Dinosaur Names Beginning With J

There are less dinosaur names beginning with J than we would have thought. we have listed them below for you though, and you can check out huge sauropods like Jobaria and the hunting dinosaurs like Juravenator.

There are over 1000 names dinosaurs, which when you divide that by 26 letters means about 40 dinosaurs per letter. however it doesn’t work out that way, and J is one of the letters with fewer dinosaurs.

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Dinosaurs Names Beginning with J

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Jainosaurus was a titanosaur from Asia, specifically what is now India. There have been no accurate size estimates yet of this long necked dinosaur.

However it is known that it lived in the Late Cretaceous Period and was discovered in 1933.

Jainosaurus Name meaning: “Jain’s Lizard”

argentinosaurus dinosaur beginning with A


Janenschia was a large sauropod that was found in Tanzania in 1908. It has had a few different names through its 100 years of discovery and was know as Gigantosaurus and Tornieria and Even Barosaurus Africanas.

However in 1991 it was classified as a titanosaur and called Janenschia which is where it remains today…..so far it lived 155 million years ago.

Janenschia Name Meaning “Janensch lizard”


Jaxartosaurus  was a hadrosaur very much like corythosaurus. It had a crest that was likely used for identification or possible vocalisation in some hadrosaurs. It lived 87 million years ago and was a herbivore liked others in the hadrosaur family.

it was first described in 1937 after being discovered in Kazakhstan.

Jaxartosaurus Name Meaning: “Jaxartes Lizard


Jeholosaurus was an early small ornithopod dinosaur ( bird feet) that lived in Asia 126 million years ago. it was found in 2020 and was small dinosaur though how large is not known as the fossils are of a juvenile dinosaur.

Its skeleton was fairly complete and curled up like sleeping in a burrow. It had teeth both like a carnivore and a herbivore and it may have been an omnivore.

Jeholosaurus Name Meaning: “Jeholo Lizard”



Jeyawati is a north American dinosaur that lived about 93 to 91 million years ago. It was a hadrosaur type dinosaur and its remain and fossils were discovered in New Mexico in 2010.

Jeyawati Name Meaning: “Grinding mouth”

dinosaur with long claws name jurassic world dominion dinosaur dinosaur name beginning with J


If you have just watched, of have seen Jurassic World Dominion you have be wondering what the dinosaur with the long claws was that was walking through the Jungle and stalking Claire was. It was a Therizinosaurus and it was a real dinosaur.

The Jianchangosaurus was a member of the Feathered Therizinosaurus family and one of the earliest members . It lived about 126 million years ago in what is now china, and would have been about 2 metres long, and 44 lbs in weight which is much shorter and lighter than its 30 ft long descendant that you can read more about here.

it was discovered in 2013 almost complete

Jianchangosaurus Name Meaning: “Jianchang Lizard”


As you might guess from the name the Jinfengopteryx was a relative or the maniraptoran dinosaurs which resembled birds. It was close to dinosaurs like microraptor and archaeopteryx in appearance and was probably capable of gliding through trees and forests.

Jinfengopteryx was small at about 2 feet long. It was found with possible seeds or eggs inside it. If seeds it would suggest this small dinosaur was an omnivore. it was found in 2013 in China and is thought to be about 122 million years old. It was reclassified into its own family as a troodon type dinosaur not least as it had an enlarged claw on its feet.

Jinfengopteryx Name Meaning: “Golden Phoenix”

Archaeopteryx dinsoaur names beginning with A, dinosaur names beginning with W


Was an early Sauropod dinosaur (long necked) that lived about 201 to 196 million years ago in China. it could be up to 16 feet long (5 metres) and would have weighed about 4000 kg (8400 lbs)

Even though early Sauropods were shorter they still weighed a lot! It was discovered in 1995 and would have been able to walk on two legs.

Jingshanosaurus Name Meaning: “Jingshan Lizard”


Jinzhousaurus was a hadrosaur dinosaur that lived during the early Cretaceous in China ( a lot of dinosaur names beginning with J lived in China) about 122 million years ago.

it was a large hadrosaur that measured about 23 feet long 9 7 metres) and was discovered in as an almost complete skeleton. It would have looked like an iguanodon.

Jinzhousaurus Name Meaning: “Jingzhou Lizard”

Iguanodon facts, thumb spike, fossils, lake


Jobaria  is a Dinosaur name beginning with J not from china! it was discovered in Niger, Africa in 1997 and would have been walking the earth about 164 -161 million years ago. it was an early sauropod dinosaur.

it size has been estimate at between 52-60 feet long and its weight was between 32,000 lbs and 45,000 lbs or (16,000 kg to 22,000 kg) It was thought it may have been able to stand on to legs, which would have made it very tall!!

Jobaria’s Fossil is almost 95% complete it is one of the most complete sauropods, and dinosaurs ever found!

Jobaria Name Meaning: “mythical creature:


Judiceratops was a horned dinosaur, a ceratopsian, that was discovered in Montana near the Judith River in 2013.

as it known from only partial fossils it is difficult to estimate its size btu it was an easy chasmosaurus type dinosaur that lived 78 million years ago.

Judiceratops Name Meaning: “Judith River horned face”


Juratyrant, as the name suggests, was an early Carnivorous Tyrannosaur type dinosaur that was discovered in England and known as Stokesosaurus for a while. It was about 85 million years before tyrannosaurus rex walked the Earth and lived about 149 million years ago.

it is thought to grown to between 5-6.7 metres long (16 to 22 feet) and weigh about 300 kg, or 660 lbs. it would have been a little taller than a full gown person

Juratyrant Name Meaning: “Jurassic Tyrant”


was a small member of the coelurosaurian family and a likely carnivore dinosaur. it lived in what is now Germany about 151 million years ago and would have walked, and ran , on two legs.

it was very small, only 75 cm ( 2 feet or so) long and may have had a covering of feathers. it was later suggested it may be a type of compsognathus instead.

Juravenator Name Meaning: “Jura mountain Hunter “

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