List of Dinosaur names

There are over 1200 dinosaurs so far discovered and described by science in this list of dinosaur names. We have put them in alphabetical order to make it easier and to read. We will take a look at how a dinosaur is named and where the name came from but if you want to go to the list right away you can click on the link below.

How do Dinosaurs get there name?

The world first saw the world dinosaur in around 1841 or 1842 (no one is exactly sure of the years it was first used) and even the date has three options, July 30th, or August 2nd or 24th. However it has been been in use for about 170 years.

It was first used by Richard Owen the British Paleontologist, When he introduced the first 3 recognised dinosaurs the Megalosaurus, Iguanodon and the Hylaeosaurus to the British Association.

Dinosauria is usually said to mean Terrible lizard, and comes from both Greek (deinos) and Latin (sauruos) , but actually it was intended to mean fearfully Great in reference to their size and strength rather than any ferocious aspects they may or may have had.

What are Unofficial Dinosaurs called?

Whenever you look at a list of dinosaur names,on wikipedia, our or other site you might come across some latin words mentioned next to the name. We have the list of these and an explanation of what they mean in the list below. The information is more detailed on Wiki here.

  • Nomen nudum: means naked name. It means the dinosaur has been named and printed and published and is likely to become official, but it has not been officially classified as of yet.
  • Nomen dubium: Means dubious name and the fossil is not thought to be a separate dinosaur or can not be classified by the features present.
  • Junior synonym: Means an already classified dinosaur but the fossils are though to either a junior version of it, or a dinosaur that was previously classified as a different species and later to be found to be an existing one.
  • Nomen oblitum: Means forgotten name: A dinosaur names that has been used for 50 years.
  • Nomen manuscriptum: means manuscript name, and means the dinosaur name has been published but is not recognised by science.
  • Preoccupied name: the dinosaur has been named but then found to have been used already, so it is changed.

In the list below there are over 1270 dinosaur names, and we left out most of the categories above which account for another almost 500. With an average of 50 dinosaurs being described and classified this list of dinosaur names will surely grow

What Did They Call Dinosaurs Before 1841?

Before Richard Owen coined the term dinosauria fossils discovered would be classified as a whole range of different animals, Some were mistaken for mammal’s like Rhinos, or like elephants. They were also, in more scientific circles, known as lizards.

However, as you go further back in time then they were more often compared to dragons, which is likely where the legends came from. We have a longer article on the difference between dragons and dinosaurs here on the site as well, just follow the link.

Why Do Dinosaurs Have Two Names?

Dinosaurs are usually named by the person discovering them, and although there are rules governing the naming, (see below) there is also some creativity allowed . There is often a latin or greek meaning to their names, although in recent years with more dinosaurs being discovered around the world other languages are also being used, liek Yi Qi ( also the shortest dinosaur name) from chinese Mandarin, Khaan from Mongolian, and

A dinosaurs name is made of two parts following the international Code of zoological Nomenclature (covers all living and extinct animals and life) The first part is Capitalized however there is no rule on language.

International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature.

What is a Dinosaurs Generic Name: This is the name that the dinosaur is most commonly used by people to describe and talk about the dinosaur. For example Triceratops is actually called triceratops horridus and stegosaurus is called Stegosaurus stenops but most commonly these are known by their first names.

What is a Dinosaurs Specific name:

What is a dinosaurs binomial name: This can also be called a scientific name and is the two names together. the first name, the generic name relates to the genus the dinosaur belongs to and the second, the specific name, is the species that the dinosaur belongs to.

This is used throughout there animal kingdom, and while there might only be one Tyrannosaurus Rex species found for example, there are about 7 modern day giraffes so a way to differentiate between lifeform’s is needed.

  • Often they may describe some feature of the dinosaur like deinonychus – Terrible Claw, or a skill they thought it may have like velociraptor – Quick thief.
  • There are others that are named with a little more humor or creativity ( and you can spot some of these in the List of Dinosaur names below.) Like Dracorex hogwartsia – Dragon King of Hogwarts, or Irritator – named after black market smugglers damaged a fossil of a Brazilian spinosaurus.
  • They can also have the name of businesses, famous scientists, or personalities as well, like the Qantassaurus, or the Attenborosaurus.
  • Others like Nigersaurus, niger Lizard, or Utahraptor are named after the location they were discovered, or where it is thought the dinosaur lived all those years ago.
  • All of these ways of naming a dinosaur can be in the first or second name like Diplodocus carnegii which was named after Andrew Carnegie who donated the money for the expedition that found it.
  • All of these names must be approved by the International Commission on Zoological nomenclature. However, unless its really “out there” like Boaty McBoatface then they can get approved, for example there is a bambiraptor !

List of Dinosaur Names

There are over 1000 of these so feel free to navigate through them with the letters of the alphabet above each section.

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z

List Of Dinosaur Names and Meanings : A

There are around 153 dinosaurs beginning with A in the following list, so plenty you are unlikely to have never heard of and of course plenty of dinosaur names you will recognise like Allosaurus and Ankylosaurus. We also have a more detailed list of some facts about this list of dinosaur names starting with A on its own page.

