20 Velociraptor Questions and Answers.

There is plenty we do know about the velociraptor from movies, but not all of that is accurate, so we have the 20 most common questions about the velociraptor with the answers to help tell the difference between fact and fiction.

So if you ever wondered how big its teeth are,What that scary claw was used for or what family the velociraptor lived in than read on and hopefully we can help you learn more about the vicious velociraptor and its terrible clawed family!

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Now lets look at these 20 Velociraptor questions and answers below.

20 Velociraptor Questions and Answers.

We have answers to the more common, and some less common, questions about the cunning velociraptor, if you have more questions you can add them in the comments below and we can try to answer them! lets start with how big this tiny terror was!

How Big was the Velociraptor?

Although when watching dinosaur movies you will see a velociraptor being as tall, or taller, than a full grown person this is not actually how big they were. Those movies came from the books of Michael Crichton and he took the features of the velociraptors cousin, the Deinonychus and changed the name!

The Velociraptor was a small predator, but still a scary one, they could grow to 6.8 Ft long and 3ft high ( if they were tall) most of this was a long tail though which they could use for balance as they ran.

Did Velociraptors Hunt In Packs

How Heavy was the Velociraptor?

In keeping with its small size the Velociraptor was not so heavy, scientists estimate that it would weight up to 50lb which is 25 kilos, or about the same as a medium sized dog. However, it could certainly punch above its weight when it came to a fight. Its sharp teeth and terrible claws were used to catch and kill its prey

How Fast Could a Velociraptor Run?

Well we have never seen one run of course, however Velociraptor did have strong powerful back legs. The top estimate for its running speed is up to 40 miles an hour, or about 60km an hour. this is much faster than the fastest human at 27 miles an hour ( Usain Bolt)

Could the Velociraptor Fly?

Although Velociraptors have been discovered with evidence of feathers and quill knobs (where the features attach to the body) their arms/wings were too small to allows them to fly when compared to their weight and size.

They used their legs to get around just like us, except much faster!

How did Velociraptor Kill its Prey?

Velociraptor were likely to be efficient killers. They had a lot of weapons to use on their prey. their main weapon was a large curved claw on their hind legs. There is debate on whether they used this to slice the soft under belly of their prey or use it on the neck of animals they attacked

they also had 50 plus very sharp teeth, although these were quite small and likely used to cut meat once they had their kill. they also had quite long arms for their size and these could be used to grip and claw as they attacked.

All of this adds up to a scary predator.

Velociraptor question and answers

What did Velociraptors Eat?

Velociraptor was likely a pack hunter which, like wolves, means they would be able to try to kill prey that were bigger than they are. However, attaching bugger animals comes with risks, so it is likely they would have attacked similar or smaller dinosaurs as a preference.

There is a famous fossil called “Fighting Dinosaurs” which is the death scene of a Velociraptor and a protoceratops locked in battle. A protoceratops was a sheep sized dinosaur which would have been heavier.

it seems on its own the velociraptor was not a match for a dinosaur of this size as both dinosaurs died.

Where did Velociraptor live?

Well the world looked a lot different 70 million years ago that it does today, however Velociraptor fossils have mostly been found in Asia.

How long ago did the Velociraptor Live?

The Velociraptor lived between 99 – 65 million years ago during the cretaceous Era, it would have been caught up in the extinction event caused by the asteroid impact at that time and the resulting climate change.

9. They hunted in packs, so could attack larger animals if there were enough of them.

When was the First Velociraptor found?

The first velociraptor was found in 1923 in the Gobi desert by Peter Kaisen. The Gobi desert in in Mongolia. it must have been quite an excitement to see such a scary fossil appear from the rocks!

20 Velociraptor Questions and Answers.

How Many Teeth did Velociraptor have?

The velociraptor has a large head ( for its size) and it was quick long and full of teeth. The velociraptor had 50-60 teeth, these were small sharp and serrated teeth, Though Velociraptors had sharp and serrated teeth, it was the claw on its foot where its main weapon.

Was the Velociraptor Smart?

Scientists has researched the size of the head, which was pretty large for its size, and conformed that the Velociraptor was indeed smart. it was likely a pack unter and could use tactics to attack its prey much like todays lions or wolves.

What does the Name of Velociraptor mean?

