Dinosaur Names Beginning With K

Dinosaurs like Kosmoceratops, and Khaan are all dinosaur names beginning with K. There are not so many of them yet. However there are horned and armoured herbivores, and some carnivores in the K list .

Of course there are new dinosaurs discovered all the time, so as we find out we will add them to this list. You can message us if your favorite dinosaur name beginning with K is missing!

you can checkout the other dinosaur names in the table below

The table below has All the dinosaur names we can find that begin with the letter K


The table above will take you to the Dinosaurs beginning with k

So let’s take a look at ALL dinosaur names beginning with K

Dinosaurs Names Beginning with K

we have information on each dinosaur here, just a few details as the pages get long! If we have an article on the dinosaur you can click the name to jump there and learn even more.


Kaatedocus was a diplodocus type dinosaur that lived 155 million years ago in Wyoming Untied States. It was discovered in 1934 in stash of 3000 sauropod bones!

Kaatedocus Name meaning: “Small beam”


Kaijiangosaurus Was a carnivorous dinosaur living in China, it was a Theropod dinosaur that lived in the Middle Jurassic period.

It was about 5 metres long and was discovered in 1984.

Kaijiangosaurus Name Meaning “Kaijian Lizard”


Kazaklambia was a member of the crested dinosaur family but without a crest discovered in Kazakhstan in 1968. It lived 86-83 million years ago.

Kazaklambia Name Meaning: “Kazak Lambeosaur

Kentrosaurus , dinosaur names beginning with k



It a stegosaur type dinosaur from the late jurassic. 152 million years ago. It was discovered in 1909 in Tanzania, from Africa.

it was smaller than its more famous family member the Stegosaurus. it was 15 feet, was 4.5 metres and about 2200 lbs or 1100 kg. It looked different to stegosaurus as it had not just plates on its back but spikes on shoulders.

These spikes could have been 73 centimetres long!

Kentrosaurus Name Meaning: “Pointed Tail Lizard”


Kerberosaurus was a duckbill dinosaur from the late cretaceous period 66 million years ago in Russia. it close relations were saurolophus and prosaurolophus.

It was discovered in 1984, and was fairly large. it would have been about 26 feet long.

Kerberosaurus Name Meaning: “Kerberos Lizard”

oviraptor jurassic world dominion dinosaur


Khaan was a small oviraptor dinosaur that lived in mongolia 75 -71 million years ago. It was about 1 metre long (3 feet) and about 60 cm tall.

It was discovered in 2001.

Khaan  Name Meaning: “Ruler”


Kileskus was a member of the tyrannosaur family that lived in Russia 166 million years ago. It was about 5 metres in length, (17 feet) and would have weighed about 700 kg, 1500 lbs. It was distinguished by a nose crest.

It Was discovered in 2010

Kileskus Name Meaning: “Lizard”

albertosaurus dinosaurs beginning with a


Kinnareemimus was a member of the ostrich type dinosaurs. It was discovered in 1990s, It is known only by small incomplete fossils It was found in Thailand and would have lived 129-125 million years ago.

Kinnareemimus Name Meaning: “Kinnaree Mimic”

Nasutoceratops herds, Nasutoceratops t rex, Nasutoceratops horns long


Kol was a Theropod dinosaur that lived in Mongolia, which is where its name comes from ( Kol is foot in Mongolian) It lived 75 million years ago during the late cretaceous period.

it was thought to be a member of the Alvarez dinosaurs, and would have been about 1-8 2.4 metres long ( 6-8 feet) and weigh 20-24 kg ( 44-5 lbs. ) It also has the second shortest name of any dinosaur with Mei. ( the shortest is yi)

Kol Name Meaning: “foot”


Koreaceratops Was a horned dinosaur discovered in 2008 in Korea ( as can be seen from the name) . It may have been a contender for swimming dinosaur along with Spinosaurus, which would make it only the second ever dinosaur to be thought of as spending more time in water.

It was thought to be about 4.5 feet long, 1. metres. and weight about 30 kg, 70 lbs. It lived during the Early Cretaceous

Koreaceratops Name Meaning: “Korea Hored face”


Koreanosaurus was a quadruped ( walked on 4 legs). Which is unusual for type of dinosaur it was. (ornithischian) It was about 2.4 metres long, about 8 feet. and abotu 40 kg, 88 lbs.

It was about 80 million years old and was discovered in 2003.

Koreanosaurus Name Meaning: “Korean Lizard”

dinosaur names beginning with K Kosmoceratops


Kosmoceratops was discovered in 2006 and lived 76 million years ago in utah. it was 15 feet, about 4.5 metres long. and would weigh 1200 kg, or 2500 lbs. it had two long horns above its eyes and a small nose bump horn.

Kosmoceratops Name Meaning: “Ornamented Horned Face”


Kotasaurus was a sauropod (long neck) dinosaur from What is now India. it lived 189 to 183 million years ago. being from the Early Jurassic makes it a very early member of the sauropods.

It was about 9 metres long (30 Feet) and weighed about 5400 lbs 9 2500 kg)

Kotasaurus Name Meaning: “Kota Formation Lizard”

apatosaurus dinosaur names beginning with a, dinosaur names beginning with v


Kryptops was a duck billed hadrosaur dinosaur from North America. tha lived 74 to 66 million years ago.

it was discovered in 1904 and was a large hadrosaur. it is estimated to be 30 feet in length and giht up to 8500 lbs.

Kritosaurus Name Meaning: “Separated lizard”

The parasaurolophus facts, dinosaur names beginning with k


Kryptops was a abelisaur Theropod ( two legged meating eating) dinosaur from Niger. It lived during the Early Cretaceous about 110 million years ago. It was discovered in 2008.

It was about 20 -23 feet long

Kryptops  Name Meaning: “covered face”


Kukufeldia is now considered to be a Barilium. However it was an Early Iguanodon type dinosaur that would have lived in England and was discovered in 1888 about 140 mill years ago during the late cretaceous. It would have been about 8 metres long.

Kukufeldia Name Meaning: “Cuckoos field”

Dinosaur Facts Iguanodon Facts dinosaur names beginning with k


Kulindadromeus was a feathered Bipedal (2 legs) dinosaur with strong long legs. it was about 1.5 metres long (5 feet)

It was discovered in 2010 and named in 2014. it lived during the jurassic Period about 168-166 million years ago.

Kulindadromeus Name Meaning: “Kulinda runner”


Kundurosaurus  was a hadrosaur dinosaur that lived at the end of the age of the dinosaurs about 67-66 million years ago in what is now Russia. It as discovered in 2012.

Kundurosaurus Name Meaning: “Kundur Lizard”

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there you have all the dinosaurs we know of beginning with K so far. As we mentioned there are about 50 dinosaurs named each year so this page will keep growing as paleontologist keep digging!


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