Dinosaur Names Beginning With X

There are dinosaurs that begin with every letter for the alphabet and this A to Z of Dinosaurs will cover them, even the rare dinosaur names beginning with X! There are plenty of dinosaurs here, most of them come from China and are named after where they were discovered.

We have an A-Z dinosaur table below to help you navigate through the lists of dinosaurs.


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So let’s check out ALL dinosaur names beginning with X

Dinosaur Names Beginning with X

We have about 15 or so dinosaur names beginning with X here. We have also put the dinosaur name meanings as some are quite strange.


Xenoceratops was a horned dinosaur that lived in North America About 79 million years ago. it was found in 1958 but not classified until 2012. Although it is called Alien, that is referring to its discovery in a fossil area not known for ceratopsian dinosaurs ( horned)

It would have lived about 76 million years ago.

Xenoceratops Name meaning: “Alien Horned Face”


Lived about 140 million years ago in the Early Cretaceous. It was discovered in England in the 1890s but not classified until 2012. was a probable sauropod

its name refers to its strange back bones

Xenoposeidon Name Meaning “Alien poseidon”

argentinosaurus dinosaur beginning with A, dinosaur names beginning with x


Xenotarsosaurus  was possibly a carnotaurus type dinosaur that lived in South America during the late cretaceous period. It was discovered in 1980 and 1986.

it was thought to be 5-5.5 metres long and weight anything from 60-2000 lbs. ( 300-1000kg)

Xenotarsosaurus  Name Meaning: “Stange Ankle Lizard

albertosaurus dinosaurs beginning with a


Xiaosaurus fossils are two few and of poor quality to classify properly but it is thought it may have been a bird hipped herbivore two legged dinosaur.

What they do know is that is was small at about 1 metre long, or 3 feet and lived in the Mid Jurassic about 169-163 million years ago.

Xiaosaurus Name Meaning: “dawn lizard”


Xiaotingia  was a small two legged bird like dinosaur. it was feathered and was discovered in China in 2011.

it lived around 160-155 million years ago. It was 60 cm long and would have weight less that a kilo ( 2lbs). It may have been able to fly short distances. It looked like an Archaeopteryx but was 10 million years (at least) older.

Xiaotingia  Name Meaning: “for Xiaoting”

atrociraptor dinosaur name beginning with a


Xingxiulong was a very early sauropod that lived in China, it was small like most early sauropods (long neck dinosaurs) and would be 13 to 16 feet long and about 5 feet tall.

Like other early long neck dinosaurs it would have waked on two legs ( biped) It lived at the end of the Triassic Period.

Xingxiulong Name Meaning: “XingXu bridge Dragon”


Xinjiangovenator was a possible maniraptoran dinosaur, that lived during the early cretaceous period in China. It was a reasonable size at 3 metres ( 10 feet) and aout 70 kg or 150 lbs.

Xinjiangovenator Name Meaning: “Xinjiang Hunter”


Xinjiangtitan is thought to be one of the largest of all known SAuropods. its length esitamtes range from 88 feet to 105 feet long (27-32 metres) and its weight from 50000 lbs to 90,000 lbs! (25,000 kg, to 40,000kg)

it was also one of the tallest of all dinosaurs at 17 metres or 56 feet tall. It was discovered in 2012 in China and lived about 164 million years ago.

Vectaerovenator Name Meaning: “Xinjiang Titan”


Xiongguanlong was a member of the tyrannosaur family that lived in China about 112 million years ago. it was discovered in 2009.

it was a two legged, ( Dinosaur about as tall as a person and about 10-11 feet long. It was estimated to weight about 300 kg, or 660 lbs.

Xiongguanlong Name Meaning: “grand Pass Dragon”


Was a very small dinosaur with long legs. It was about 50 cm long ( 1.5 feet) and 20 cm high and is one of the smallest of all dinosaurs. it was likely both a great runner and covered in feathers. it belonged to the Alvarezsauridae, which are known for long legs

it was discovered in 2010 and lived about 83 million years ago. .

Xixianykus Name Meaning: “Xixia County Claw”


Xixiasaurus is only known form one specimen and is thought to be a small toodon type dinosaur, again from China, that lived 86 million years ago.

it was discovered in 2010 and was a small dinosaur at about 1.5 metres head to tail, (5ft) and weighing about 18lbs (8 kg) it would also have had feathers like other members of its family.

Xixiasaurus Name Meaning: “Xixia lizard”


Xixiposaurus was a early SAuropod, again from China. it was discovered in 2010 and would have lived about 201 to 183 million years ago.

Xixiposaurus Name Meaning: “Xixipo Lizard:


Xiyunukus is a newly classified (2018) dinosaur that was a long legged small herbivore or omnivore. These were bird like dinosaurs. Alvarezsaurus had strong clawed hands and weak jaws.

it would have lived during the early Cretaceous Period about 120 million years ago, which is useful as it fills the evolutionary gap, of 70 million years!, between the evolution of this dinosaur family the alvarezsaurus between the haplocheirus and the later alvarezsaurus

Xiyunukus Name Meaning: “Western claw”


Xuanhanosaurus was a carnivorous dinosaur that , aagin! lived in China!, it live din the middle of the Jurassic period about 167 to 161 million years ago. it was relatively small, about the same size perhaps a little bigger than a Jurassic park raptor

i was estimated to be 15 feet in length ( 4.5 metres) and weight about 250 kg or 550 lbs. Although it had strong forelimbs it is thought by most to have walked on two legs. it was discovered in 1984.

Xuanhanosaurus Name Meaning: “Xuanhan Lizard

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Xuanhuaceratops had a head looking very much like a turtle, according to the picture. It was a late jurassic dinosaur that lived 150-145 million years ago. however it was a member of the horned dinosaurs ( ceratopsian)

it was discovered in the 1970s in China and was thought to be about 1 metre long (3 feet) and to have walked on two feet.

Xuanhuaceratops Name Meaning: “Xuanhua horned face”


Xuwulong was a hadrosaur that lived in China (no surprises) about 100 million years ago.

Xuwulong Name Meaning: “Xuwu Dragon”

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There are plenty more dinosaurs in our A to Z guide, but we bet you never thought there were so many beginning with the rarest letter of the alphabet! There are over 10 dinosaur names beginning with X in that list you just read through.


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