Dinosaur Names Beginning With E

There are plenty of Dinosaur names beginning with E. The greek word Eo means dawn or Early so you will find Eotyrannus, Eotriceratops, Eobrontosaurus in these lists among many more. There are also famous dinosaurs like edmontosaurus one of the largest hadrosaurs as well.

We will take a look at all dinosaurs starting with E in this article of which there are over 50

Also, as with all of our A to Z dinosaur pages we have the table below to help you check other dinosaurs, we aim to cover them all but of course there are new dinosaurs almost every week so bear with us!


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Dinosaurs Names Beginning with E

we have information on each dinosaur here, just a few details as the pages get long! If we have an article on the dinosaur you can click the name to jump there and learn even more.

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Echinodon was a tiny heterodontosaurus dinosaur that lived in the Early Cretaceous about 120 million years ago it was discovered in 1861 in England.

Echinodon Name Meaning: “Prickly Tooth”


Edmarka is now considered a synonym of Torvosaurus. These fossil have been found in North America, Portugal, Germany, England, Tanzania, Uruguay. It was discovered in 1899 first in the USA and was a carnivore.

It was about 30 to 39 feet long and 4,000 lbs.

Edmarka Name Meaning: “torvosaurus now!


Edmontia was a ankylosaurus family member from Canada, and lived about 78 million years ago. It was about 6 metres long and weighs about 6500 lbs( 3000kg)

Edmontonia Name Meaning: “For Edmonton”

Bagaraatan dinosaur names beginning with B


Edmontosaurus is probably the most famous dinosaur on this list. it was a duck billed dinosaur ( hadrosaur) that lived in Canada 73 to 66 million years ago . it lived Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus and Pachycephalosaurus.

It was one of the largest hadrosaurs, and could be 12 metres long ( 40 feet) and weigh up to 10,000 lbs ( 4400 Kg) . It was discovered in 1917.

Edmontosaurus Name Meaning: ” Edmonton lizard”


Efraasia was an Early ancestor of the Sauropods. it lived 210 million years ago in Europe. It was named in 1973. It was first thought to be small but these fossil were from young dinosaurs. It was in fact up to 21 feet long ( 6.5 metres) and would have possibly been able to walk on 2 and 4 legs.

Efraasia Name Meaning: “For E – Fraas”

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Dinosaur names beginning with E


Was a horned face dinosaur ( ceratopsian) from Montana. it lived 74 million yeas ago. It was discovered in 1985 and would have been 15 feet long and about 3,000 lbs

Einiosaurus Name Meaning: ” Black Bison (Eini) Lizard”


Was a abelisaur carnivorous dinosaur that lived in the late cretaceous period in Argentina. it would have been 23 -26 feet long (7-8 metres) It was first classified and described in 2004.

Ekrixinatosaurus Name Meaning: “Explosion born Lizard”


Elaltitan was a large Sauropod dinosaur ) long necked) that lived in what is now Argentina 96 to 89 million years ago during the late cretaceous period.

It was thought to be over 66 feet long and weigh (estimates vary) between 23 and 43000 kg ( 46000 to almost 90000 lbs)

Elaltitan Name Meaning: “Elal Giant

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Elaphrosaurus was a carnivorous dinosaur from Africa. it lived in what is now Tanzania 154 to 150 million years ago.

It would have been 20 feet long ( 6 metres) and was discovered in 1920.

Elaphrosaurus name meaning: “Light footed lizard”


was an Maniraptoran / Oviraptor family member from Mongolia ( like so many other oviraptors) it would lived during the late cretaceous period 70 million years ago.

It was discovered in 1981.

Elmisaurus Name Meaning: “Foot sole lizard”


Elopteryx may have been a maniraptoran or a troodon dinosaur as the fossil are not very complete at all. It was discovered in Romania in at the turn of the 20th century. and then purchased by the British museum of natural history.

Elopteryx Name Meaning: “Marsh Wing”

Archaeopteryx dinosaur names beginning with A, dinosaur names beginning with E


Elaphrosaurus was a iguanodon type dinosaur that lived in African 115 million years ago. It was found in 1982 and then reclassified in 2009.

