20 Moros Intrepidus Questions and Answers.

Moros Intrepidus is a newly discovered dinosaur that is punching above its weight at the moment. There are two main reasons for this. 1. It is a relative of the Tyrannosaurus Rex and helps understand where this famous predator came from, and 2 it just starred in a Hollywood movie Jurassic World Dominion. We have some Moros Intrepidus Questions and answers for you here.

Moros Intrepidus is a recently classified (2019) relative of Tyrannosaurs Rex. It was a small, carnivorous dinosaur about 3 meters (9.8 feet) long, 5ft tall and weighing upto 80 kg (185 lbs.). It lived during the Late Cretaceous period, around 96 million years ago, and was seen in the Jurassic World Dominion Movie.

It has has gained a lot of attention because of its appearance in this movie, and there are plenty of questions about Moros intrepidus out there. Here we hope so answer at least some of them.

Moros intrepidus facts

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moros intrepidus facts for kids
Moros intrepidus. Credit: Jorge Gonzalez

Moros Intrepidus Questions and Answers.

Below you will find 20 questions and answers about this new and exciting movie start dinosaur! Hopefully you will learn something new, we know we did. It is a very new dinosaur and we are learning more about it every day. this is what we know so far.

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What does Moros Intrepidus Name Mean?

Moros intrepidus means ‘harbinger of doom,‘ It is from Latin / Greek. Moros means harbinger of Doom, and intrepid was used to explain that it was the first tyrannosaur and started their spread all over North America.

The word Harbinger means sign of change, which for this dinosaur is a great name! it is thought that this was one of the first relatives of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, and over the next 20-30 million years this small predator would turn into the fearsome T-Rex. .

Where Were Moros Intrepidus Fossils Found?

The first fossil of Moros intrepidus was found in Utah, USA, in 2013 sticking out of a rock. Although the area was famous for finding theropod fossils already to discover a new dinosaur is always an exciting time.

Morus intrepidus small

Was Moros Intrepidus a Real Dinosaur ?

It’s a question that has been debated by almost every movie goer walking out at the end of the Jurassic World Dominion movie. : Was the Moros Intrepidus a real dinosaur?

yes the Moros Intrepidus was a real dinosaur, though it looked very different in real life. Moros Intrepidus is estimated to weight about 5ft tall, 78 kg (172 lb) in weight and be about 3 metres long. Much bigger than in the movie. Although Moros intrepidus was small, it was probably quite fast and agile.

It was a early relative of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, but its legs were much less bulky allowing it to run faster after prey. The first fossil of Moros intrepidus was found in Utah, USA, in 2013 . it was carnivorous and probably ate , small or baby dinosaurs and lizards. it was also likely feathered ( like in the movie)

.So, was Moros Intrepidus a real dinosaur? The answer is yes – although there may be some debate among scientists about exact size and habits there is no doubt that the morus intrepidus was a real dinosaur. It’s an exciting discovery, giving some details about what the Mighty T-Rex was descended from, and it will be fascinating to learn more

Morus intrepidus small

How Big was Moros Intrepidus ?

Moros intrepidus was not as large as its descendant and was about 3 meters (9.8 feet) long, and weighed around 80 kg (185 lb). it would have been about 5ft tall when standing up. It was not the dominant predator at the time that would have likely been the Allosaurus.

Did Moros Intrepidus walk on two legs?

Like lots of the other fossils found close to it, Moros intrepidus was a found to be a theropod, which means it was a meat-eating dinosaur with two legs that is used for walking. Its legs were less bulky compared to other later carnivores. Meaning it could probably run pretty quick.

How fast could Moros Intrepidus Run?

Although Moros intrepidus was small, it was probably quite fast and agile its legs were not as thick as a T-Rex even for its size. Meaning it was likely a good runner both to catch prey, and to get away from the Allosaurus we mentioned above.

Was Moros Intrepidus a Meat Eater ?

Moros intrepidus had sharp teeth, which it used to tear its food apart. Moros Intrepidus was carnivorous and probably ate small animals, such as lizards, small or baby dinosaurs and mammals, unlike its great great great grandson the Tyrannosaurs could not have attacked the big long necked dinosaurs. It may have even scavenged food when the chance arose.

Who discovered Moros Intrepidus?

Moros intrepidus was discovered by Utah State paleontologist Scott Madsen and his team. they had been searching the area for 10 years for fossils when it was found. It was a lucky find and was sticking out of a rock!

Morus intrepidus small

When was Moros Intrepidus discovered ?

The great named Stormy theopod site in utah is where the first fossil of Moros Intrepidus was found. Although it was discovered in 2013 It wasn’t until 2019 that the Moros Intrepidus became a recognized species.

What Movies has a Moros Intrepidus been in?

It is likely that if you are on this page you are either walking out of the cinema or at home having just watched Jurassic World Dominion movie, so you know for sure that Moros Intrepidus was in that! It is its first movie, the dinosaur was only named in 2019, so its not bad to go from total unknown to hollywood movie in 3 years.

There are actually quite a few newer dinosaurs in Jurassic World Dominion. ( new to people anyway) and they include Pyroraptor, Quetzalcoatlus, Dreadnoughtus and Atrociraptor. We have a large article just for them here, and each has its own page as well.

How Long Ago Did Moros Intrepidus Live?

Where Moros intrepidus fossils were found is around 95 million years old, which is during the Late Cretaceous period. So we can estimate it is at least this old. This is why it is exciting as it helps fill a gap from earlier predators to T-Rex. That Fossil site has also produced fossils of many other dinosaurs, such as Ankylosaurus, Ceratopsians, and utahraptors.

Moros intrepidus facts

Did Moros Intrepidus have Feathers

Although the fossils of Moros intrepidus don’t show that it had feathers, Scientists do think it is very likely that it did have on it. They may not have been long liek oviraptors but they were certainly likely to be present.

Feathers may have been used to keep Moros intrepidus warm, or to help it attract mates. They were not used to fly! ( it was to big despite how small is in the movie)

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What Other dinosaurs Did Moros Intrepidus Live with?

It would have lived with larger predators than itself including the Allosaurus, the larger sauropods were also alive at the same time, but were too big for it to catch and eat


Why is Moros Intrepidus important?

Discovering Moros Intrepidus is important as it fills a 70 million year gap between family members of the tyrannosaurs in North America.

Did Moros Intrepidus live in Asia?

Although fossils have been found mostly in North America. Moros Intrepidus likey crossed the Land bridge from Asia to America (Earth looked very different 100 million years ago and the continents were connected) As very similar looking dinosaurs have been found in Asia.


The Moros Intrepidus Looks as cute as a button in the movie, it wasn’t trust use. It was about the height of a 10th grader, tiece as long, and had many more teeth and was not afraid to use them.

Hopefully these Moros Intrepidus facts have set the record straight, it may be that they make it like a pet in the Jurassic Park movie, but if you ever come across a real one then it would not be the best idea to try to stroke it !

Don’t forget to check out the facts on Moros Intrepidus to download the fact sheet and information from there you can check out the link below.

Moros intrepidus facts

Some of My Dinosaur Resource Recommendations for Home and School.

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Sometimes having something tactile to touch in those tiny hands help to focus and cement learning and develop those big brains! Hope they are helpful too.

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