Ankylosaurus list of dinosaur names
Dinosaur NameName MeaningDinosaur NameName Meaning
AardonyxEarth ClawAbdallahsaurusAbdullah Lizard
AbdarainurusAbdrant Nuru tailAbditosaurusForgotten lizard
AcheroraptorAbel’s lizardAbrictosauruswakeful lizard
Abrosaurusdelicate lizardAbydosaurusAbydos lizard
AcantholipanSpine of the Grey PeopleAcanthopholisSpine Scale
AchelousaurusAchelous lizardAchillesaurusUnderworld thief
AchillesaurusAchilles LizardAchillobatorAchilles hero
Acristavusnon-crested grandfatherAcrocanthosaurushigh-spined lizard
Acrotholushighest domeAdamantisaurusAdamantia lizard
AdasaurusAda lizardAdelolophusunknown crest
Adeopapposaurusfar eating lizardAdratiklitmountain lizard
AdynomosaurusWeak Shoulder LizardAegyptosaurusEgypt’s lizard
AeolosaurusAeolus’ lizardAepisaurusHigh Lizard
AepyornithomimusAepyornis mimicAerosteonAir bone
AfromimusAfrica mimicAfrovenatorAfrican hunter
Agathaumas great wonderAgilisaurusagile lizard
Agnosphitys Unknown begetterAgujaceratopsHorned face from Aguja
AgustiniaFor AugustinAhshislepeltaWash shield
AjancingeniaSynonymAjkaceratopsAjka horned Face
AjnabiaforeignerAkainacephalusthorn head
AlamosaurusOjo Alamo lizardAlaskacephaleAlaska head
AlbalophosaurusWhite Cest LizardAlbertaceratopsAlberta horned face
AlbertadromeusAlberta RunnerAlbertavenatorAlberta hunter
AlbertonykusAlberta clawAlbertosaurusAlberta lizard
AlbinykusAlbin clawAlectrosaurusAlone lizard
AletopeltaWanderer shieldAlgoasaurusAlgoa Bay reptile
Alioramusdifferent branch’Allosaurusdifferent lizard
Almaswild manAlnashetrislender thighs
AlocodonFurrow toothAltirhinushigh snout
Altispinaxwith high spinesAlvarezsaurusAlvarez’s lizard
Alwalkeriafor Alick WalkerAlxasaurusAlxa lizard
AmanziaFor AmanzAmargasaurusLa Amarga lizard
AmargatitanisAmarga giantAmazonsaurusAmazon lizard
Ambopteryx both wingAmpelosaurusvine lizard
AmphicoeliasbiconcaveAmtocephaleAmtgai head
Amtosaurus Amtgai lizardAmurosaurusAmur lizard
Amygdalodonalmond toothAnabisetiafor Ana Maria Biset
AnalongAna dragonAnasazisaurusAnasazi lizard
AnchiceratopsNear Horn FaceAnchiornisnear bird
Anchisaurusnear lizardAndesaurusAndes lizard
Angaturama SynonymAngolatitanAngolan giant
Angulomastacatorbend chewerAnhuilongAnhui dragon
AniksosaurusSpring lizardAnimantarxliving citadel
Ankylosaurusfused lizardAnodontosaurustoothless lizard
AnomalipesZhao Xijin’s unusual footAnoplosaurusunarmored or unarmed lizard
Anserimimusgoose mimicAntarctopeltaAntarctic shield
Antarctosaurussouthern lizardAntetonitrusBefore Thunder
Antrodemuschamber bodiedAnzua bird-like daemon
AoniraptorSouth thiefAorunAo Run
Apatodon Trick toothApatoraptorApatè robber
Apatosaurusdeceptive lizardAppalachiosaurusAppalachian lizard
Aquilarhinuseagle snoutAquilopsEagle Face
ArackarskeletonAragosaurusAragon lizard
AralosaurusAral Sea lizardAratasauruslizard born of fire
Archaeoceratopsancient horned faceArchaeodontosaurusancient-toothed lizard
Archaeopteryx old-wingArchaeoraptor Not real!
Archaeornithoidesshaped like an ancient birdArchaeornithomimusancient bird mimic
ArcovenatorArc hunterArctosaurus arctic lizard
ArcusaurusRainbow LizardArenysaurusAren Lizard
ArgentinosaurusArgentina LizardArgyrosaurussilver lizard
AristosuchusBravest CrocodileArkansaurusArkansas lizard
ArkharaviaArkhara roadArrhinoceratopsno nose-horn face
ArrudatitanArruda’s giantArstanosaurusArstan lizard
AsfaltovenatorCañadón Asfalto Formation hunterAsiaceratopsAsian horned face
AsiatosaurusAsian lizardAsilisaurus Ancestor Lizard
AstrodonStar toothAstrophocaudianon-twisting tail
Asylosaurussanctuary lizardAtacamatitanAtacama Desert titan
AtlantosaurusAtlas lizardAtlasaurusAtlas Lizard
AtlascopcosaurusAtlas Copco Company Lizard Atrociraptorsavage thief
AtsinganosaurusGypsy LizardAublysodonbackwards-flowing tooth
AucasaurusAuca LizardAugustynolophusnear Augustyn
Auroraceratopsdawn horned faceAurornis daybreak bird
Australodocus Southern beamAustralotitansouthern giant”
AustralovenatorSouthern hunterAustrocheirusSouthern Hand
AustroposeidonSouthern EarthquakeAustroraptorSouthern Thief
AustrosaurusSouthern lizardAvaceratopsAva horned Face
AviatyrannisGrandmother tyrantAvimimusbird mimic
Avipes bird foot”
List of 153 dinosaurs beginning with A

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List of Dinosaur Names: B

This list of dinosaurs names beginning with B is shorter but has some classic dinosaurs like brontosaurus, and the cutely named Bambiraptor which you can read more about about this list of dinosaur names starting with B on its own page.

Brachiosaurus,Altithorax,Herd,And,A,Flock,Of,Pterosaurs biggest largest
Dinosaur NameName MeaningDinosaur NameName Meaning
BaalsaurusBaal LizardBactrosaurusClub lizard
Bagaceratopssmall-horned faceBagualiawild horse
Bagualosaurusstrongly built fellow LizardBahariasaurusBahariya lizard
Bainoceratopsmountain horned faceBajadasaurusdownhill lizard
Balaur bondocStocky DragonBambiraptorBambi thief
Banji LongStriped crest DragonBannykushalf claw
Baotianmansaurus‬Baotianman lizardBarapasaurusbig-legged lizard
Bariliumheavy IliumBarosaurusHeavy Lizard
BarrosasaurusBarrosa LizardBarsboldiaof Barsbold
Baryonyxheavy clawBashanosaurusBashan lizard
BatyrosaurusBatyr LizardBaurutitanBauru Giant
BayannurosaurusBayannur LizardBeg Beg – tse
Beibeilongbaby dragonBeipiaosaurusBeipiao lizard
BeishanlongNorth Mountains DragonBellusaurusBeautiful lizard
BerberosaurusBerber lizardBerthasauraBertha’s lizard
BetasuchusB crocodileBicentenariatwo hundred year anniversary”
BienosaurusBien’s lizardBissektipeltaBissekty shield
BistahieversorBistahi destroyerBisticeratopsBisti horned face
Blasisaurus Blasi LizardBlikanasaurusBlikana Lizard
BolongBo’s dragonBonapartenykusBonaparte’s claw
BonapartesaurusBonaparte’s lizardBonatitanBonaparte’s Giant
BonitasauraLa Bonita LizardBorealopeltaNorthern shield
BorealosaurusNorthern LizardBoreonykusnorthern claw
Borogoviafor borogovesBothriospondylusexcavated vertebra
Brachiosaurusarm lizardBrachyceratopsshort horned face
Brachylophosaurusshort-crested lizardBrachypodosaurusshort-footed lizard
Brachytrachelopanshort-necked PanBradycnemeponderous leg
BrasilotitanBrazil giantBravasaurusBrava lizard
Bravoceratopswild horn-faceBreviceratopsshort horned face
BrighstoneusBrighstoneBrohisaurusBrohi lizard
Brontomerusthunder thighsBrontosaurusthunder lizard
Bruhathkayosaurushuge bodied lizardBuitreraptorLa Buitrera thief
BurianosaurusBurian LizardBuriolestesBurio Robber
ByronosaurusByron Lizard
List of 67 Dinosaurs beginning with B

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List of Dinosaur Names: C

There are 88 dinosaurs beginning with C in the following list, Including Carnotaurus, and Centrosaurus. You can check out list of some facts about this list of dinosaur names starting with C on its own page.