Elrhazosaurus Name Meaning: “Elrhaz lizard”

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Emausaurus was an armoured dinosaur from Germany. It was very early and would have lived in the early to mid Jurassic period about 181 million years ago,

it was relatively small at 2.5 metres and about 200 lbs ( 90 kg) hough this was a young dinosaur so it may have grown to 3-4 etres and 500 lbs ( 240 kg)

Emausaurus Name Meaning: (Ernst Moritz Arndt university Lizard)


WAs a relative of the therizinosaurus. it would have lived in the LAte cretaceous period about 96-89 million years ago in what is now Mongolia.

it was smaller than its more famous ( especially recently) cousin the Therizinosaurus, and would have been 16 feet long ( 5 metres) and weighed between 1— and 2000 lbs ( 450 to 900 kg)

Enigmosaurus Name Meaning: “Enigma Lizard”

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Eoabelisaurus was a early ( hence the name) member of the abelisaurus family from Argentina. It was discovered in 2009 and lived about 170 million years ago.

It is estimated to be 19-21 feet long.

Eoabelisaurus  Name Meaning: “Dawn abelisaurus”


Is now considered to me the generic brontosaurus, though was previously thought to be an earlier version.

brontosaurus could be 72 feet long and weigh up to 40,000 lbs

Eobrontosaurus Name Meaning: “Dawn brontosaurus”

Troodonwas the smartest dinosaur


Was a carcharodontosaurus family member and a carnivore dinosaur from Africa. it lived in the Early Cretaceous period about 112 million years ago and would have grown to about 26 feet long. ( 8 metres)

Eocarcharia Name Meaning: “dawn shark”


Eocursor was a very early triassic or early Jurassic biped dinosaur that lived in South Africa 210 million years ago It was discovered in 1993.

it was small at about 3 feet long ( 1 metre) it was a likely herbivore.

Eocursor Name Meaning: “Dawn Runner”


Is a very early theropod from the early Triassic around 231 to 229 million years ago. it was discovered in 1996 and is the earliest known therapod.

it was about 4 metres long ( 1.2 metres) it was also thought to be a fast runner with long legs. (maybe 19 mph – 30 kph.)

Eodromaeus Name Meaning: “Dawn Runner”


Was a hadrosaur dinosaur ( duck billed) it was discovered in 1979 – 1993 and lived 96 million years ago.

it was a medium sized hadrosaur of 6 metres ( 20 feet) .

Eolambia Name Meaning: “dawn lambeosaurine”

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Eomamenchisaurus was a Sauropod from the Middle Jurassic in China. It would have lived 174 -161 million years ago. it was classified / described in 2008.

Eomamenchisaurus Name Meaning: “”Dawn Mamenchisaurus


Eoplophysis was known as Omosaurus previously. It was a Stegosaur family member from the middle Jurassic period. It was discovered in 1910 in England.

Eoplophysis Name Meaning: “Dawn Armed Form”


Eoraptor Is one of the earliest known dinosaurs and was a early sauropod ancestor. It was first found in 1991 in Argentina. It lived approximately 231 -228 million years ago.

Like most very early dinosaurs it was small and would have measured about 3 feet long ( about 1 metre) and weigh about 10 kg ( 22lbs) It was thought to be an omnivore.

Eoraptor name meaning: “Dawn Thief”


Eosinopteryx was a bird like dinosaur from China. it lived during the Jurassic Period about 160 million years ago.

It was small for any type of dinosaur at about 12 inches long (30 cm).

Eosinopteryx Name Meaning: “Dawn Chinese Feather”


Eotrachodon was a hadrosaur dinosaur from the USA. it lived 86-83 million years ago. Although it was discovered in 2007 it was not classified and described until 2016.

Eotrachodon Name Meaning: “Dawn Trachodon”

Horned dinosaur triceratops


Eotriceratops was a species of triceratops that was already discovered in 1910 but neglected until 2001. It was older than triceratops and may have been larger.

Eotriceratops Name Meaning: “Dawn triceratops”


Eotyrannus  was an early member of the tyrannosaur family. that was discovered in England in 1995 and classified in 2001. It lived 130 million years ago and was about 15 feet long and 500 lbs in weight.

Eotyrannus Name Meaning: “Dawn tyrant”


Eousdryosaurus was an early iguanodon family member from Portugal. it lived 152 million years ago in the late Jurassic it was named and described in 2014, although was mentioned in 2000.

it was a small hadrosaur at 5.2 feet in length ( 1.6 metres) and would have been herbivorous.

Eousdryosaurus Name Meaning “Eastern Dryosaurus”

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Epachthosaurus was a sauropod from South America. It lived during the late cretaceous period about 95 to 90 million years ago

Epachthosaurus Name Meaning: “Heavy Lizard”


Epichirostenotes Was an oviraptor family member not from mongolia for a change but from horseshoe canyon in canada. it lived 72 million years ago and was found in 1923. however it wasn’t named until 2011.

