Dinosaur Names Beginning With I

Unsurprisingly there are considerably less dinosaur names beginning with I than other letters, but even less than i would have guessed. So this page is pretty short. however we have all the dinosaur names beginning with I here, and if we missed any feel free to get in touch if we missed any or if you just named one and want it added!!

You Will find some favourites here in the letter I page though. Including some of the first ever dinosaurs discovered like iguanodon, and proof that even people who work with dinosaur fossils have bad days with the irritator dinosaurs all on this page.

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Dinosaurs Names Beginning with I

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Ichthyovenator is the first of the dinosaur names beginning with I in this list and the first of 2 spinosaurid dinosaurs. This one live din what is now Laos about 125 – 11 million years ago. it was found in 2010 although no skull has been found they have found teeth, the torso and vertebrae have been.

it was pretty big at 28-34 feet long (8-10.5 metres) and about 6,000 pounds As it has been classified as a Spinosaurus type dinosaur it would have had a long pointy head like a crocodile and probably preyed on fish.

Ichthyovenator Name meaning: “Fish Hunter”


Ignavusaurus is an early,very early, Sauropod dinosaur ( the long neck dinosaurs) That lived in lesotho. it lived in the Early Jurassic period about 200 million years ago and it was discovered in 2002 but not described till 2010. (we still have no idea how they can hold off describing new dinosaurs for so long)  

Like a lot of early Sauropods it was quite small, and not like their later descendants. Ignavusaurus is estimated to be only about 5 feet long, and about 50 lbs. in weight.

Ignavusaurus Name Meaning: ” Coward Lizard”


Iguanacolossus was an iguanodon herbivore type dinosaur about 9 metre long (30 feet) and a wide range of weight estimates from 2200 to 8800 Lbs in weight or about 1-4000 kg. it would have been about 9 feet tall when on four legs and considerably taller on 2.

It was discovered in 2005 in Utah and would have lived 139 to 134 million years ago.

Iguanacolossus Name Meaning: : “Udan’s horned face”


Iguanodon is one of the earliest both found and named dinosaurs. It was named in 1825 but there was some dispute about whether it was a Dinosaur, a fish or a Rhino. it would have lived in what is now in England about 126 to 122 million years ago.

It was a big dinosaur and could grow up to 23 to 30 feet long and weigh up 8,000 lbs and was a herbivore.

Iguanodon Name Meaning: “Iguana Teeth


Ilokelesia was discovered in 1991 in Argentina and was a Carnivorous Theropod dinosaur that lived in the beginning of the Late Cretaceous about 95 million years ago.

It was medium sized for a carnivore and and would have been about 4 metres long ( 13 feet) and 440 lbs in weight. Although it was later scaled up in size to 19 ft and almost 2000 lbs.

Ilokelesia Name Meaning: “For Ilokeles”

Dinosaur names beginning with A , allosaurus


Incisivosaurus was a theropod dinosaur though scientists think rather than a carnivore it was a herbivore that lived in china 126 -124 million years ago. It was quite small and the reason it is presumed to be a herbivore is its front incisor like teeth. incisors are the same kind of teeth that rabbits and mice have.

Incisivosaurus it was under 1 metre long and less than 10 lbs in weight. It has been classed an an Oviraptor.


Incisivosaurus Name Meaning: “Incisor Lizard”


Indosuchus  even though being named after a crocodile actually walked on 2 feet towards the end of the time of the dinosaurs about 70-66 million years ago. it was discovered in 1933.

it could be up to 7 metres long ( 23 Feet) and 4-5000 Lbs in weight. it was most certainly a carnivore.

Indosuchus Name Meaning: “Indus Crocodile

Nasutoceratops herds, Nasutoceratops t rex, Nasutoceratops horns long


Indosaurus is only known from missing fossils. It was thought to be a Carnotaurus type dinosaur discovered in 1933 but then lost. It was thought to live 69 to 66 million years ago is India.

indosaurus Name Meaning “Indian lizard”

dinosaur names beginning with Q and I


Irritator Lived about 110 million years ago in what is now Brazil. it got its very unique name from the paleontologists who reclaimed the fossil after it had been sold on the black market only to discover that it had been damaged and changed by fossil collectors.

Irritator was a smaller Spinosaurus that its more famous and much MUCH larger cousin. it was about 7.5 meters long and about 2000 lbs. There Have been a few species identified of this dinosaur.

Irritator Name Meaning: “Irritating”


Isaberrysaura was a stegosaur type dinosaur, however it originally was not thought to resemble one very much. It was also suggested to be a bird like dinosaur as well.

Its new classification as a Stegosaurian puts it at about 16-20 feet long. It was discovered in 2017 and would have lived 168 million years ago.

Isaberrysaura Name Meaning: ” For isabel berry”


Isanosaurus was a smallish sauropod dinosaur from what is now thailand that lived possibly during the late Triassic or late jurassic, the estimates range from 214 to 145 million years ago.

The fossil may not have been a full grown dinosaur when it died, it was 6.5 meters (21 feet) It was discovered in 1998.

Isanosaurus Name Meaning: “Isan Lizard”


Ischioceratops was a horned dinosaur living in china 69 million years ago. it was quite small at about 2 metres long ( 6.5 feet) It was beaked like other ceratopsians, but didn’t have the horns its more famous relative had.

Ischioceratops Name Meaning: “Ischium horned Face”


Isisaurus was discovered in 1984 and 1986, and lived around 70 million years ago. It was a Sauropod, and originally thought to be a titanosaur, however it was given its own family later.

Isisaurus Name Meaning: “Indian Statistical Institute Lizard”

dinosaur names beginning with Q t

Utah Raptor Name Meaning: “Utah thief”

The parasaurolophus facts

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We hope you learned a little more about these dinosaur names begging with I, there may not be so many but there are great ones. if you did read about the irritator then you will know that fossils are quite often stolen and sold on the back market.

So who knows how many dinosaurs there really are. However to learn about the 1000 plus dinosaurs we do know about you can use the table below.


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