Dinosaur NameName MeaningDinosaur NameName Meaning
Caenagnathasia Recent jaw from AsiaCaenagnathus recent jaw
CaihongrainbowCalamosaurusreed lizard
Calamospondylus quill vertebraeCallovosaurusCallovian lizard
Camarasauruschambered lizardCamarillasaurusCamarillas lizard
CamelotiaFrom CamelotCamposaurus Camp’s lizard
Camptosaurusflexible lizardCampylodoniscusbent tooth
Canardiafor ducksCarcharodontosaurusSharp tooth Teeth
Cardiodonheart toothCarnotaurusflesh bull
CaseosaurusCase’s lizardCathartesauraVulture Lizard
Camarasaurusperpendicular lizardCaudipteryxtail feather
CedarosaurusCedar lizardCedarpeltaCedar Shield
Cedrorestes Cedar mountainCentrosauruspointed lizard
Cerasinopscherry faceCeratonykushorned claw
Ceratopshorn faceCeratosaurushorn lizard
Ceratosuchopshorned crocodile faceCetiosauriscusCetiosaurus-like
Cetiosauruswhale lizardChangchunsaurusChangchun lizard
Changmianiaeternal sleepChangyuraptorLong feather Hunter
ChaoyangsaurusChaoyang lizardCharonosaurusCharon’s lizard
Chasmosaurusopening lizardChebsaurusyoung man Lizard
ChenanisaurusChennane LizardChialingosaurus Chialing Lizard
ChiayusaurusChia-yu-kuan lizardChienkosaurus Szechuan lizard (now)
ChilantaisaurusJilantai lizardChilesaurus Chile Lizard
Chindesaurus ghost LizardChingkankousaurusdiamond port Lizard
Chirostenotesnarrow-handedChoconsaurusChocon lizard
Chondrosteosauruscartilage and bone lizardChoyrodonChoir tooth
Chromogisaurus Earth color DinosaurChuandongocoelurusChuan Dong Hollow tail
ChuanjiesaurusChuanjie LizardChuanqilong legendary dragon
ChubutisaurusChubut lizardChungkingosaurus,Chongqing Lizard
ChuxiongosaurusChuxiong lizardCionodoncolumn tooth
Citipatifuneral pyre lordCitipesfleet-footed
Claorhynchusbroken beakClaosaurus broken lizard
Clasmodosaurusfragmentary tooth reptile”CoahuilaceratopsCoahuila horn face
Coelophysis hollow formCoeluroideshollow form
Coelurushollow tailColepiocephaleknucklehead
ColoradisaurusLos Colorados lizardComahuesaurusComahue lizard
Compsosuchuselegant crocodileConcavenator Cuenca hunter with a hump
Conchoraptor Conch plundererCondorraptorCondo robber
Convolosaurus flocking lizardCoronosaurus crowned lizard
Corythoraptorhelmeted thiefCorythosaurushelmeted lizard’
Craspedodonedge toothCraterosaurusbowl reptile
CrichtonpeltaCrichton ShieldCrichtonsaurusCrichton’s lizard
Cristatusauruscrested reptileCrittendenceratopsCrittenden Horned face
Cruxicheiroscross handCryolophosaurusCold Crest Lizard
Cryptosaurushidden lizardCumnoria For Cumonria
List of 88 dinosaur names with C

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List of Dinosaur Names: D

These 58 dinosaurs include some of the most fearsome dinosaurs like Dilophosaurus and some of the largest like Dreadnoughtus, . You can check out list of some facts about this list of dinosaur names starting with D on its own page.

Dinosaur NameName MeaningDinosaur NameName Meaning
DaanosaurusDa’an lizardDacentrurustail full of points
DaemonosaurusDemon LizardDahalokely Small thief
Dakotadon Dakota toothDakotaraptorDakota Thief
DaliansaurusDalian LizardDandakosaurusDandakaranya lizard
Dashanpusaurus Dashanpu lizardDaspletosaurusfrightful lizard
Datanglong Datang DragonDatonglongDatong Dragon
Datousauruschieftain lizardDaxiatitanDaxia giant
Deinocheirushorrible handDeinonychusTerrible claw
Deltadromeusdelta runnerDemandasaurus Demanda lizard
DenversaurusDenver lizardDiabloceratopsdevil-horned face
DiamantinasaurusDiamantina LizardDiclonius double sprout
Dicraeosaurusdouble-headedDilong emperor dragon
Dilophosaurustwo-crested lizardDiluvicursor flood runner
DineobellatorDiné warriorDinodocusterrible beam
Diplodocus Double beamDiplotomodondouble cutting tooth
Dolichosuchuslong crocodileDongbeititanDongbei giant
DongyangopeltaDongyang shieldDongyangosaurus Dongyang Lizard
Draconyxdragon clawDracopeltadragon shield
Dracoraptordragon thiefDracorexDragon King
DracovenatorDragon hunterDreadnoughtusFears nothing
Dromaeosauroideslike DromaeosaurDromaeosaurus running lizard
Dromiceiomimus emu mimicDrusilasaura For drusila
Dryosaurustree lizardDryptosauroidesimilar to Dryptosaurus
Dryptosaurustearing lizardDubreuillosaurusDubreuil Lizard
Duriatitan Duria GiantDuriavenator Duria hunter
Dynamoterrorpowerful terrorDyoplosaurusdouble-armoured lizard
Dysalotosaurusuncatchable lizardDysganusbad tooth
Dyslocosaurus hard to place lizardDystrophaeusBad joint
DzharaonyxDzharakuduk clawDzharatitanis Dzharakuduk titan
58 List of dinosaur names

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List of Dinosaur Names: E

49 dinosaurs in this list of dinosaur names, With Eo meaning Early or Dawn in Greek, there are a lot of early dinosaurs on this list of dinosaur names. You can check out list of some facts about this list of dinosaur names starting with E on its own page.

Eosinopteryx  list of dinosaur names
Dinosaur NameName MeaningDinosaur NameName Meaning
Echinodonhedgehog toothEdmontoniafrom Edmonton
EdmontosaurusEdmonton LizardEfraasiafor E.Fraas
Einiosaurusbuffalo lizardEkrixinatosaurusexplosion born reptile
ElaltitanElal GiantElaphrosaurus light-footed Lizard
ElemgasemTehuelche deityElmisaurusfoot sole lizard
ElopteryxMarsh WingElrhazosaurusElrhaz lizard
EmausaurusErnst Moritz Arndt University of Greifswald LizardEmbasaurusEmba lizard
EnigmosaurusEnigma lizardEoabelisaurusDawn abelisaurus
Eocarchariadawn sharkEocursordawn runner
Eodromaeusdawn runnerEolambiadawn lambeosaurine
Eomamenchisaurusdawn MamenchisaurusEoraptorDawn Thief
Eosinopteryx Dawn FeatherEotrachodondawn Trachodon
Eotriceratopsdawn three-horned faceEotyrannusdawn tyrant
Eousdryosauruseastern DryosaurusEpachthosaurusheavy lizard
Epanterias buttressedEpichirostenotesabove Chirostenotes
Epidexipteryx Hu Yaoming’s dragon (Ch)Equijubushorse mane
ErectopusUpright footErketuErketü Tengri
ErliansaurusErlian lizardErlikosaurusErlik’s lizard
ErythrovenatorRed hunterEshanosaurusEshan Lizard
Eucercosaurusgood-tailed lizardEucnemesaurusgood tibia lizard
EuhelopusTrue marsh-footEuoplocephalus solid head
EuronychodonEuropean claw toothEuropasaurus Europe Lizard
EuropatitanEuropean giantEuropelta Europe’s shield
Euskelosaurusgood leg lizardEustreptospondylustrue Streptospondylus
49 list of Dinosaur names and meanings – E

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List of Dinosaur Names: F

There are only a few dinosaurs beginning with the letter F in this list of dinosaur names with quite a very of the Japanese dinosaurs found here. You can check out list of some facts about this list of dinosaur names starting with F on its own page.

Fruitadens List of dinosaur names
Dinosaur NameName MeaningDinosaur NameName Meaning
FabrosaurusFabre’s lizardFalcariussickle cutter
FerganasaurusFergana Valley lizardFerganocephaleFergana head
FerrisaurusIron LizardForaminacephaleforamina head
FosterovenatorFoster’s hunterFostoria for foster
FruitadensFruita teethFukuiraptorFukui thief
FukuisaurusFukui lizardFukuititanFukui giant
FukuivenatorFukui hunterFulengiafor Fuleng
FulgurotheriumLightning beastFushanosaurusFushan lizard
FusuisaurusFusui lizardFutalognkosaurusgiant chief lizard
list of 19 Dinosaur names beginning with F

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List of Dinosaur Names: G

Giganotosaurus and Gallimimus are in this list of dinosaur names, from giants to speedy runners. You can take a look at some facts about this list of dinosaur names starting with G on its own page.

