Dinosaur Names Beginning With B

Brachiosaurus, Barosaurus and Bambiraptor ( less cute than it sounds) are all dinosaur names beginning with B, but there are plenty more. We will take a look at all of them in this article. They cover all the main types of dinosaur including huge herbivores like the two mentioned above but also the later feathered carnivores. Hopefully you find some dinosaurs you didn’t know here.

there are over 50 dinosaurs names beginning with B so this will be quite a list. We have added return to top buttons to make your navigation easier.

Also, as with all of our A to Z dinosaur pages we have the table below to help you check other dinosaurs, we aim to cover them all but of course there are new dinosaurs almost every week so bear with us!


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Dinosaurs Names Beginning with B

we have information on each dinosaur here, just a few details as the pages get long! If we have an article on the dinosaur you can click the name to jump there and learn even more.


6 dinosaur skeletons were discovered in 1933 of what looks like a family group. It was quite big when fully grown and grew to 20 ft long ( 6 metres) and over 7000 lbs in weight. Although its name means club lizard this was to do with its back bones rather than any weapon it had!


though it did live at around the same time during the Late cretaceous 72 million years ago. It was found in the Gobi desert ( so many fossils there) in the 1970s. It was though it might have tail quills and a small horn on its small face. it would have weighed about 50 lbs when full size.

Bagaceratops Name Meaning: “Small horned face”


was a therapod carnivorous dinosaur discovered / named in 1996. it lived in Mongolia about 70 million years ago.

Bagaraatan Name Meaning: “Small beast of Prey”

Bagaraatan dinosaur names beginning with B


The bombing raid that took out so many fossils during the second world war has a lot to answer for. It destroyed the Spinosaurus and Aegyptousaurus fossils as well as the bahariasaurus fossils.

Although they are gone the research that was undertaken before they were destroyed had this large theoropd at sizes similar to the top 4 largest predators. it could be possibly 39 feet long and 9000 lbs in weight.

Bahariasaurus was discovered between 1910 and 20 in Egypt and lived during the late cretaceous, 95 million years ago.

Baharaiasaurus Name Meaning “Baharia Lizard”


was another Argentinian Sauropod that lived about 145 million years ago. It was about 4 to 5 metres long which is small for these long necked dinosaurs and is thought to have had logn spikes or spines come from the back of the neck like the amargasaurus.

Bajadasaurus Name Meaning: “Downhill Lizard”


balaur was another carnivore – that’s three in a row and we haven’t even got to baryonyx yet – . It is named after a dragon from romania, and although dragons are thought to be large balaur was small at about 2 metres long ( 6 feet) It is thought to be feathered it was found in 1997, and lived about 70 million years ago in what is now europe.

It was discovered in 1984, and was fairly large. it would have been about 26 feet long.

Balaur Name Meaning “Dragon”


Balochisaurus was a sauropod only known from very few remains. it lived in what is now Pakistan during the late cretaceous period. It was named after the Balochi tribe in Pakistan and was discovered in 2006.

Balochisaurus Name Meaning: “Balochi Lizard”

Did Velociraptors Hunt In Packs



Bambiraptor – yes it was named after the cute disney cartoon – was a member of the raptor family ( dromaeosaur) it was found as a juvenile and the adult has been estimated to be 2- 3 metres long. it had long legs and was thought to be be a fast runner

Although its brain was smaller compared to modern birds, it was larger ( in proportion) to other raptors and it is thought it might have been smarter than other members of its family. In fact it had the largest brain for its size for any dinosaur so far, maybe a contender for the smartest dinosaur title!

It was discovered in 1995 by then 14 year old Wes Linster in Montana and it would have lived in the Late Cretaceous.

Bambiraptor name meaning: “Bambi thief”

Banji Long

Was an oviraptor type dinosaur than lived in china 66 million years ago. Banji was a carnivore but a small one at 2 feet long although it was a young specimen that was found. its head had a large, for its size, crest that had groves along the side. It was discovered in 2006.

Bajadasaurus Name Meaning: “Striped Crest Dragon”


bannykus was a small dinosaur but large for a member of the alvarezsaur family. and weighed about 50 lbs. i would have been about 6 ft long.

it lived in what is now Mongolia during the Early Cretaceous 125 -113 million year ago and was discovered in 2009 but named in 2018.

