Dinosaur Names Beginning With G

We are sure that you have heard of the giganotosaurus, and possibly there gallimimus from the Jurassic movies, but there are plenty of other dinosaur names beginning with G. They cover all the major dinosaur types from ankylosaurs to large carnivores, maybe even the biggest! and you can find them all below.

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Dinosaurs Names Beginning with G

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Gallimimus  was an ostrich like dinosaur that lived in the late cretaceous about 70-66 million years ago. it is famous for appearing in Jurassic Park. It is thought to be a fast runner with strong hind legs. it was larger than most people imagine.

Gallimimus could be up to 20 ft long (6 metres) and weight up to 970 lbs, and stand about 9 feet tall. to its head. It was discovered in Mongolia in 1964.

Gallimimus Name meaning: “Chicken Mimic”


Was a oviraptor type dinosaur that lived towards the end of the age f the dinosaurs about 72-66 million years ago. it was found in 2013 in China and was likely a herbivore.

Ganzhousaurus Name Meaning: “Ganzhou Lizard”


Gargoyleosaurus  was a very early ankylosaurus dinosaur that lived 154 to 150 million years ago. It was discovered in 1995 in North America and was small when compared to the ankylosaurus and other armored dinsaours

it would be about 9-10 feet long and was also heavily armoured like its bigger descendant.


Gargoyleosaurus  Name Meaning “gargoyle lizard”



Garudimimus was a two legged ostrich type dinosaur that lived 96-89 million years ago in Asia. It was 11 feet long and would have been about 216 lbs in weight smaller than the later gallimimus. It was discovered in 1981.

Garudimimus Name Meaning: “garuda mimic


Gasosaurus was a carnivorous theropod dinosaur that lived during the middle jurassic about 164 million year ago. it is named as its location was discovered by a gas company in China. it was discovered in 1985.

it is being studied more closely at the moment as we are unsure what classification it should fall under. it was a small carnivore, at about 11 to 13 feet long ( 3-4 metres) an would have weighed about 150 kg or 330 lbs.

Gasosaurus Name Meaning: “Gasoline Lizard”

albertosaurus dinosaurs beginning with a


Gasparinisaura  was a small two legged herbivore dinosaur that lived in the late cretaceous about 83 million years ago.

it was thought to be about 1.5-1.7 metres long (5-5-5 feet) and weighted about 30 lbs. It would have looked a little like a smaller iguanodon.

Gasparinisaura Name Meaning: “Gasparini’s Lizard”


Gastonia lived in the early cretaceous in North America about 130-125 million years ago. it was a member of the ankylosaur family and had the heavy armor most of these dinosaurs had. With the addition of shoulder spikes to keep away predators from its head and neck.

it was about 6 metres long (19 feet) and about 4,000 lbs. ( 1900 kg) It would have lived 139 125 million years ago and was discovered in 1998

Gastonia Name Meaning: “for gaston”


Geminiraptor was an early member of the Troodon family. ( the smartest dinosaurs!) It was small at about 1.5 metres long or 5 feet, and 5-20 lbs in weight. However still bigger than most other troodons at the time.

it lived 139 -134 million years ago and was discovered in 2010.

Geminiraptor name meaning: “Twin Thief”

atrociraptor dinosaur name beginning with a


Genyodectes was a carnivore that lived in south america 112 million years ago. it is not known what type of theropod dinosaur it was and has been previously classified as megalosaurus tyrannosaur and an abelisaur and most recently a ceratosaur.

It was though to be about 6 metres in length (19 feet) and weight up to 1800 lbs or 790 kg. it was discovered in 1901.

Genyodectes Name Meaning: “Jaw bite”


Gideonmantellia was discovered in 1982 in Spain, it was first thought of as a hypsilophodon but was later, in 2006, renamed.. it was a herbivore dinosaur walking on two legs from the early Cretaceous.

Gideonmantellia Name Meaning: “for Gideon mantell


Giganotosaurus was a giant south American carnivore dinosaur that challenged for the largest meat eater of all time, along with Spinosaurus, T-Rex and carcharodontosaurus. It lived about 99-97 million years ago

It could be anywhere from 39 -43 feet long and weight estimate vary widely from 8,000 lbs all the way up to 27,000 lbs. ( 4-13800 kg) Although its speed has been suggested to be 50 kmph (31 mph) this has been challenged die t bone density weaknesses in large carnivores.

It is also the main dinosaur, or one of them, in the Jurassic World dominion movie.

Giganotosaurus Name Meaning: “Giant Southern Lizard”


Gigantoraptor is the largest of the oviraptor type dinosaurs. it was truly huge and could be up to 26-29 feet in length and weigh 4-6000 lbs. As it was so big it may not have been completed feathered like other overaptor species.

it live about 96 million years ago and was discovered in 2005, it could have towered over a person and 12 feet or more tall. It was also likely an omnivore eating both vegetation and meat.

Gigantoraptor  Name Meaning: “Giant thief”

dinosaur names beginning with g


Gigantosaurus is easily, and often, confused for its very close name sake the giganotosaurus. However Gigantosaurus was a Sauropod discovered in 1869 in England. Not a huge carnivore from Argentina! it would have lived 157 -152 million years ago.