Jurassic world dominion giganotosaurus
Dinosaur NameName MeaningDinosaur NameName Meaning
Galeamopus want helmetGalleonosaurusgalleon lizard
Gallimimuschicken mimicGalvesaurusGalve lizard
GannansaurusGannan lizardGanzhousaurus Ganzhou lizard
Gargoyleosaurusgargoyle lizardGarrigatitan garrigue giant
GarudimimusGaruda mimicGasosaurusGasoline Lizard
GasparinisauraGasparini’s lizardGastoniaFor Gaston
Geminiraptortwin thiefGenusaurus knee lizard
Genyodectesjaw biteGeranosauruscrane reptile
GideonmantelliaFor Gideon mantelGiganotosaurusgiant southern lizard
Gigantoraptorgiant thiefGigantosaurusGiant lizard
Gigantspinosaurusgiant-spined lizard’Gilmoreosaurus Gilmore’s lizard
GiraffatitanGiant GiraffeGlacialisaurus Frozen Lizard
Glishades concealed in mudGlyptodontopelta Glyptodon shield
GnathovoraxVoracious eating JawGobihadrosGobi Hadrosaur
GobiraptorGobi thiefGobisaurusgobi Lizard
Gobititan Gobi GiantGobivenatorGobi hunter
GojirasaurusGodzilla lizardGondwanatitanGondwana Giant
Gongbusaurus Gongbu LizardGongpoquansaurusGongpoquan reptile
Gongxianosaurus Gongxian LizardGorgosaurusdreadful lizard
Goyocephale decorated headGraciliceratopsslender horn face
Graciliraptor graceful thiefGravitholusheavy dome
Gryphoceratopsgriffin horned faceGryponyx hooked-claw
Gryposaurus hooked-nosed lizardGuaibasaurusGuaiba Lizard
GualichogualichuGuanlongcrown dragon
Guemesiafor Guemes
list of 47 dinosaur Names and meanings – G

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List of Dinosaur Names: H

49 Dinosaur Names in this section. You can check out list of some facts about this list of dinosaur names starting with H on its own page.

Dinosaur NameName MeaningDinosaur NameName Meaning
Hadrosaurusbulky lizardHaestasaurus Haesta Lizard
HagryphusHa’s griffinHalszkaraptorHalszka’s seizer
HalticosaurusGood at jumping LiardHamititanHami giant
Hanssuesiafor HanssuesiaHaplocanthosaurussimple spined lizard
Haplocheirussimple-handed skillful oneHarpymimusHarpy Mimic
Haya grivaHayagrivaHeishansaurusHeishan lizard
Helioceratops Sun horn faceHeptasteornisSeven City Bird
HerrerasaurusHerrera LizardHesperonychuswestern claw
Hesperornithoideswestern bird formHesperosauruswestern lizard
Hexing craneHexinlusaurusHexinlu Lizard
Heyuanniafor heyuanHierosaurus sacred lizard
Hippodracohorse dragonHistriasaurusIstria lizard
Homalocephaleeven headHoplitosaurus Hoplite lizard
HorshamosaurusHorsham LizardHuabeisaurusHuabei Lizard
Hualianceratops ornamental faceHuallasaurusduck lizard
HuanansaurusHuanan LizardHuanghetitanYellow River titan
Huangshanlong Huangshan dragonHuaxiagnathusChina Jaw
HuayangosaurusHuayang LizardHudiesaurusbutterfly lizard
Huehuecanauhtlusancient duckHuinculsaurus Huincul  lizard
HulsanpesKhulsan footHungarosaurusHungary lizard
Hylaeosaurusbelonging to the forest lizardHypacrosaurusNear high lizard
Hypselosaurus highest lizardHypselospinusHigh Spine
Hypsibemahigh stepHypsilophodonHypsilophus-tooth
Hypsirhophushigh roof
list of dinosaur names (49) – H

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List of Dinosaur Names: I

Iguanodon was one of the famous dinosaurs in this section, and the irritator ( worth checking that one out for the story behind the name) . There are more details about this list of dinosaur names starting with I on its own page.

Dinosaur Facts Iguanodon Facts
Dinosaur NameName MeaningDinosaur NameName Meaning
IberospinusIberian spineIbiraniaIbirá wanderer
Ichthyovenator fish hunterIgnavusauruscoward lizard
Ignotosaurusunknown lizardIguanacolossusIguana Colossus
IguanodonIguana toothIliosuchus crocodile hipped
Ilokelesia for IlokelesImperobator powerful warrior
Incisivosaurusincisor lizardIndosaurus Indian lizard
IndosuchusIndian crocodileIngentiafirst huge one
InosaurusIn Tedreft lizardInvictarxunconquerable fortress
Irisosaurusiridescent lizardIrritatorirritating
IsaberrysauraFor Isa berryIsanosaurus North-eastern thailand lizard
IsasicursorIsasi’s runnerIschioceratopsischium-horned face
IsisaurusIndian Statistical Institute lizardIssicold
ItapeuasaurusItapeua lizardItemiruspart of the brain
Iuticosaurus Jute lizardIyukuhatchling
28 Dinosaurs with I

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List of Dinosaur Names: J

We have the 24 Dinosaurs with J. There is more information about all these dinosaurs on the dinosaur names starting with J page.

Dinosaur NameName MeaningDinosaur NameName Meaning
JainosaurusJain LizardJakapil shield bearer
Jaklapallisaurus Jaklapalli LizardJanenschia for Janensch
JaxartosaurusJaxartes lizardJeholosaurusJehol Lizard
Jeyawati grinding mouthJianchangosaurusJianchang Lizard
Jangjunosaurus Jiangjun LizardJiangshanosaurusJiangshan Lizard
JiangxisaurusJiangxi LizardJianianhualong Jianianhua dragon
Jinbeisaurus Northern Shanxi  lizardJinfengopteryxgolden phoenix feather
JingshanosaurusJingshan lizardJintasaurusJinta dragon
JinyunpeltaJinyun shieldJinzhousaurus Jinzho Lizard 
JiutaisaurusJiutai lizardJobaria For jobar
JubbulpuriaJubbulpore oneJudiceratopsJudi horned face
JuratyrantJurassic tyrantJuravenatorJura Hunter
24 dinosaurs J

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List of Dinosaur Names: K

Kosmoceratops and Khaan you can find below, and more information on all the ‘K’ dinosaurs on the dinosaur names starting with K page.

