Dinosaur Names Beginning With L

There are Plenty of dinosaur names beginning with L including some of the oldest known dinosaurs, Some are named after fluffy haired professors and some are named after portugal where a lot of the dinosaur names beginning with L have been discovered. .

We will take a look at all dinosaurs starting with L in this article of which there more than 50, but as we mentioned its a list we expect to grow even longer than that in the coming years.

Also, as with all of our A to Z dinosaur pages we have the table below to help you check other dinosaurs, we aim to cover them all but of course there are new dinosaurs almost every week so bear with us!


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Dinosaurs Names Beginning with L

we have information on each dinosaur here, just a few details as the pages get long! If we have an article on the dinosaur you can click the name to jump there and learn even more. You can also check out our Full Dinosaur A to Z page here, which as well as having dinosaur names beginning with L also have the other 25 letters of the alphabet as well!

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Labocania was a possible tyrannosaur from Northern America. I was discovered in 1970. and would have lived 73 million years ago.

it was about 20 -27 feet long and about 5000 lbs in weight (2400 kg)

Labocania Name Meaning: “Anomalus”


Lagosuchus was closely related to dinosaurs, but was so early that it may even be the type of reptile that dinosaurs evolved from. It lived 236 -234 million years ago during the late Triassic period.

It was discovered in 1971 and was about 51 cm or 1.5 feet long.

Lagosuchus Name Meaning: “Lago Crocodile”


Laiyangosaurus was a hadrosaur ( duck billed) dinosaurs that lived in China about 72 million years ago.

Laiyangosaurus Name meaning: “Laiyang lizard”


Lambeosaurus was a hadrosaur dinosaur that lived 75 million years ago in North America, it was quite similar to Corythosaurus.

it would have been about 7 metres long (23 feet) long and was discovered in 1923.

Lambeosaurus Name Meaning: “Lambe’s Lizard”


Lamplughsaura was an early sauropod from India. It lived about 196 to 190 million years ago. it would have been about 10 metres – 33 feet long

Lamplughsaura Name Meaning: “Lamplugh’s Lizard”

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Lanzhousaurus was a 33 feet long herbivore that weighed about 12,000 lbs. it lived during the Early Cretaceous in China.

Lanzhousaurus Name Meaning: “Lanzhou Lizard”


Laosaurus was discovered in 1878 and lived in North America during the early Cretaceous Period. It was a herbivore,

Laosaurus Name Meaning: “Lao Lizard”


Lapampasaurus was a hadrosaur ( duck billed lizard) from Argentina ( where it gets it name. It would have lived 76 to 70 million years ago and was named in 2012

Lapampasaurus Name Meaning: “La Pampa Lizard”


Lapparentosaurus was a sauropod dinosaur from 168 million years ago that lived in madagascar. it was found in 1894

Lapparentosaurus Name Meaning: “Simple Handed Skillful one”

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Laquintasaura  was an ostrich like dinosaur that lived in Mongolia 107 to 100 Million years ago. it was discovered in 1981

Laquintasaura  Name Meaning: “Harpy Mimic”


Latenivenatrix was a troodon carnivore dinosaur that lived 75 million years ago in Alberta. It was about 10 to 12 feet ling and this length makes it the longest / largest Troodon known.

Latenivenatrix Name Meaning: “Hiding Huntress”


Latirhinus Was a hadrosaur from Mexico. It was discovered in 2012 it is known for its big nose and is still being studied. It would have lived about 72 million years ago.

Latirhinus Name Meaning: “Broad Nose”


Leaellynasaura lived 113 to 110 million years ago in Australia. it was small at 3 feet in length and would have been a herbivore. it was discovered in 1989.

Leaellynasaura Name Meaning: “Leaellyn’s Lizard”


Ledumahadi was a sauropod from South Africa it lived 200-195 million years ago making it one of the first. it would have weighed about 26,000 lbs and about 35 feet long.

Ledumahadi Name Meaning: “Giant Thunderclap”

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Dinosaur names beginning with l



A second fossil has been found in 2022 and is of a braincase. It was small at about 9 metres long.

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Lepidus is an early theropod dinosaur from Texas. It was discovered in 2015 and would have lived 223 million years ago.

Lepidus Name Meaning: ” Fascinating Fragment”


Leonerasaurus was an early sauropod discovered and named in 2011 It was very small and likely less than 3 metres long and 1 metre high. it would have weighed 150 lbs ( 70 kg) it lived 199 million years ago during the early Jurassic Period.

Leonerasaurus Name meaning:”Leonera Lizard”


Leptoceratops was a member of the horned face dinosaur family – the ceratopsians – however it had no horns, bit did have a small frill. it may have been able to run on its hind legs unlike larger horned dinosaurs like triceratops. It lived in the Late Cretaceous 68-66 million years ago and was discovered in 1910.

it was small and grew only 2 metres long (6.5 feet) and weigh between 68 – 200 kg ( 150 440 lbs)

Leptoceratops Name Meaning: ” Thin Horned Face”

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Leshansaurus was a theropod found in China in 2007. It was carnivorous and would have been about 18-21 feet long.