Bannykus Name Meaning: ” Half Claw”


Barapasaurus was an early Sauropod, and it was a special one, Although it lived 196-183 million years ago it was more like the sauropods that came later and unlike earlier sauropods was probably unable to spend any significant time on its hind legs. It was a quadruped dinosaur ( 4 legs)

it was about 40-50 feet long and would have weighed about 16000 lbs. It Was discovered in 2010

Barapasaurus Name Meaning: “big legged lizard”

apatosaurus dinosaur names beginning with a


Barilium was an iguanodon from the UK. ( many have been found there) It was discovered in 1888 and lived about 140 million years ago. it was thought to be about 26 feet long.

Barilium Name Meaning: “heavy Stomach”

Dinosaur Facts Iguanodon Facts



Barosaurus was a giant Sauropod ( potentially the biggest ever) that lived that lived 150 million years ago during the late jurassic. Although it was usually about 85 feet long and 40-50,000 Lbs. ( big enough) There are bones discovered that may indicate it could grown to 157 feet long, and be 140,000 lbs…. that would be HUGE. You can read more about this and other super sized sauropods here.

It was discovered in the USA in 1889

Barosaurus Name Meaning: “heavy lizard”


barsboldia was a hadrosaur, resembling an iguanodon that lived in what is now Mongolia 70 million years ago. It was a sizable dinosaur at 33 feet long and about 11000 lbs in weight. it was discovered in 1981

Barsboldia Name Meaning: “of barsbold”

jurassic world Dominion baryonyx


Baryonyx is an iconic dinosaur. It is the most complete fossil of the Spinosaurus family and was discovered in 1983 in the UK. Although smaller than the more famous spinosaurus it was still a very large carnivore dinosaur at 25-33 feet long and about 3500 lbs ( 1700 kg) it is named after a huge claw on its front limbs that could be 12 inches long.

It has been found with fish scales in its stomach and may have hunted fish in the water as well.

Baryonyx Name Meaning: “Heavy Claw”


Batyrosaurus is a early hadrosaur ( there were a lot of these) from kazakhstan is was found in 2012 and was about 17 – 20 feet long .It Lived around 84 million years ago.

Batyrosaurus Name Meaning: “Batyro Lizard”


Bayosaurus was a carnivore from Argentina that was discovered in 2006 ( and named) It was likely a member of the Abelisauroid dinosaur family about 4 metres long. It is still being studied so its name may change. It lived about 93 – 89 million years ago.

Bayosaurus Name Meaning: “Bayo Mesa reptile”


becklespinax was an early cretaceous dinosaur that lived 140 -133 million years ago. It was discovered in 1850 it has bounced around families of carnivores for over a 100 years, from Spinosaurus, to allosaur. it did have a less pronounced backcrest and was suggested to be about 6-7 metres long.

Becklespinax Name Meaning: “With high spines”

The parasaurolophus facts, dinosaur names beginning with k


Beibeilong was similar to gigantoraptor but less evolved. It is also only known from the eggs and embryos of a nest of eggs! it was found in 1993 In china and was an oviraptor. Although scientists cant be sure yet it may even have grown to the same size as gigantoraptor.

ahd it hatched, it would have walked the earth about 90 million years ago.

Beibeilong Name Meaning: “baby dragon”


Beipiaognathus was discovered in 2016 and was a theropod from the coelurosaur family. it as from the Early Cretaceous period living about 125 million years ago.

Beipiaognathus Name Meaning: ” Beipiao Jaw”


Beipiaosaurus was a therizinosaurus found in China in 1996. It is a dinosaur we actually know the color of as it was fossilized with feather impressions. ( it was disappointingly brown if you are wondering)

They were not as big as their movie star cousin the Therizinosaurus, and would only be about 7 feet long and 1-200 bs in weight. It lived in the Early Cretaceous about 125 million years ago.

Beipiaosaurus Name Meaning: “Bei Piao lizard”

dinosaur with long claws name jurassic world dominion dinosaur dinosaur name beginning with J


beishanlong is a ostrich type dinosaur from china that lived 115-100 million years ago. It was big for this type of dinosaur and could be longer and as tall as a gallimimus, it was up to 8 metres ( 26 feet) long and would have been over 1300 lbs in weight ( 600kg)

it was still growing when it died, and was discovered in 2007.

Beishanlong Name Meaning: “North Mountain Dragon”


bellusaurus was a small (for a sauropod) long necked dinosaur, except that this one didn’t have a particularly long neck. it was about 16 feet long and was found in the same place as 16 other dinosaurs. It looked like they had been killed together.

Suggestions they may have been not fully grown and they were together as a nursery group have not been proven but hold weight. They were named in 1991 after being discovered in China.