Kosmoceratops which dinosaur had spikes on its head
Dinosaur NameName MeaningDinosaur NameName Meaning
KaatedocusSmall BeamKaijiangosaurus Kaijiang lizard
KaijutitanKaiju titanKakuru Kakuru (rainbow snake)
Kamuysaurus Deity lizardKangnasaurusKangnas lizard
Kansaignathus Kansai jawKarongasaurus Karonga Lizard 
Katepensaurus Hole lizardKayentavenator Kayenta Hunter
KazaklambiaKazakh lambeosaurineKelmayisaurusKaramay lizard
Kelumapusaurared earth lizardKentrosaurusprickle lizard
Kerberosaurus Kerberos lizardKhaan lord/ruler
Kholumolumo type of dragonKhulsanuruskhulsan tail
Kileskus LizardKinnareemimusKinnaree mimic
KlamelisaurusKelameili lizardKol ghuvafoot (beautiful)
Koparionsmall surgical knifeKoreaceratopsKorean horned face
KoreanosaurusKorean LizardKoshisaurusKoshi Lizard
KosmoceratopsOrnamented Horn faceKotasaurusKota Lizard
KritosaurusSeparated LizardKryptopscovered face
KulceratopsLake Horned faceKulindadromeus Kulinda Runner
KunbarrasaurusShield lizardKundurosaurus Kundur Lizard
Kuru kullaTibetan DeityKurupigod of fertility
Kuszholia Milky Way bird
List of dinosaur names – (K) 37

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List of Dinosaur Names: L

The L list of dinosaurs is below with more information on the dinosaur names starting with L page.

Dinosaur NameName MeaningDinosaur NameName Meaning
Labocania For Red Estuary Laevisuchuslight crocodile
LaiyangosaurusLaiyang lizardLajasvenatorLas Lajas hunter
LambeosaurusLambe’s lizardLametasaurus Lameta lizard
Lamplughsaura For LamplughLanzhousaurusLanzhou lizard
Laosaurusstone lizardLapampasaurus Lapampa Lizard 
Laplatasaurus La Plata lizardLapparentosaurus Lapparent Lizard 
LaquintasauraLaquinta LizardLatirhinusbroad nose
Latenivenatrixhiding huntressLavocatisaurusLavocat’s lizard
LeaellynasauraLeaellyn’s lizardLedumahadigiant thunderclap
Leinkupal Vanishing familyLeonerasaurusLeoneras lizard
Lepidus fascinatingLeptoceratopsThin-horned face
Leptorhynchosthin beakLeshansaurusLeshan Lizard
LesothosaurusLesotho LizardLessemsaurusLessem lizard
Levnesoviafor LevnesovLexovisaurusLexovii Lizard
LeyesaurusLeyes LizardLiaoceratops,Liaoning horned face
Liaoningosaurus Liaoning LizardLiaoningotitanLiaoning giant
LiaoningvenatorLiaoning hunterLigabueinoLigabue little one
LigabuesaurusLigabue LizardLiliensternusfor Lilienstern
LimaysaurusLimay lizardLimusaurusMud Lizard
Lingwulong Ling Wu DragonLingyuanosaurusLingyuan lizard
LinhenykusLinhe ClawLinhevenator Linhe Hunter
Lirainosaurusslender lizardLiubangosaurusLiubang lizard
Llukalkanone who causes fearLohuecotitan Lohuec Giant
LoncosaurusChief / lance lzardLophorhothonCrested nose
LophostropheusCrest VertebraeLoricatosaurusarmored lizard
Loricosaurusarmour lizardLosillasaurus Losilla lizard
LourinhanosaurusLourinhã lizardLourinhasaurusLourinhã lizard
LuanchuanraptorLuanchuan thiefLucianovenator Luciano hunter 
LufengosaurusLufeng lizardLuoyanggiafrom/for Luoyang
Lurdusaurusheavy LizardLusitanosaurusPortuguese lizard
Lusotitanportuguese giantLusovenatorPortuguese hunte
Lycorhinus wool lizard?Lythronaxgore king
List of Dinosaur Names (L) – 64

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List of Dinosaur Names: M

The good mother lizard, and the tiny Microraptor are in the list of dinosaur names below. and we have further information on these on their own page of dinosaur names starting with M.

maiasaura friendly dinosaur
Shvoeva Elena /
Dinosaur NameName MeaningDinosaur NameName Meaning
Machairasaurus Short Scimitar LizardMachairoceratopsbent sword horned face
Macrocollum Long NeckMacrogryphosaurusbig enigmatic lizard
Macrurosauruslarge-tailed lizardMagnamanusLarge hand
Magnapaulia For large paulMagnosauruslarge lizard
MagyarosaurusMagyar lizardMahakala Mahakala (Deity)  
Mahuidacursormountain runnerMaiasaura good mother lizard
Maipthe shadow of deathMajungasaurus Mahajanga lizard
MalarguesaurusMalargue lizardMalawisaurus Malawi lizard”
Maleevusfor MaleevMamenchisaurusHorse gate brook lizard
MandschurosaurusManchuria LizardManidensHand Tooth
MansourasaurusMansoura lizardMapusaurusEarth lizard
Maraapunisaurushuge reptileMarmarospondylusMarble Vertebra
MarshosaurusMarsh LizardMartharaptorMartha Lizard
Masiakasaurus vicious lizardMassospondylusLonger vertebra
Matheronodon Matheron toothMaxakalisaurusMaxakali Lizard
Mbiresaurus Mbire reptileMedusaceratopsMedusa Horned Face
MicrovenatorSmall hunterMegalosaurusgreat lizard
MegapnosaurusBig dead lizardMegaraptorLarge Thief
Mei LongSleeping DragonMelanorosaurus Black Mountain Lizard
Mendozasaurus Mendoza LizardMenefeeceratopsMenefee horned face
Menucocelsiorthe taller one from Salitral Ojo del AguaMeraxesdragon (from A song of Ice and fire)
MercuriceratopsMercury Horned FaceMeroktenosthigh Beast
Metriacanthosaurus Moderatly Spined LizardMicroceratusSmall horned
MicrocoelusSmall HollowMicrohadrosaurussmall sturdy lizard
Micropachycephalosaurus small thick-headed lizardMicroraptor Small Thief
MicrovenatorSmall hunterMierasaurus Mierra Lizard
Minmi Lilly (will o’ the wisp)MinotaurasaurusMonos bull Lizard
MiragaiaFor MiragaiaMirischia Wondeful hip
Mnyamawamtukbeast of the Mtuka river drainageMoabosaurus Moab lizard
Mochlodon Bar toothMongolosaurus Mongolia Lizard
Mongolostegus Mongolia RoofMonkonosaurusMonkon lizard
Monocloniussingle sproutMonolophosaurussingle-crested lizard
MononykusOne ClawMontanoceratopsMontana hored Face
Morelladon Morella ToothMorinosaurusMorini Lizard
Moros intrepidusIntrepid harbinger of doomMorrosaurus Morro Lizard
Mosaiceratops Mosaic horned faceMurusraptor wall thief
MussaurusMouse LizardMuttaburrasaurusMuttaburra Lizard
MuyelensaurusMuyelen lizardMymoorapeltaMyMoors Shield
List of Dinosaurs (76 -M)

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List of Dinosaur Names: N

For a Big Nose Horned Face you can check out the Nasutoceratops in the list below of on its own page. dinosaur names starting with N