Leshansaurus Name Meaning: “Le Shan Lizard”

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Lesothosaurus was a two legged omnivore of about 6.5 feet long ( 2 metres) it had powerful legs and a thin tail suggesting it was a good runner.

Lesothosaurus Name Meaning: “Lesotho Lizard”


was a very Early sauropod that lived 228-208 million years ago in Argentina. it was 9 metres long ( 30 feet)

Lessemsaurus  Name Meaning: “Lessem’s Lizard”

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Levnesovia was a Hadrosaur from Uzbekistan. it was relatively small and would grow to 2 metres long. it lived during the late cretaceous.

Levnesovia Name Meaning: ” For Lev nesov”


Lexovisaurus was a Stegosaurus family member that lived in Europe 165 million years ago. It was found in the 1880s in England.

it was about 5 metres in length and would have weighed about 2200-4400 lbs ( 1-2000 kg)

Lexovisaurus Name Meaning: “Lexovii Lizard”

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Leyesaurus was early sauropod from Argentina. It lived there between 202 and 176 million years ago. It was very small for a SAuropod at 8 feet in length. It was named in 2011.

Leyesaurus Name Meaning: Leye’s Lizard”


Liaoceratops it a ceratopsian (horned face) dinosaur that lived in China 126 million years ago during the early cretaceous period. It was found and named in 2002 and would have been quite small.

Liaoceratops Name meaning: “Liaoning Horned Face:


Liaoningosaurus was a member of the Ankylosaurus family that lived in the early cretaceous period 122 million years ago. it was discovered in 2001

When a second fossil was found it was suggested this may have been the second known aquatic dinosaur. It may even have been an omnivore ( the first!) as fish have been found in its stomach contents.

Liaoningosaurus Name Meaning: “Liaoning Lizard”

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Liaoningvenator was a troodon dinosaur from the Early cretaceous 126 million years ago. It woul dhave lived in what is now China. It was small and would have been just over 2 feet long. ( 70 cm)

Liaoningvenator Name Meaning: “Liaoning Hunter”


ceratosaurus dinosaur with spikes on its head
Dinosaur names beginning with L

Ligabueino was a carnivorous dinosaur only known from small fossils. it was small and likely a young dinosaur measuring 80 cm long – 2.6 feet. it live 125 million years ago and was discovered in 1996.

Ligabueino Name Meaning: ” Ligabue’s little One”


Ligabuesaurus was discovered in 1998 and named in 2006. A second skeleton has been described in 2022. It was a Sauropod from Argentina That lived 112 -109 million years ago.

Ligabuesaurus Name Meaning: “Ligabue’s Lizard”


Liliensternus was a early theropod dinosaur that lived in Germany 228-201 million years ago during the late Triassic. It could grow to 17 feet long (5 metres) and would have weighed about 280 lbs (127 kg) though other suggestion have it at 440 lbs. it may have had a crest similar to dilophosaurus.

Liliensternus Name Meaning: “Lillienstern “


Was a sauropod that lived in the Late Cretaceous in South America about 99 million years ago. It was discovered in 1995, it is thought to be about 50 feet long, and weigh about 15,000 lbs – 7000 kg.

Limaysaurus Name Meaning: “Limay Lizard”


Limusaurus Was a theropod that lived in China 161 to 157 million years ago. it was both small and thin at about 5.5 feet long ( 1.7 meters) and 33 lbs in weight. It had teeth when it was young, but then lost them to be replaced with a beak when it was older.

It was discovered between 2001 and 2006.

Limusaurus Name Meaning: “Mud Lizard”


Linhenykus was a alvarez dinosaur ( small biped). it was small and would have only been 3 to 4 feet long. It lived in China in the late cretaceous period 75 to 71 million years ago.

It was discovered in 2011

Linhenykus  Name Meaning: “Linhe Claw”


Linheraptor was a member of the raptor family from the same formation as the linhenykus above. It was found in 2008 and named in 2010 and was about 1.8 to 2 metres long ( 6.5 feet) Although it is only known from on fossil it is a nearly complete skeleton.

it would have been fast moving and bird like with feathers and a long claw on its feet.

Linheraptor Name Meaning: “Linhe Thief”

dreadnoughtus long neck dinosaur


Another dinosaur from Mongolia. Linhevenator was a troodon family member. it was about 2 to 3 metres in length and would have weighed about 51 lbs. it would have had feathers.

Huanansaurus Name Meaning: “Linhe Hunter”


Liubangosaurus was a sauropod dinosaur from China. it lived about 125-113 million years ago and was discovered in 2010.

Liubangosaurus Name Meaning: “Liubang Lizard


Lohuecotitan was a sauropod named in 2016. It was discovered in Spain and would have lived around 72 million years ago.

