Dinosaur Names Beginning With V

If we asked most people to name a dinosaur beginning with V I think we all know the answer. The velociraptor has become one of the most famous dinosaurs of all time thanks to its appearance in the jurassic park movies. However, famous as it is, there are plenty of other dinosaurs that began with V, including ones named after volcanos, and ones named for quick feet!

Lets take a look at all the dinosaur names beginning with V below.

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Dinosaurs Names Beginning with V

As we mentioned you will find velociraptor here, and some other famous dinosaurs. There are large long necked dinosaurs, meat eating and fast runners and probably quite a few you have never heard of, so let’s give those dinosaurs their moment in the sun as well!

Here are the dinosaur names beginning with V


Vagaceratops was a horned dinosaur, with only a small horn on its nose. it was discovered in Alberta in 2010. It had a frill and a parrot like beak

It would have lived about 76 million years ago.

vagaceratops Name meaning: “Wandering horned top”


Vahiny was a large sauropod that was found in Tanzania in 1908. It has had a few different names through its 100 years of discovery and was know as Gigantosaurus and Tornieria and Even Barosaurus Africanas.

However in 1991 it was classified as a titanosaur and called Janenschia which is where it remains today…..so far it lived 155 million years ago.

Vahiny Name Meaning “Janensch lizard”

argentinosaurus dinosaur beginning with A


Valdoraptor  Is an English Dinosaur, first found in 1858, it was first thought as a megalosaurus, but was later reclassified as a ostrich type dinosaur, an ornithomimosaur It would have lived approximately 136 million years ago.

Valdoraptor Name Meaning: “Wealden Thief

albertosaurus dinosaurs beginning with a


Valdosaurus was an iguanodon type dinosaur That lived in Europe 140-121 Million years ago. it was discovered 1868 It actually was thought to closely resembled a Dryosaurus.

In 2016 a larger more complete specimen was found. that was thought to be around 13 to 16 ft long.

Valdosaurus Name Meaning: “Weald Lizard”


Variraptor is a small raptor from france. it was discovered in 1992 It was smaller than large raptors like deinonychus but larger than velociraptor and atrociraptor.

it was thought to be about 2 metres long (6.5 feet) and would have lived about 70 million years ago.

Variraptor Name Meaning: “Grinding mouth”

atrociraptor dinosaur name beginning with a


Could have been a tyrannosaur, a Allosaur or a megalosaur. in fact the only thing we know for certain was that it was a carnivore dinosaur. It would have been about 13 feet long, but was not fully grown when it died.

It would have lived 116 million years ago and was discovered in 2019.

Vectaerovenator Name Meaning: “Isle of Wight air filled hunter”


Was a crested herbivore that lived in what is now Mexico 72 million years ago. it looked similar to Corythosaurus. From the skeleton it looks to be about 23 feet long.

It Was discovered in 2007.

Velafrons Name Meaning: “Sailed Forehead”


Velocipes is thought to be a theropod dinosaur. the bones were not in great condition, and was actually thought to have been destroyed in the second word war. It was discovered in Poland in 1898, and re found in 2012.

Due to the lack of fossils it has been suggested it may have been a ceratosaur or a coelophysis.

Velocipes Name Meaning: “Quick Foot”


Velociraptor is the most famous of the dinosaur names beining with a V by far. Its appearences in every Jurassic Park and Jurassic World movie have made it a public favourite for almost 30 years.

As is common knowledge now, it was much smaller than it was portrayed in the movies. It was about 2 metres long or about 7 feet long and about 33 lbs. it was first discovered in 1923 and lived about 75 to 71 million years ago.

Velociraptor  Name Meaning: “swift Thief”

30 Velociraptor Facts For Kids.


Velocisaurus are related to, although much smaller, Ceratosaurus. Velocisaurus was about 5 feet long ( 1.5 metres) It would have been able to run pretty fast.

it was discovered in 1985 in Argentina and would have lived 85 million years ago. Based on its feet and claws it was thought to be an omnivore.

Velocisaurus Name Meaning: “Swift Lizard”


WAs a sauropod lizard living in Utah 112 million years ago. For a sauropod it was quite small at 33 feet long ( 10 metres) It was discovered in 2001 .

Both fossils of adult s and juveniles have been found,

Venenosaurus Name Meaning: “Poison Lizard”

apatosaurus dinosaur names beginning with a, dinosaur names beginning with v


Veterupristisaurus was a carnivorous dinosaur from the late Jurassic of Tanzania. It has been assigned to the carcharodontosaurus family ( the shark tooth dinosaurs)

It was a large predator at between 28 and 33 feet in length (8.5 to 33 feet in length. and lived about 154 to 150 million years ago during the late Jurassic.

Veterupristisaurus Name Meaning: “Old Shark Lizard:


the Letter V has a lot of Carnivorous dinosaurs and Viavenator is another. it lived in Argentina 86 to 83 million years ago. It was similar to carnotaurus and about 18 ft in length. It was discovered 2016.

Viavenator Name Meaning: “Road Hunter”

dinosaur names beginning with Q and I, dinosaur names beginning with v


Vouivria was a herbivore sauropod ( long neck) dinosaur that lived in france 160 million years ago. Although it was discovered in 1934 it was thought to be a megalosaurus family member for a lot of years as teeth were found with it. However it was thought to be eaten before becoming fossilized.

it was about 49 feet long, and about 33,000 lbs in weight.

Vouivria Name Meaning: “adder”


Volkheimeria was an early sauropod from Argentina living about 178 million years ago. It was thought to be a brachiosaurus for a while, but was but in to the same family as Patagosaurus later on.

Volkheimeria Name Meaning: “of volkheimer”


Vulcanodon another sauropod, this one coming from Africa. it is quite old living 199-88 million years ago. it was a very early example of a sauropod when it was first discovered in 1969 and still is today.

Like most early sauropods it was smaller than its later cousins, ad would have been about 36 feet long and about 8,000 lbs, and even has been suggested to be smaller than that at 21 ft in some research.

Although its name was called volcano tooth, it wasn’t actually discovered as part of the Batoka formation, it was below the lava flows of the volcano.

Vulcanodon Name Meaning: “Volcano tooth”

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So you made it to the end of the V list and dodged the velociraptor, and the huge vulcanodon and even the carnotaurus like viavenator.

Now you can move on to another letter from the table below.


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