Nasutoceratops jurassic world dominion. The dinsaour people eat in Jurassic world dominion?
Dinosaur NameName MeaningDinosaur NameName Meaning
Naashoibitosauruscreek lizardNambaliafor Nambal
NankangiaFor NangkangNanningosaurusNanning lizard
Nanosaurussmall or dwarf lizard”NanshiungosaurusNanxiong’s lizard
Nanuqsauruspolar bear lizardNanyangosaurusNanyang Lizard
Napaisaurus Napai LizardNarambuenatitan Narambuena giant 
NarindasaurusNarinda LizardNasutoceratops large nose horned face
NavajoceratopsNavajo horned faceNebulasaurus misty cloud lizard
Nedcolbertia for Ned ColbertNedoceratops insufficient horned face”
NeimongosaurusNei Mongol lizardNemegtomaia Nemegt Good Mother
NemegtonykusNemegt clawNemegtosaurus Nemegt Lizard
NeosodonNew ToothNeovenatorNew Hunter
NeuquenraptorNeuquén thiefNeuquensaurus Neuquén lizard
Nevadadromeus Nevada runnerNgwevu grey skull
Nhandumirim small rheaNieblaold mist
Nigersaurus Niger LizardNingyuansaurusNingyuan Lizard
NinjatitanNinja giantNipponosaurusJapanese lizard
NoasaurusNorthwestern Argentina lizardNodocephalosaurus knob headed lizard
Nodosaurusknobbed lizardNomingia for noming
NopcsaspondylusNopcsa’s vertebraNormanniasaurusNormannia lizard
Notatesseraeraptorfeature mosaic tile thiefNothronychus slothful claw
Notoceratopssouthern horned faceNotocolossusSouth Wind Giant Statue
Notohypsilophodonsouthern HypsilophodonNqwebasaurusNqweba Lizard
Nullotitan Nullo’s giantNuthetesa monitor
List of dinosaur names 46 – N

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List of Dinosaur Names: O

The unfortunately named Oviraptor is below, as is the Ozraptor a dinosaur from Australia. You can also take a look at the dinosaur names starting with O on its own page.

oviraptor jurassic world dominion dinosaur
Dinosaur NameName MeaningDinosaur NameName Meaning
Oceanotitanocean giantOhmdenosaurusOhmden lizard
Ojoraptorsaurus Ojo thief LizardOksoko Öksökö
Oligosaurus Few LizardOlorotitantitanic swan
Omeisaurus Omei lizardOndogurvel egg lizard
Oohkotokia child of stoneOpisthocoelicaudiaposterior cavity tail
Oplosaurusweapon lizardOrkoraptor Toothed River thief
Ornatopsornate faceOrnithodesmusbird link
Ornitholestesbird robberOrnithomerus Bird Shin
Ornithomimoidesbird mimic-likeOrnithomimus Bird Mimic
Ornithopsisbird-likenessOrodromeusMountain Runner
Orosaurusmountain lizardOrthogoniosaurusstraight angled lizard
Orthomerusstraight femurOryctodromeusdigging runner
Osmakasauruscanyon lizardOstafrikasaurus East Africa Lizard
Ostromia For OstromOuranosaurus Brave Lizard
Overoraptorpiebald thiefOverosaurusOvero lizard
Oviraptoregg thiefOwenodonOwen’s tooth
OxalaiaFor OxalaOzraptorAustralian thief
34 list of Dinosaur names O

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List of Dinosaur Names: P

You can check out list of some facts about this list of dinosaur names starting with P on its own page.

Pachycephalosaurus dinosaur with spikes on its head
Dinosaur NameName MeaningDinosaur NameName Meaning
Pachycephalosaurus thick-headed lizardPachyrhinosaurusThick nose Lizard
PachysuchusThick CrocodilePadillasaurus Padilla Lizard
Palaeopteryxancient wingPalaeoscincusancient skink
Paludititan Marsh GiantPampadromaeusPlain runner
PamparaptorPampas ThiefPanamericansaurusPan American Lizard
PandoravenatorPandora hunterPanguraptorPangura Thief
Panoplosaurus well-armoured lizardPanphagiaEats All
PantydracoPanty DragonPapiliovenator butterfly hunter
Paralitherizinosaurus Tidal Scythe LizardParalititan Tidal Giant
ParanthodonNear AnthodonPararhabdodonnear fluted tooth
Parasaurolophusnear crested lizardParaxenisaurusstrange lizard
PareisactusintruderParksosaurus Parks lizard
Paronychodon beside claw toothParvicursor small runner
PatagonykusPatagonian clawPatagosaurus Patagonia lizard
Patagotitan Patagonia GiantPawpawsaurusPawpaw Lizard
Pectinodon Comb toothPedopennafoot feather
Pegomastax Strong JawPeishansaurusNorthern Mountain Lizard
Pelecanimimuspelican mimicPellegrinisaurusPellegrini Lizard
Peloroplitesmonstrous heavy onePelorosaurus monstrous lizard
PendraigChief DragonPenelopognathuswild duck jaw
Pentaceratopsfive-horned facePerijasaurusPerija lizard
PetrobrasaurusPetrobra LizardPhaedrolosaurus Elated Lizard
Philovenatorlove hunterPhuwiangosaurusPhu Wiang lizard
Phuwiangvenator Phu wiang hunterPhyllodon leaf tooth
PiatnitzkysaurusPiatnitzky’s lizardPicrodonBitter Tooth
Pilmatueiafor PilmatuePinacosaurusPlank lizard
PisanosaurusPisano’s lizardPitekunsaurusto Discover lizard
PiveteausaurusPiveteau’s lizardPlanicoxaFlat Hip
Plateosauravusgrandfather of PlateosaurusPlateosaurusBroad Lizard
Platypeltabroad ShieldPlesiohadros near to hadrosaur
Pneumatoraptorair thiefPodokesaurusswift-footed lizard
Poekilopleuronvaried ribsPolacanthoidesPolacanthus like
PolacanthusMany thornsPolyodontosaurusmany-toothed lizard
Polyonaxmaster over manyPortellsaurusPortell Lizard
Powellvenator Powell’s hunterPradhaniafor Pradhan
Prenocephale sloping headPrenoceratopsslope horned face
Priconodonsaw cone toothPriodontognathussaw tooth jaw”
Proa prowProbactrosaurusbefore Bactrosaurus
Probrachylophosaurusbefore brachylophosaurusProceratosaurusbefore ceratosaurus
Procompsognathusbefore compsognathusProdeinodon before Deinodon”
Propanoplosaurusbefore panoplosaurusProsaurolophusbefore saurolophus
Protarchaeopteryx before archaeopteryxProtoceratopsbefore / First horned face
Protognathosaurus early jaw lizardProtohadrosfirst hadrosaur
Psittacosaurusparrot lizardPteropelyxwinged pelvis
Pterospondylus winged vertebraPuertasaurusPuerta Lizard
PukyongosaurusPukyong lizardPulanesaurarain Maker Lizard
Punatitan Puna GiantPycnonemosaurusdense forest lizard
PyroraptorFire Thief
List of Dinosaur Names -95 – P

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List of Dinosaur Names: Q

You can check out list of some facts about this list of dinosaur names starting with Q on its own page.

Dinosaur NameName MeaningDinosaur NameName Meaning
QantassaurusQantas LizardQianzhousaurusQianzhou lizard
Qiaowanlong Qiaowan dragonQijianglong Qijiang Dragon 
QingxiusaurusQingxiu lizardQinlingosaurusQinling Lizard
Qiupalong Qiupa DragonQiupanykus Qiupa claw
Quaesitosaurusextraordinary lizardQuetecsaurusfire lizard
Quilmesaurus Quilme Lizard
List of 11 Dinosaur Names with Q

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List of Dinosaur Names: R

You can check out list of some facts about this list of dinosaur names starting with R on its own page.