Lohuecotitan Name Meaning: “Lohueco Giant”


Lophorhothon was a Hadrosaur from the USA. it lived 80 million years ago and was discovered in the 1940s. it was only fragments of fossils then but a more complete dinosaur has been found in 2021 and studies are underway.

Lophorhothon Name Meaning: ” Crested Nose”


Lophostropheus was a small carnivore that lived in the LAte triassic / Early Jurassic periods about 205-196 million years ago.

It would have been 3 metres long ( 10 feet) It would have weighed between 2-300 Lbs ( 100-136 kg) It was discovered in 1966 but reclassified in 2007.

Lophostropheus Name Meaning: “Crested vertebrae”


Loricatosaurus is a stegosaur family member living in the mIddle Jurassic in what is now Europe, Mainly England and France. It was found in 1901

Loricatosaurus Name Meaning:”Armored Lizard”


Lourinhanosaurus was a carnivore theropod that lived in Portugal. It lived in the late Jurassic about 150 million years ago. It was first discovered in 1982 but it wasn’t classified and described until 1998.

it has also been found with about 100 eggs, including some Embryo fossils! It was about 4.5 metres long (15 feet)

Lourinhanosaurus Name Meaning: “Lourinha Lizard”


Lourinhasaurus is another portuguese dinosaur. it was a sauropod that lived about 153-150 million years ago during the middle jurassic period. It was found in 1949. it could grow to 56 feet long ( 17 metres)

Lourinhasaurus Name Meaning: ” Lourinha Lizard”


Luanchuanraptor is a dromaeosaur dinosaur ( raptor) from China. it lived 72 to 66 million years ago and was named in 2007.

Its size is estimated to be between 1 to 2 metres 3-6 feet long,

Luanchuanraptor Name Meaning: “Luanchuan Thief”


Lucianovenator was a carnivorous dinosaur (coelophysis family) that lived in Argentina during the late triassic about 210 -202 million years ago, It was discovered / named in 2017.

Lucianovenator was about 11 feet long but slender and fast moving.

Lucianovenator Name Meaning: “Luciano’s hunter”


Lufengosaurus  is a sauropod from china that lived in the early Jurassic 195 -190 million years ago. it was discovered in the 1930s and named in 1940.

it was relatively small at 6 metres long ( 20 feet) though it has been estimated to be larger at 30 feet in 2010 as well. it would have walked on two and 4 legs ( like other early sauropods)

Lufengosaurus  Name Meaning: “Lufeng Lizard


Lurdusaurus was an iguanodon type dinosaur from Niger, Africa. It lived in the Early Cretaceous about 112 million years ago. It was discovered in 1965

It was about 30 feet long ( 9 metres) it is thought to be quite a stocky ( chubby) dinosaur and may have weighed up to 12100 lbs ( 5500 kg) Wiki compares this to an iguanodon which was 6 feet long and half the weight!

There was some good food where it lived clearly!!

Lurdusaurus  Name Meaning: “Heavy Lizard”

microraptor flying dinosaur


Lusitanosaurus is a very early armoured dinosaur, earlier than ankylosaurus and many others. it lived in the early Jurassic period about 191 million years ago. It has been discovered in Portugal. It was first described in 1957 but the fossil were lost in a fire at the Lisbon Museum of Natural history in 1978

Lusitanosaurus Name Meaning: “Portuguese Lizard”


Was a sauropod from Portugal, and in the brachiosaur family. it was discovered in 1947 but not named until 1957.

it wa a large sauropod ( long necked dinosaur) and is estimated to grow to 82 feet long ( 25 metres) and may have weighed up to 30,000 kg ( 65000 lbs!)

Lusotitan  Name Meaning: “Portuguese titan”


Lycorhinus is a heterodontosaurus family member. It lived 197 million years ago in South Africa. it was discovered in 1924 and was quite small. It is though to be about 1.2 metres long ( 4 feet) it had 4 long canine teeth but is thought to be a herbivore.

Although it sname is wool lizard, that is named after a fluffily haired professor – Alfred Walter Crompton not because the dinosaur looked like a sheep!

Lycorhinus  Name Meaning: “wool Lizard”


Was a member of the tyrannosaur family, that lived in North America 80 million years ago. it was discovered in 2009 and named in 2013. It has quite a horrible name as you can see below.

Tyrannosaurus T-rex ,scary dinosaur

It is thought to be about 16-26 feet in length and about 1-5000 lbs in weight. (500-2500 kg) Heavy for its size but much smaller than its bigger brother the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Lythronax Name Meaning: “Gore King”


there you have all the dinosaur names beginning with L so far. As we mentioned there are about 50 or so dinosaur names beginning with l, and more are added each year. We will try our best to keep up and add the new ones as they are described.

You can access more A to Z in the Table below which take you to the Full Lists of dinosaurs for each Letter, or you can head to the A to Z dinosaur List where we give examples on one page.



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