Bellusaurus Name Meaning: “small delicate lizard”


berberosaurus was a carnivore from the Early jurassic 180 million years ago. ( so many carnivores begin with b!) It was about 16 feet long and 660 lbs ( 300 Kg)

berberosaurus Name Meaning: “berber Lizard”


Betasuchus is another carnivore in the list of dinosaur names beginning with B. This one is rare though as it was found in the Netherlands. It is only known from one bone, from its leg so not much can be studied from that.

However it was a Theropod and did live about 66 million years ago and it was discovered in 1883.

BetaSuchus Name Meaning: ” B Crocodile”


is a member of the coelurosaurian family of dinosaurs and was a carnivore. it was small at about 3 metres long and lived 90 million years ago. It was found in 2012.

Bicentenaria Name Meaning: “for Bicentennial”

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Bissektipelta was a member of the ankylosaur family although earlier than its larger cousin. it lived 90 or so million years ago . it name, unfortunately doesn’t have any relation to biscuits, bit rather the area it was found.

Bissektipelta Name Meaning: “Bissekti Shield”


was a member of the tyrannosaur family found in new Mexico in the USA. As an adult and juvenile were found together it might have actually been a family! It would have lived 75 mil years ago. it was a medium to large sized carnivore at about 26 to 19 feet long, and 7000 lbs. it was discovered in 2010.

Bistahieversor Name Meaning: ” Bistahi Destroyer”

Nasutoceratops herds, Nasutoceratops t rex, Nasutoceratops horns long
Dinosaur beginning with B


Blasisaurus has been discovered in Spain in 2010. and was a hadrosaur.Only a skull has been found so far.

Blasisaurus Name Meaning: “Blasi Lizard”


Blikanasaurus was an early long necked dinosaur from 210 million years ago. It is only a partial fossil no not much more is known except that is was a stocky dinosaur.

Blikanasaurus Name Meaning: “Blikana lizard”


was a hadrosaur that was found in China. It was small at 4 metres (13 Feet) ( small for an iguanodon type dinosaur anyway) it would have been alive about 125 million years ago

Bolong Name Meaning: ” Bo’s Dragon”


Bonapartenykus was an alvarezsaur family dinosaur from South America, it was 8 to 9 fee tlong (2.5 to 3 metres) and about 75 pounds. Which is quite light, however it would have been the biggest of its family. It lived in the LAte cretaceous

Bonapartenykus Name Meaning: “Bonaparte Claw”


Bonapartesaurus was another hadrosaur dinosaur. This one lived in argentina during the late cretaceous period.and was unearthed in 1984.

Bonapartesaurus Name Meaning: ” Bonapartes lizard”


Annnnnnd another dinosaur named for Jose Fernando Bonaparte ( a famous paleontologist) this one was a titanosaur and discovered in 2004.

Bonatitan Name Meaning: ” Bonapartes titan”


Was a Sauropod, a small one, that lived about 86 to 83 million years ago. it had a shorter neck that most sauropods. It was discovered in 2004, it was found in Argentina.

Bonitasaura Name Meaning: “La Bonita Lizard”

Ankylosaurus facts , dinosaur


As pelta means shield in greek you can work out this was an ankylosaur dinosaur that lived during the early cretaceous in Canada. It was found almost complete and incredibly detailed. So well fossilized that they could even work out that it would have been a shade of red when it was alive!!

it was discovered in 2011 in a mine in Alberta.

Borealopelta Name Meaning: “Northern Shield”


boreonykus Was a raptor family member that lived in Canada around the same time as atrociraptor. Only pieces have been found of it so far in 2001.

boreonykus Name Meaning: “Northern Claw”

atrociraptor dinosaur name beginning with a


Is named after a lewis carroll poem, and was discovered in 1971, in Mongolia. it was a troodon dinosaur and it was about 6 feet long, and up to 50 lbs.

Borogovia Name Meaning: “Bonaparte Claw”


Another early sauropod, and early discovered as it was found in 1875 in England. It lived 157 -152 million years ago.

Bothriospondylus Name Meaning: “excavated vertebra”


Brachiosaurus lived 154-150 million years ago and was one of the most famous dinosaurs. Especially after being the first dinosaur seen in Jurassic Park. it was a huge sauropod and you can find out more about it here, but it was about 70 feet long and 80,000 lbs in weight. it lived in North America.

you can read more about the brachiosaurus here.

Brachiosaurus Name Meaning: “Arm Lizard”

Brachyceratops –

Brachyceratops was discovered in 1913 in the USA. It was a member of the horned dinosaur family and lived about 74 million years ago.

it didn’t have full grown horns like other members of the family and only had the frill and a short horns. Which is where is name comes from.

