so thin,
  • With a wingspan so wide,
  • She’d soar through the skies,
  • A pterosaur, the sky was her inn.

  • There was a Spinosaurus named Spike
  • Who had a sail that was large and sail-like,
  • He’d swim through the rivers,
  • Giving creatures the Shivers,
  • A Cretaceous hunter, that will strike.

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Dinosaur limericks: Herbivores

As we mentioned above there are simply to many dinosaurs to write a limerick about each one. So we have picked some herbivores to make dinosaur limericks from and included them below.

Dinosaur poem  dinosaur limerick, dinosaur poetry

hope you find them funny, and maybe you can get some ideas to writ your own dinosaur limerick as well!

  • There was once a Gallimimus named Gail
  • Who ran with speed that could never fail,
  • Her legs were so long,
  • She’d race all day long,
  • She was certainly not like a snail.

  • There was an Ankylosaurus named Zac
  • who had a club tail and a tough, armored back
  • With a swing and a smash,
  • He would make a great bash,
  • No predator could ever take that smack.

  • There was a Parasaurolophus named Pearl
  • Who wore a crest like a banner unfurled,
  • With a honk and a trill,
  • She’d communicate her will,
  • Her calls echoed all through the world.

  • There once was a Stegosaurus named Stan
  • Who had a row of tall plates, quite a fan,
  • He’d bask in the sun,
  • And then start to run,
  • but that tiny brain meant there’s no plan.

  • There was an Iguanodon named Nick
  • Who had a thumb spike that he used to pick,
  • He’d forage and munch,
  • Enjoying his lunch,
  • Maybe. using that thumb like a stick

  • There was a Brontosaurus named Brad
  • Who was incredibly big and quite glad,
  • He grazed all day long,
  • Swayed his tail with a song,
  • A gentle giant, who never got mad

  • There was once a Diplodocus named Dot
  • Had a neck that stretched long like a yacht,
  • She reached leaves up high,
  • In just the blink of an eye,
  • A Dinosaur whose tail could be tied in a knot. .

  • There was a once a Kentrosaurus named Wendy
  • Who had sharp spikes from her head to her endy
  • With a swing of her tail,
  • with its end like a nail,
  • A prehistoric self-defense that became trendy.

  • An Oviraptor named Ollie
  • Had a beak for eggs, quite a folly,
  • He’d sneak to the nest,
  • And take what was best,
  • On a Cretaceous egg-loving jolly.

  • There was once a Stegosaurus named Stella May
  • Who had rows of plates that would sway,
  • With a swing of her tail,
  • Her spikes would prevail,
  • Making sure no predator would stay.

  • There was a Brachiosaurus named Belle
  • Who stood so tall, her height would excel,
  • Reaching leaves way up high,
  • In the trees, she’d comply,
  • A gentle giant, with her story to tell.

  • A Parasaurolophus named Patty
  • Had a crest that made her quite chatty,
  • She’d honk through the night,
  • Creating quite a sight,
  • A dino whose calls were quite catchy.

  • There was once a Gallimimus named Gary
  • Who ran so fast, it was almost scary,
  • His legs were so lean,
  • He could barely be seen,
  • A dino that was truly extraordinary.

  • There was an Iguanodon named Ingrid
  • Who had thumb spikes that were quite rigid,
  • She’d dig up the ground,
  • For plants to be found,
  • A herbivore’s daily pilgrimage.

  • An Ankylosaurus named Amy
  • Had a tail club and armor so dreamy,
  • She’d swing and defend,
  • On herself, she’d depend,
  • A herbivore tough and quite steely.

  • There was a Diplodocus named Dolly
  • Who had a long neck that was quite jolly,
  • She swayed it with grace,
  • In a slow, rhythmic pace,
  • A sauropod, who moved gentle and slowly.

  • There was an Oviraptor named Oscar
  • Who had a beak for eggs, a true master,
  • He’d sneak and he’d snatch,
  • Eggs he’d carefully catch,
  • A quick dino, and no one was faster.

  • There was once a Pachycephalosaurus named Polly
  • Who had a dome-shaped head, quite jolly,
  • She’d ram and she’d bump,
  • With a powerful thump,
  • A herbivore’s head-butting folly.

  • There was a Euoplocephalus named Earl
  • Who had armor that shone like a pearl,
  • With a club on his tail,
  • No predator would prevail,
  • A dino defender, with a twirl

  • There was once a Plesiosaurus named Penny
  • Who swam gracefully, her neck long and bendy,
  • In oceans she’d glide,
  • With grace and with pride,
  • A marine reptile, her reign never-ending.

  • There was once an Argentinosaurus named Arnie
  • Who was enormous, his size like an army,
  • He lumbered with grace,
  • At a slow, steady pace,
  • A sauropod titan, but quite charming.

  • There was once a Therizinosaurus named Theo
  • Who had large claws that were long in a trio,
  • He’d forage and browse,
  • On plants and tree boughs,
  • A herbivore, and a unique scenario.

  • There once was a Maiasaura named Maya
  • Was a dino mom, a great layer,
  • She cared for her young,
  • Until they were sprung,
  • A dinosaur family, and team player.

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As we mentioned above dinosaurs are certainly a serious business but that doesn’t mean we cant have a little fun with them. We also have our two jokes pages, and we will, every now and then, put something that takes a lighter look at these magnificent animals.

So we hope you enjoyed our Dinosaur limericks here, and keep an eye out for some other dinosaur poems and dinosaur poetry coming up, its what happens when the site owner is an English teacher as well as a General Studies teacher.

Officially is called Cross curricular activity. I prefer to call it fun!

Further reading

There are some, not loads, poetry on dinosaurs out there, we have linked some below. So if dinosaur limericks are not your thing maybe you can check those out.

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