Epichirostenotes Name meaning: “Above Chirostenotes”


Epidendrosaurus is now regarded as another name for Scansoriopteryx or some vica versa

This was a maniraptoran bird like dinosaur from 165 – 156 million years ago in China. Only young sparrow sized fossil have been found so far.

Epidendrosaurus Name Meaning : – “climbing wing – Scanoriopteryx”


Epidexipteryx is a member of the bird like maniraptoran dinosaurs which would have glided and climbed in forest of China 164 million years ago. This is one of the oldest known dinosaurs with ornamental feathers.

It was very small at 25 cm long and about 164 grams.

Epidexipteryx Name Meaning: “Display feather”


Equijubus was a duckbilled hadrosaur from the Early Cretaceous period 125 million years ago. It was found in China in 2000.

Equijubus Name Meaning: “Horse Mane”


Erectopus was a carnivore from around 100 million years ago in France. it was first discovered in 1872.

Erectopus Name Meaning: “upright Foot


Erketu was a sauropod from Mongolia. It lived in the late cretaceous Period about 96 to 89 million yeas ago and had a really long neck!

It was first discovered in in 2002 and would have measured 50 feet long and weighed 11,000lbs. ( 5,000kg)

Erketu Name Meaning: “Erketu Tengri”


Erliansaurus was a Therizinosaurus family member. though much smaller than its larger and more famous cousin the therizinosaurus.

it was discovered in 1999 and is estimated to be 2.5 to 4 metres long ( 8-13 feet. and wight anything from 90 kg to 400 kg, or 200 to 900 lbs.

Erliansaurus  Name Meaning: “Erlian Lizard”

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Erlikosaurus is another Therizinosaurus from Mongolia. it was found in 1972 and lived 96 to 89 million years ago.

It was small like the therizonisaur above and was about 11 fee tlong and up to 550 lbs ( 250 kg)

Erlikosaurus Name Meaning: “Erliks Lizard”


Eucnemesaurus was at first thought to be a theropod carnivore but has been re described to be an early, very early, Sauropod ancestor from 228 million years ago in Africa.

Eucnemesaurus Name Meaning: “Good Tibia Lizard”


Euhelopus is a sauropod dinosaur from China. It lived during the early Cretaceous ( just) and is one of the first dinosaur sauropod species found in china as it was discovered in 1913.

it is estimated to be 49 feet long and up to 44000 lbs in weight. Thats 15 metres and 20,000 kg. though it has also had estimates of 36 feet and 8000 lbs in 2010 as well.

Euhelopus Name Meaning: “True Marsh Foot”


Euoplocephalus was a large member of the ankylosaur family from Canada. It lived 76 million years ago and was discovered in 1897.

It was comparable in size to its related species the ankylosaurus and was about 18 feet long and over 5000 lbs – 5.5 metres and 2500 kg.

Euoplocephalus Name Meaning: “Well Armed Head”


Europasaurus was a early Sauropod from Germany that lived about 154 million years ago and was discovered in 1998. it was small for a sauropod and measured about 6 metres long (20 feet) it was thought to weigh about 800 kg ( 1700 lbs)

Europasaurus Name Meaning: “”


Europatitan was a sauropod from Spain and its full name Europatitan Eastwoodi is named after Clint Eastwood the actor and director!

Europatitan Name Meaning: “European Titan”


Europelta was an armoured dinosaur from the Early Cretaceous period. it lived about 113 million years ago in Spain. It was discovered in 2011 when two partial skeletons were found.

it was about 5 metres long (16 feet) and had a weight of up to 2900 lbs ( 1300kg)

Europelta Name Meaning: “Europes Shield”


Euskelosaurus was a very Early Sauropod from Africa. It was discovered in 1863 and would have lived in the Late Triassic in what is now Zimbabwe.

It was estimated to be thick set and about 10 metres in length ( 33 feet) .

Euskelosaurus Name Meaning: “Good Leg Lizard”


Eustreptospondylus is the dinosaur that rounds up these dinosaur names beginning with E. its bee a great list and we end it with a great dinosaur ( though not a great name to say! ) Eustreptospondylus was a megalosaurus carnivore that lived in what is now England 164 to 155 million years ago during the Late Jurassic.

It was discovered in 1870 and went through a few names changes. it was estimated to be 20 feet long ( 6 metres) when fully grown ( the fossils were of a juvenile dinosaur) and aout 500 kg in weight. ( 1100 lbs)

Eustreptospondylus Name Meaning: ” True streptospondylus”


there you have all the dinosaur names beginning with E so far. As we mentioned there are about 50 or so dinosaur names beginning with E and more are added each year. We will try to keep up~





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