Dinosaur NameName MeaningDinosaur NameName Meaning
Rahiolisaurus menace birdRajasaurus princely lizard
RapatorviolatorRapetosaurusRapeto lizard
RaptorexKing ThiefRatchasimasaurusRatchasima lizard
RativatesRaft seerRayososaurusRayoso Lizard
RebbachisaurusRebbach lizardRegaliceratopsRoyal horned face
RegnosaurusSussex lizardRhabdodonfluted tooth
RhinorexNose KingRhoetosaurusRhoeto Lizard
Rhomaleopakhusstrong forearmRiabininohadros Riabinin’s hadrosaur
Richardoestesia for richardo EstesRincheniafor Rinchen
RinconsaurusRincon LizardRiojasaurus Rioja lizard
Riparovenator riverbank hunterRocasaurus General Roca lizard
RuehleiaFor RuhleRugocaudia Wrinkle Tail
Rugopswrinkle faceRukwatitanRukwa Giant
RuyangosaurusRuyang County lizard
list of dinosaur names 25-R

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List of Dinosaur Names: S

You can check out list of some facts about this list of dinosaur names starting with S on its own page.

Can Stegosaurus Change Colors
Dinosaur NameName MeaningDinosaur NameName Meaning
SacisaurusSaci LizardSahaliyaniaFrom black
Saichaniabeautiful oneSaltasaurusSalta Lizard
Saltopus Hopping footSaltriovenatorSaltrio hunter
SanjuansaurusSan Juan  lizardSanpasaurusSanpa lizard
Santanaraptor Santana Formation thiefSanxiasaurusSanxia lizard
SarahsaurusSarah lizardSarcolestesflesh robber
Sarcosaurusflesh lizardSarmientosaurus Sarmiento Lizard 
Saturnalia For CarnivalSaurolophus Lizard crest
SauroniopsSauron’s EyeSauropeltaLizard shield
SaurophaganaxLord of lizard-eatersSauroplites Saurian hoplite
SauroposeidonLizard Earthquake GodSaurornithoidesLizard bird form
Saurornitholesteslizard-bird thiefSavannasaurusSavanna Lizard
Scansoriopteryxclimbing wingScelidosaurus Limb lizard
SchleitheimiaFrom SchleitheimScipionyxScipio’s claw
SciurumimusSquirrel-mimicScolosauruspointed stake lizard
Scutellosauruslittle-shielded lizardSecernosaurus severed lizard
SefapanosaurusCross LizardSegisaurusSegi canyon lizard
SegnosaurusSlow LizardSeitaadSeitaad Monster
Sektensaurusisland lizardSerendipaceratopsserendipitous horned face
SerikornisGe Sun’s silk birdShamosaurussand desert Lizard
ShanagShanag formationsShantungosaurus Shandong Lizard
ShanxiaFrom Shanxi ShanyangosaurusShanyang lizard
Shaochilongshark toothed dragonShenzhousaurusShenzhou lizard
Shidaisaurus Golden Age LizardShingopana wide neck
ShishugounykusShishugou clawShixinggiaFrom Shixing
Shri Devibuddhist deityShuangbaisaurus Shuangbai Lizard
ShuangmiaosaurusShuangmiao LizardShunosaurusshu lizard
Shuvuuia Desert BirdSiamodonThailand tooth
SiamosaurusSiam LizardSiamotyrannus Siamese tyrant
SiamraptorSiam ThiefSiatsMan Eating monster
SibirotitanSiberian titanSierraceratopsSierra horned face
SigilmassasaurusSijilmassa lizardSilesaurusSilesia Lizard
SiluosaurusSilk Road LizardSilutitanSilk Road giant
Silvisaurus,Woodland LizardSimilicaudipteryx“similar to Caudipteryx
SinankylosaurusChinese fused lizardSinocalliopteryx Chinese beautiful feather
SinocephaleChinese headSinoceratops Chinese horned face
SinocoelurusChinese hollow tailSinornithoidesChinese bird form
SinornithomimusChinese Bird MimicSinornithosaurusChinese bird lizard
SinosauropteryxChinese Lizard WingSinosaurusChinese lizard
SinotyrannusChinese tyrantSinovenator Chinese hunter
SinraptorChinese ThiefSinusonasus Wave Nose
SirindhornaFor SirindhornSkorpiovenator scorpion hunter
Smitanosaurussmith lizardSonidosaurusSonid lizard
Sonorasaurus Sonora Lizard SoriatitanSoria Giant
SoumyasaurusSoumya LizardSpectrovenatorghost hunter
SphaerotholusBall DomeSpiclypeusspike shield
Spicomellus collar of spikesSpinophorosaurusspine-bearing lizard
SpinopsSpine FaceSpinosaurus Spine Lizard
SpinostropheusSpine vertebraStaurikosaurusSouthern Cross lizard
StegocerasHorn RoofStegopeltaRoof Shield
StegosauridesStegosaurus-shapedStegosaurusRoof Lizard
Stegouros roofed tailStellasaurusstar lizard
Stenonychosaurusnarrow claw lizardStenopelixnarrow pelvis
Stephanosauruscrown lizardStokesosaurusStokes’ lizard
Streptospondylusreversed vertebraStruthiomimusostrich mimic
StruthiosaurusOstrich lizardStygimolochdemon from river of Styx
Styracosaurusspiked lizardSuchomimuscrocodile mimic
Suchosauruscrocodile lizardSupersaurussuper lizard
Suskityrannuscoyote tyrantSuuwasseaFirst thunder heard in spring
SuzhousaurusSuzhou lizardSyngonosaurusSyngon Lizard
SzechuanosaurusSzechuan lizard
List of Dinosaur Names – 123 – S

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List of Dinosaur Names: T

You can check out list of some facts about this list of dinosaur names starting with T on its own page.

Tyrannosaurus T-rex ,scary dinosaur
Dinosaur NameName MeaningDinosaur NameName Meaning
TachiraptorTachira ThiefTalarurusbasket tail
TalenkauenSmall SkullTalos Talon
TamarroMythical CreatureTambatitanisTamba giant
TangvayosaurusTang Vay lizardTaniusof Tan
Tanycolagreus long limbTanystrosuchuslong crocodile
Taohelong Tao River DragonTapuiasaurusTapuia lizard
TarascosaurusTarasque lizardTarbosaurusalarming lizard
Tarchiabrainy oneTastavinsaurusTastavins Lizard
TatankacephalusBison HeadTatankaceratops Bison horn face
TataouineaFor TataouineTatisaurus Tati Lizard
TaurovenatorBull HunterTaveirosaurus Taveiro lizard
Tawa HallaeSun GodTazoudasaurusSlender Lizard
Technosaurus Tech lizardTehuelchesaurus Tehuelche Lizard 
Teinurosaurusextended tail lizardTelmatosaurusmarsh lizard
TendaguriaTengri lizardTenontosaurussinew lizard
Teratophoneusmonstrous murdererTerminocavuscoming to the end of the cavity
TethyshadrosTethyan hadrosauroidTexacephale Texas Head
TexasetesTexas residentThanatotheristesreaper of death
ThanosMarvel villainThecocoelurusThecospondylus – Coelurus
Thecodontosaurussocket-tooth lizardThecospondylusSheath Vertebra
Theiophytaliagarden of the godsTherizinosaurusscythe lizard
ThescelosaurusWonderous LizardThespesiuswondrous one
Tianchisaurusheavenly pool lizardTianyulong Tianyu Dragon
Tianyuraptorrunning lizardTianzhenosaurus Tianzhen lizard
Tichosteuswalled boneTienshanosaurusTienshan lizard
TimimusTim MimicTimurlengiawell eared
Titanoceratopstitanic horned faceTitanosaurustitanic lizard
Tlatolophusword crestTochisaurusOstrich lizard
TonganosaurusTongan LizardTongtianlongTongtianyan dragon
Tornieriafor TornierTorosaurusPerforated lizard
TorvosaurusSavage LizardTototlmimusBird Mimic
Trachodonrough toothTralkasaurusthunder lizard
TratayeniaFrom TratayenTraukutitanDawn Tail giant
Triceratops Three horned faceTrierarchuncuscaptain hook
Trigonosaurustriangle lizardTrimucrodon Three Dagger Tooth
TrinisauraFrom TrinidadTriunfosaurus Triunfo Lizard
Troodon Wounding toothTsaaganWhite
TsagantegiaFrom White mountainsTsintaosaurusQingdao lizard
TuebingosaurusTübingen lizardTugulusaurusTugulu lizard
TuojiangosaurusTuo River lizardTuranoceratopsTuran horned face
TuriasaurusTuria lizardTylocephaleswollen head
TyrannosaurusTyrant Lizard kingTyrannotitan tyrant titan
84 dinosaurs with T

