Dinosaur Names Beginning With U

U is not the most popular letter to Start dinosaur names with but there are some terrifying dinosaurs on this list. Just to pick one dinosaur name beginning with U – the Utahraptor and you have the largest member of the raptor family with a 12 inch long law on tis feet.

So let’s take a look at what other dinosaurs share the utahraptors first letter, and look if any were as scary as that monster raptor.

As always you can use the table below to fin other, all you need to know is the first letter of their name !


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Dinosaurs Names Beginning with U

You will find horned dinosaurs, raptors, feathers, long necks and much much more in the Letter, as well as the scary an huge utahraptor!


Uberabatitan is a a huge sauropod, not the usual 60 feet of which there is so many!) that was found in Brazil in 2008. It was reexamined in 2019 and given an estimated length of 26 metres long, which is about 85 feet.

it would have lived in the late Cretaceous 67 million years ago.

Uberabatitan Name meaning: “Ubera titan”


was a compsognathus type dinosaur about 1 metre long as the fossil was removed from brazil, where it was discovered in 1995, to Germany, it has been called a example of scientific of colonialism and the classification is on hold / at the moment.

Ubirajara Name Meaning: ” Lord of the Spear”


Udanoceratops is a more primitive horned dinosaur ( Ceratopsid – actually called leptoceratopisd) that lived in Mongolia in the late cretaceous period. It was actually the largest of these type of dinosaurs found so far.

It could be about 13 feet tall, and weight up to 1500 lbs. Unlike other horned dinosaurs it had no horns but its mouth was beaked. it would have been a herbivore like others in the family.

Udanoceratops Name Meaning: : “Udan’s horned face”


IS actually now thought to be a Triceratops. This fossil that was discovered in 1983, from partial remains. They actually named it the Ugly lizard as it looked malformed. it was later classified as triceratops, just an old or sick one.

Ugrosaurus Name Meaning: “Ugly Lizard”


Is now know as edmontosaurus which has quite a few names including Anatosaurus and Anatotitan

Archaeopteryx dinsoaur names beginning with A, dinosaur names beginning with W


Unaysaurus was a early sauropd type dinosaur that lived 225 million years ago in what is now Brazil and is one of the oldest known dinosaurs. it was actually found by the side of a road. It was quite small at around 8 feet long with the weight of 70 kg, or 150 pounds.

Early Sauropods were not the huge four legged animals they would later evolve to be, they walked on two legs, and would be much smaller. They still herbivore dinosaurs though.

Unaysaurus Name Meaning “Black Water Lizard”


Unenlagia was a dromaeosaur (feathered carnivores – usually) type dinosaur that is another dinosaur beginning with U from South america. it lived around 89 million years ago during the late cretaceous period.

It was discovered first in 1996 and then a second species of Unenlagia was discovered in 2002. The size is not certain and estimated range from 11 feet to just under 7 feet and a the weight from 50 lbs to 165 lbs.

Unenlagia Name Meaning: “half bird

Horned dinosaur eotriceratops


Unescoceratops is another leptocertatopsid ( primitive horned dinosaurs) that begins with U. It lived about 76 million years ago in Canada.

it was a small dinosaur at 2 metres long, just over 6 feet long, and would have been about 200 lbs. it was a herbivore like the other members of the horned dinosaur family.

Unescoceratops Name Meaning: “Unesco Horned face”


Urbacodon  was a carnivore dinosaur of the troodon family. It lived 95 million years ago. Its name stands for the countries that were on the expedition that discovered it. Which were, Uzbek, Russia, Britain, America and Canada.

It is only known from a part of a jaw bone, making it quite impressive they can work out what kind of dinosaur it came from at all.

Urbacodon Name Meaning: “urbac tooth”


After the two previous horned dinosaur names beginning with U that were horned dinosaurs without the horns we finally have one that did have horns. Utahceratops was a large ceratopsian dinosaur with 3 horns like a triceratops.

it was about 23 feet long and 4000 lbs in weight and about 9 feet tall to the top of the frill.

Utahceratops Name Meaning: “Utah horned Face”

Dinosaur names beginning with U Utahceratops


utah raptor was the largest of all the known raptors so far, you can read more on the link here and below) it could be 18 feet and 660 lbs in weight.

it lived 135 to 130 million years ago in Utah, which is where it got its name from and had a huge up to 12 inch claw on its toe.

Utah Raptor Name Meaning: “Utah thief”


Uteodon was an iguanodon type dinosaur that lived 153 – 148 million years ago during the Jurassic period.it was discovered in 1894 bu recategorized in 2011 to Utedon, and then 4 years later is thought to be potentially a dryosaurus.

Depending which species it is compared to it could have been 8 to 20 ft long,

Uteodon Name Meaning: “Ute tooth”

The parasaurolophus facts

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So as you will have seen there were a couple of larger horned dinosaurs in this page, and a sauropod and an iguanodon type dinosaur. There were so many different types that roamed, its not surprise even rarer letters like U still have plenty of dinosaurs

Don’t forget you can use the table to learn about another A to Z dinosaurs below.


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