Dinosaur Names Beginning With Q

Although there are certainly less dinosaur named beginning with Q than other letters there are still more than the letter F! So here you will find dinosaurs like Quantasaurus named after an airline,

We admit, up front, that we added one here that is not a dinosaur, but as its in the Jurassic World Dominion movie, and frankly its awesome we just couldn’t resist, don;t worry we mention its not a dinosaur in its section as well, can you guess which not a dinosaur we included?

So we have that below. All the dinosaurs we can find that begin with the letter Q


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So let’s check out ALL dinosaur names beginning with Q

Dinosaurs Names Beginning with Q

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Qantassaurus despite being named after Australia’s flagship air carrier it could not fly. It was a two legged herbivore that lived about 115 million years ago in Australia. it was a small dinosaur only about 3 metres long ( 9 feet) and a mere tall ( 3 feet) and was likely to be able to run quite fast.

It was similar to a scaled down iguanodon, and lived in Australia when it would have been quite cold, for this reason it was thought that it would have been warm blooded to be able to maintain its body temperature. It was discovered in 1996.

Qantassaurus Name meaning: “Qantas Lizard”

iguanodon 4 legs, 2 legs, first dinosaur qantasaurus


Qianzhousaurus was a Theropod and a tyrannosaurus type dinosaur. It was smaller than its more famous cousin though but lived around the same time 72 -66 million years ago. However it lived in Asia and Tyrannosaurus Rex lived in North America.

Although it was though to be around 21 feet long, it has been suggested to be up to 30 feet as well. Qianzhousaurus would have weighed about 1700 lbs at its smaller length. This smaller size is thought to have allowed them to hunt smaller prey and not compete with the larger carnivores like tarbosaurus as well. Qianzhousaurus was discovered in 2010.

Qianzhousaurus Name Meaning “Qianzhou lizard”


Qiaowanlong  is a sauropod discovered in 2007 in China. It was a medium sized sauropod ( long necked dinosaur) and was thought to grow to about 39 feet long (12 metres) and weigh over 13000 lbs, or 6000 kg.

it was first thought to be like a brachiosaurus but was later, in 2010, reassigned to the Euhelopus family. It was alive around 123 -113 million years ago.

Qiaowanlong Name Meaning: “Qiaowan dragon


Qiupalong was a feathered dinosaur, that lived outside what is now the Gobi desert in China. It lived during the Late Cretaceous Period 76 to 66 million years ago.

it is a member of the ostrich like dinosaurs the “Ornithomimid”which means ostrich mimic. it was discovered in 2011 it was thought to have first lived in canada, the species not this particular qiupalong!

 dinosaur names beginning with Q t

Qiupalong Name Meaning: “Qiupa Dragon”


Quaesitosaurus was a sauropod dinosaur that is known from a rare fossil. the skull was found in 1971 in Mongolia, and not examined until 1983 ( no idea how they wait so long!!!) It was thought to be a little like a diplodocus in build.

As only the skull has been found it is not known how large this dinosaur was, however it is known that it lived about 75 to 73 million years ago.

Quaesitosaurus Name Meaning: “extraordinary lizard”

dinosaur names beginning with Q t


And here it is, totally not a dinosaur, despite its size, and living at the same time as dinosaurs. The Quetzalcoatlus is a pterosaur, and was the largest flying animal ever on earth. It had at least a 36 feet wing span and would be a similar length. When standing up it would be as tall as a giraffe to the top of its head.

We know it is not a dinosaur, but as it lived 68 to 66 million years ago we think we can be sneaky and put in in here as there are not that many dinosaur names beginning with the letter q! We have a full page on this amazing pterosaur here and linked below.

Quetzalcoatlus Name Meaning: “feathered serpent God”


Quilmesaurus is thought to be very similar to a carnotaurus, although as only leg bone fossils have been found it is unknown if it had horns on its head. It is thought to be one of the smaller members of the abelisaurids family at 17 feet long.

it lived around 72 – 66 million years ago and was discovered in the 1980s but not described until 2001. ( no idea how they can leave bones laying about for so long!!)

Quilmesaurus Name Meaning: “Quilme Lizard”

dinosaur names beginning with Q t

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I take it you spotted that Quetzalcoatlus is not a dinosaur, officially, though in our eyes we still count it !

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