Dinosaur Names Beginning With W

Sometimes people like to name dinosaurs after themselves, there are actually quite a few. One where is the Wendysaurus, which was named after its finder, and is possibly the most famous dinosaur in the dinosaur names beginning with W list.

However there are plenty of others of dinosaur names beginning with W, like wellhofnia which was an Early bird like dinosaur like archeopteryx


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So let’s check out ALL dinosaur names beginning with W

Dinosaurs Names Beginning with W

W is not so often used as a first letter for Dinosaur names so this list is short compared to most letters, still we have all the dinosaurs, and some that have been renamed, here for you to learn about.


Wakinosaurus was a carnivore dinosaur from japan. It is not a well known dinosaur and is only known from one tooth of about 1.3 inches long. It was alive in the Early Cretaceous.

It was found in 1990 by an ice hockey player.

Wakinosaurus Name Meaning: : “Wakino Lizard”


Wannanosaurus was an early pachycephalosaurus ancestor, and really small one at that! it was just about 2 feet long from head to tail and and had a flat skull rather than a domed skull like other pachycephalosaurs.

Only one fossil has been found and that was found in China in 1977, and its name comes from the area it was discovered. it lived about 72 to 69 million years ago. it is thought like other pachycephalosaurians it would have been an omnivore.

Wannanosaurus Name meaning: “Wannan Lizard”

Archaeopteryx dinsoaur names beginning with A, dinosaur names beginning with W


Wellnhoferia was found in germany in 2001 and is a bird like dinosaur from around the same time as Archaeopteryx and although it would have looked pretty similar there were some differences between the two. Wellnhoferia had a shorter tail, and toes.

These differences are argued to be minimal and that the two may have actually been the same dinosaur. They both lived around 150 million years ago, in the same area, and looked remarkably similar so it’s easy to see where the confusion and disagreements comes from.

Wellnhoferia Name Meaning “For Wellnhofer”


Wendiceratops is another species of horned dinosaur that lived in North America about 79 million years ago. It was the second horned dinosaur fossils to be found in 2015.

it was a medium sized ceratopsian, at about 20 feet long (6 meters) long. and would have lived with troodon, parasaurolophus, and albertaceratops.

Wendiceratops  Name Meaning: “Wendy Horn Face

Horned dinosaur eotriceratops


Wiehenvenator was a carnivore dinosaur, a member of the megalosaurus family. It lived about 166 to 164 million years ago in what is now Germany. Although it was first suggested to be 49 feet in length it was scaled down in 2012 to 39 feet, and prior to that it was 23 – 26 feet in 2003.

At any of those sizes it was still one of the biggest theropod dinosaurs to be found in Europe. It was found in 2016 and is still being researched.

Wiehenvenator Name Meaning: “Weihen Hills Hunter”


Willinakaqe may or may not be a hadrosaur type dinosaur. That lived around 70-66 million years ago. The fossils are quite widespread and in 2016 it was suggested that they might be from more than one type of hadrosaur.

As it was discovered in 2010 Research is still ongoing.

Willinakaqe Name Meaning: “Southern Duck Mimic”


Wintonotitan was a herbivore sauropod dinosaur that found in 1974 in Australia, it was first thought to be Austrosaurus. However in 2009 it as though that Wintonotitan and Austrosaurus may be the same dinosaur as there were little differences between the two.

Wintonotitan Name Meaning: “Winton Titan”

dinosaur names beginning with f, dinsoaur names beginning with w


Was a stegosaurus type dinosaur, that lived about 132 -113 million years ago. Even though that was a very long time ago but considering most dinosaurs of this type were much earlier it actually makes it later than most others.

It lived in China at that time and was originally thought to be about 23 ft long and would weigh up to 8800 lbs. however this was scaled down to 16 feet long, and 2600 lbs.

Wuerhosaurus Name Meaning: “Wuerho Lizard”


Wulagasaurus is another Hadrosaur beginning with W. It was thought to be a large hadrosaur at about 30 ft long and 7,000 lbs. These hadrosaurs did not have the crest that they are famous for.

it was discovered in 2008 and lived about 69 – 66 million years ago.

Wulagasaurus Name Meaning: “Wulaga Lizard”

The parasaurolophus facts


Wutatelong was an oviraptor type dinosaur discovered in 2009 but classified in 2013. it was very small at about 20 cm long and about 10 cm tall.

Wutatelong Name Meaning: “Wutate Dragon”


Wyleyia is now thought to be a bird, bit was suggested and still occasionally argued to be a coelurosaur. It lived about 140 to 136 million years ago.

Wyleyia Name Meaning: ” for Wyley”

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We warned you that there weren’t many dinosaur names beginning with W. So if you still have energy you can check out the table below and learn about some more by picking another letter.


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