Brachyceratops Name Meaning: “Short horned face”


This was a hadrosaur dinosaur (duck billed) that was also from montana in the USA. it was found in 1922 but named in 1955. It was quite large at 36 feet maximum length and about 16,000 lbs.

Brachylophosaurus Name Meaning: “Short crested Lizard”

Dinosaur Facts Iguanodon Facts


Was an early sauropod that lived 160 to 150 million years ago in argentina ( where else!) it was found in 2005 and had a relatively short neck when compared to some of the other sauropods discovered in argentina.

Iit was about 33 feet long ( 10 metres) and was an adult when found.

Brachytrachelopan Name Meaning: “Short necked god of the shepherds”


Bradycneme was found in 1975 but only a part of a leg. its full name is Bradycneme Dracul but there no evidence of vampirism! it was a thropod that was alive 70 -66 million years ago.

Bradycneme Name Meaning: ” Ponderous leg”

ceratosaurus dinosaur with spikes on its head


Brasilotitan – The name gives this dinosaurs location away, it was a sauropod that lived during 70 million years ago. and was classified in 2013

Brasilotitan Name Meaning: ” Brazil giant”


Bravoceratops was a Texas dinosaur! It is only known from is skull which was not in one piece when found. it would have had three horns, two large ones above the eyes and a small nose horn

Bravoceratops Name Meaning: “Wild horn Face”


Breviparopus is only known from its footprints! it is thought to be a large sauropod dinosaur, but not the largest as has been claimed int he past. Currently it was though to be made by a dinosaur with feet large than 90 cm and a possible length of 110 feet.

When it made the tracks it was about 130-120 million years ago

Breviparopus Name Meaning: “Heavy Feet “


Brontomerus was another Sauropod, however this one lived in North America about 100-110 million years ago. it was a medium sized long necked dinosaur of about 46 feet (14 metres) and is known for its largest of any legs muscles. ( hence the name)

it was discovered in 1994 in Utah and it is thought that its big muscles were there not for running but for kicking! Possibly even giving a good kick to Utahraptor that lived at the same time in the same place.

Brontomerus Name Meaning: “Thunder Thighs”

dinosaur names beginning with f, dinsoaur names beginning with w


Bruhathkayosaurus  is a contender for largest dinosaur ever, but the dinosaur fossil that could claim that was beyond repair and in pieces in 2017. When it was described in 1987 it was suggested to be larger than Argentinosaurus at 115 feet long and 170,000 lbs in weight. ( 80,000 kg)

it was discovered in India, and although no one will go fully on the record the upper size estimates for Bruhathkayosaurus actually make it larger than a blue whale.

So while argentinosaurus may hold the record at the moment two lesser known sauropods may have actually been bigger.

Bruhathkayosaurus and the amphicoelias ( now renamed to the maraapunisaurus) which you can read about on the link below.

Bruhathkayosaurus Name Meaning: “Massive bodied Lizard”


Bugensaura has been renamed / classified to Thescelosaurus but was a two legged dinosaur that lived 66 million years ago in the USA. it was about 8 to 13 feet long 9 2.5 to 4 metres) and was a herbivore.

Bugensaura Name Meaning: “large cheeked lower region lizard”


Buitreraptor was a small raptor family member ( dromaeosaur) that lived in South America. it was found in 2004, and lived just under 100 million years ago.

It was about 5 feet long and 7 lbs in weight.

Buitreraptor Name Meaning: “Vulture roost thief”


Burianosaurus is a european dinosaur, it is actually the first known dinosaur from the czech republic. it was an iguanodon type dinosaur. It was found in 2003 and lived in the Late cretaceous.

Burianosaurus Name Meaning: “Buriano’s Lizard”


Buriolestes was a very Early Sauropod dinosaur that lived 233 million years ago! It lived in what is now Brazil but certainly wasn’t Brazil then! It was very small at about 1.5 metres long and would have walked on two legs. it is one of the most complete Triassic dinosaurs to be found.

It was discovered in 2009 and named in 2016

Buriolestes Name Meaning: “Burio Robber”


We finish the dinosaur names beginning with b – back in Asia with the Byronosaurus. it was a troodon type dinosaur that lived during the late cretaceous. There were a lot of species like this at that time on Mongolia.

although it had plenty of teeth it had no serrations on them which is unusual in a carnivore dinosaur, they actually looked like archaeopteryx teeth. it was about 1.5 metres long and a.5 feet tall. It was feathered an lived 80 to 75 million years ago.

Bonapartenykus Name Meaning: “Byron’s Lizard”


there you have all the dinosaurs we know of beginning with B so far. As we mentioned there are about 50 dinosaurs named each year so this page will keep growing as paleontologist keep digging!


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