The name of the Velociraptor is particularly suited to this fast agile dinosaur. It comes from the Latin language.  The name ” velociraptor” means “fast thief, quick plunder or swift seizer.“

We have loads of facts on dinosaurs but our most popular is out T-Rex facts and T-rex questions. We have included links to those pages on this page! See if you are cunning like the velociraptor and can find them.  

Was the Velociraptor Warm or Cold blooded?

There is increasing numbers of studies that show that dinosaurs may have been warm blooded in some measure. The amount they would move, how fast and how much they would have to eat all sways the argument that dinosaurs, including the Velociraptor, were warm blooded.

Where to buy Velociraptor Fossils?

Real Velociraptor fossils can cost a lot of money, full skeletons could be millions of dollars! However you can, for much less get dinosaur fossils including life size claws and skulls for much less that this. ( thankfully) Larger Natural history Museums will also have gift shops with fossils for sale. You can also pick up Velociraptor fossils on line and we have included two links below to check out if you want.

Was the Velociraptor the Biggest Raptor?

The Velociraptor was certainly a scary dinosaur with its sharp teeth and stabbing and cutting claws, but its wasnt the biggest member of the raptor family. The honor is with the Utahraptor which was an incredible 20 ft long and 600- 800 lb raptor. To give you some idea of how big that is an Ostrich is about 150 lb it also came armed with 1 to two inch teeth and claws twice the size of velociraptor.

What is the “Fighting Dinosaur” Fossil?

There is a famous fossil of a Velociraptor and Protoceratops who, it appears, died fighting each other It is a National Treasure of Mongolia, and have travelled for people so see to various museums around the world. The American museum has had this there before, and although not there it does have velociraptor skeletons for you to see.

What Dinosaur Family does Velociraptor Belong to?

dromaeosaurs are the family of dinosaurs that include velociraptors the name dromaeosaurs means ” terrible clawed lizard” Which with this dinosaur is certainly a very accurate name. dromaeosaurs have vicious hooked claws or talons on their hind legs, Velociraptors claw was about 3 inches long, its cousin the Utahraptors claw was 9.5 inches long!

What Movies can you see a Velociraptor In?

If you are a dinosaur fan, like we are, then you will watch dinosaur movies whenever you can. Even the many terrible ones!. There have been a few movies that have featured the velociraptor and the best of these are the Jurassic Park franchise movies. All of them have featured velociraptors in one form or another. you can see the list of these below.

  • Jurassic Park
  • Jurassic Park the Lost World
  • Jurassic Park 3
  • Jurassic World
  • Jurassic World – Fallen Kingdom
  • Jurassic World – Dominion (coming in June 2022)

Hopefully you have learnt something new in our  20 questions and answers  article about the swift thief! They are certainly one of the most famous dinosaurs, and although we can thank the movies for that, there was a lot in those movies that wasn’t 100% true, hopefully we have helped btu some of that right!

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Some of My Dinosaur Resource Recommendations for Home and School.

Thanks for taking the time to read our facts and questions articles, as a teacher myself i have struggled to find resources in one place and that is why this website was born. I simply love teaching students about dinosaurs both in my role as a language and General Studies teacher. However there is sometimes a need for something more concrete than a printout (as useful as we think ours are! )

There is something awesome about the feeling of awe that these amazing creatures instil in our children and students. To further help you, and potentially me, i have included a few resources below that i have found to be incredibly successful when explaining dinosaurs to children, these range form books and resources, to toys fossils and dinosaur figures.

Sometimes having something tactile to touch in those tiny hands help to focus and cement learning and develop those big brains! Hope they are helpful too.

Dinosaur Books and Readers

There are of course hundreds of excellent, and not so excellent books on Dinosaurs for Children out there. So rather than, yet, go into huge detail. I will highlight the ones I love to use with my students from ages 6 to 10. We have include AR in these as well. ( nothing quite like a moving dinosaur in front of you!

Fossil Sets

I cant say how great these are to use in a classroom while reading with a group. the chance to read about a dinosaur and then touch a real piece is simply great. I have a selection ( self confessed dinosaur geek) but a cheap set of 10 or so will do the trick just as well. Dinosaur poop is great as well!!! i pass it round and ask them to guess what it is first!

Dinosaur Figures

I actually use realia in a lot of classes especially with animals and dinosaurs, and figures help to show the kind of animal we are reading about. It is possible to spend hundreds of dollars on dinosaur figures but ther eis no need, either as a teacher or a parent. The set below and similar we have used to help students picture dinosaurs to great effect.

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