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List of Dinosaur Names: U

You can check out list of some facts about this list of dinosaur names starting with U on its own page.

A to Z of Dinosaurs - Dakotaraptor
Dinosaur NameName MeaningDinosaur NameName Meaning
UberabatitanUberaba titanUdanoceratopsUdan’s horned face
Ultrasaurusultra lizardUlughbegsaurusUlugh Beg’s lizard
UnaysaurusBlack water lizardUnenlagia half-bird
Unescoceratops Unesco one horned faceUnquillosaurusUnquillo river lizard
UrbacodonURBAC toothUtahceratopsUtah horned face
Utahraptorutah thiefUteodonUte tooth
List of 12 dinosaur Names with U

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List of Dinosaur Names: V

You can check out list of some facts about this list of dinosaur names starting with V on its own page.

Did Velociraptors Hunt In Packs
Dinosaur NameName MeaningDinosaur NameName Meaning
Vagaceratopswandering horned faceVahinytraveller
Valdoraptor Wealden thiefVallibonavenatrix Vallibona huntress
VariraptorVar thiefVayuraptorwind thief
VectaerovenatorIsle of Wight air-filled hunterVectiraptorIsle of Wight thief
Velafronssailed foreheadVelocipesquick foot
Velociraptorswift thiefVelocisaurusswift lizard
Venenosauruspoison lizardVespersaurus western lizard
Veterupristisaurusold shark lizardViavenatorroad hunter
Volgatitan Volga giantVolkheimeriafor volkheim
Vouivriafor adderVulcanodonvolcano tooth
list of 20 dinosaur names beginning with V

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List of Dinosaur Names: W

You can check out list of some facts about this list of dinosaur names starting with W on its own page.

Dinosaur NameName MeaningDinosaur NameName Meaning
WakinosaurusWakino lizardWalgettosuchusWalgett crocodile
WamweracaudiaWamwera tailWannanosaurusWannan lizard
WeewarrasaurusWeewarra LizardWendiceratops Wendy horned face
WiehenvenatorWiehen hunterWillinakaqe Southern duck-mimic
WintonotitanWinton titanWuerhosaurus Wuerho Lizard
WulagasaurusWulaga lizardWulatelongWulate Dragon
Wulongdancing dragonWyleyiafor wyley
List of 14 Dinosaur names beginning with W

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List of Dinosaur Names: X

You can check out list of some facts about this list of dinosaur names starting with X on its own page.

Dinosaur NameName MeaningDinosaur NameName Meaning
Xenoceratopsalien horned faceXenoposeidonalien Poseidon
XenotarsosaurusAlien Foot LizardXianshanosaurusXianshan Lizard
Xiaosaurusdawn lizardXiaotingiafor Xiaoting
Xingtianosaurus Xingtian LizardXingxiulong Xingxiu Bridge dragon
XinjiangovenatorXinjiang hunterXinjiangtitan Xinjiang giant
XiongguanlongGrand Pass dragonXixianykusXixia Claw
Xixiasaurus Xixia lizardXixiposaurusXixipo lizard
Xiyunykuswestern clawXuanhanosaurusXuanhan lizard
XuanhuaceratopsXuanhua horned faceXunmenglongswift fierce dragon
XuwulongXuwu Dragon
list of 19 Dinosaur Names beginning with x

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List of Dinosaur Names: Y

You can check out list of some facts about this list of dinosaur names starting with Y on its own page.

Dinosaur NameName MeaningDinosaur NameName Meaning
YamaceratopsYama horned faceYamanasaurus Yamana lizard
YamatosaurusYamato reptileYandusaurus Yandu Lizard
Yangchuanosaurus Yongchuan LizardYaverlandiafor yaverland
Yehuecauhceratops ancient horned faceYiwing
YimenosaurusYiman LizardYingshanosaurusGolden Hills reptile
Yinlonghidden dragonYixianosaurusYixian lizard
YizhousaurusYizhou lizardYongjinglong Yongjing Dragon
Ypupiarathe one who lives in the waterYuanmousaurusYuanmou lizard
Yueosaurus Yue LizardYulong Yu Dragon
Yunganglong Yungang DragonYunmenglongYunmeng Dragon
YunnanosaurusYunnan LizardYunyangosaurusYunyang lizard
YurgovuchiacoyoteYutyrannus feathered tyrant
YuxisaurusYuxi lizard
List of 25 Dinosaurs beginning with Y

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List of Dinosaur Names: Z

Finally these 24 dinosaurs are all those that ( currently) begin with z. Including the three letter Zby! We have more information on these dinosaur names starting with Z on their own page.

Dinosaur NameName MeaningDinosaur NameName Meaning
ZapalasaurusZapala LizardZapsalisthorough pair of scissors
Zaraapeltahedgehog small shieldZbyfor Zbyszewski
Zephyrosauruswestward wind lizardZhanghenglongZhang heng Dragon
ZhejiangosaurusZhejiang lizardZhenyuanlongZhenyuan’s dragon
ZhongjianosaurusZhongjian LizardZhongornisintermediate bird
ZhongyuansaurusZhongyuan lizardZhuchengceratopsZhucheng horned face
ZhuchengtitanZhucheng GiantZhuchengtyrannusZhucheng tyrant
Ziapelta Sun ShieldZigongosaurusZigong lizard
ZizhongosaurusZizhong lizardZuniceratopsZuni-horned face
ZuolongZuo’s dragonZuoyunlongZuoyun Dragon
ZupaysaurusDevil LizardZuulfrom Ghostbusters
List of 24 Dinosaurs beginning with Z

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How Many Dinosaur Names are There?

1291 dinosaur names are in the lists above, which are considered accepted by science, however as we mentioned this comes with some points to notes. There are actually lots of dinosaurs that have been incorrectly named, found to be an already named dinosaur, or not officially classified yet.

In the full list of unofficial and official dinosaurs there are over 1700 dinosaur names,

These unofficial dinosaurs can be broken down into the following

How many DinosaursTotal number
Nomen Nudum144
Momen Manuscript3
Junior Synonym193


This is a very comprehension list of dinosaurs names, but with so many new species being discovered each year it will grow more and more each year.


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