Gigantosaurus Name Meaning: “Giant Lizard:


Gigantspinosaurus was a stegosaur type dinosaur from China. It lived 163-157 million years ago in the middle to late jurassic period and found in 1985.

Although smaller than the Stegosaurus it was still quite large at 14 feet long and 1500 lbs. ( 4 metres and 700kg)

Gigantspinosaurus Name Meaning: “Giant Spine Lizard

Stegosaurus Scary dinosaur


Gilmoreosaurus is thought to be an iguanodon type dinosaur from Asia, although smaller. It lived about 96 million years ago and would have been 20 ft (6.5 metres) long when fully grown. Weighing up to 7500lbs (3600 kg)

Gilmoreosaurus Name Meaning: “Gilmore’s Lizard”

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Giraffatitan was a herbivore sauropod ( long neck) dinosaur that lived in Tanzania 150 145 million years ago. Although it was discovered in 1988 it was thought to be a brachiosaur family member for a lot of years and then given its own family name.

it was about 72-74 feet long, and about 30,000 – 150,000 lbs in weight. While it could have grown larger as the fossils are from a sub adult it is unlikely it was that weight.

Giraffatitan Name Meaning: “huge giraffe”


Glacialisaurus was an early sauropod from Antarctica living about 186 -182 million years ago. Like many early sauropods it likely walked on two legs. it was about 20 feet long and 1300lbs in weight.

it was found in 2007 near mount kirkpatrick in Antarctica.

Glacialisaurus Name Meaning: “icy frozen lizard”


Is now considered to be a growth stage of Bagaceratops a 1 metre long horned dinosaur that lived about 72 million years ago. it was discovered in 2008 although bagaceratops was discovered in 1975.

Gobiceratops Name Meaning: “Gobi Horned face”


Gobisaurus was a ankylosaur type dinsoaur from Mongolia. It lived abotu 92 million years ago and was named in 2001.

It was quite large at 6 metres long 9 19 feet) and could weigh up to 7400lbs ( 3500kg)

Gobisaurus Name Meaning: “Gobi Desert Lizard”


was a small raptor like troodon from the Gobi Desert in Asia. It would have been feathered and about 6 feet long. Similar to others of its kind. It lived 72 million years ago and was discovered in 2014.

Gobivenator Name Meaning: “Gobi Desert hunter”


Although named after Godzilla it was not as large as its namesake, it was a a little smaller than the other triassic meat eating dinosaur dilophosaurus. at 5.5 metres lng and about 330-440 lbs.

It was traissic and lived about 210 million years ago, and was discovered in 1997.

Gojirasaurus Name Meaning: “Godzilla lizard”


was a sauropod from South America, there seemed to be a lot down there! However Gondwanatitan was smaller than most of its big brothers and was only thought to be around 7 metres ( 23 feet) long with thinner legs than other sauropods.

It lived about 70 million years ago and was discovered in 1999.

Name meaning: “Gondawana Titan”


Was discovered in 1992 but didn’t get classified until 2014. It a was a hadrosaur type dinosaur that lived in China during the Early Cretaceous

Gongpoquansaurus Name Meaning: “Gongpoquan Lizard”


Was a carnivore theropod dinosaur similar to Albertosaurus it had two horn like bumps above its eyes and was about 26-30 feet long. and 6000 lbs plus in weight. It lived During the late cretaceous. period

Gorgosaurus Name Meaning: “Gorgo Lizard”


Goyocephale was Pachycephalosaur type dinosaur that lived 76 million years ago in Asia, mongolia. its head was covered with small horns It would have been about 4 metres long. ( 12 feet). It was discovered in 1982.

Goyocephale Name Meaning “Decorated Head”

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Graciliceratops was a very small early horned face dinsaour ( ceratopsian) from Asia. It lived 96 to 89 million years ago and was only about 80 cm long ( 2.5 feet)

The fossil was a young dinosaur though so it may have grown to 2 metres long when fully grown. It is thought to have walked on 2 legs.

Graciliceratops Name Meaning “Slender Horn Face”


Was a small member of the raptor dinosaur family ( dromaeosaurid) that liek so many has been discovered in China in 2014. It was about 3 ft long and about 3 lbs in weight.

it would have lived approximately 126 million years ago making it one of the older member of the raptor dinosaur family.

Graciliraptor Name Meaning: “Graceful thief”


Gryphoceratops was a small member of the horned dinosaur family living in Canada 83 million years ago. It was discovered in 2012.

Gryphoceratops Name Meaning ” Griffin Horned face”


Gryponyx, despite the name reminding you of baryonyx was a herbivore. it was an Early sauropod from the Early jurassic Period discovered in 2011 in South Africa.

Like a lot of Early Sauropods it had not reached the massive sizes later seen and would have been about 16 ft ) 5 metres) in length.

Gryponyx Name Meaning “Hooked Claw”


Gryposaurus was a duck billed dinosaur from 80 to 75 million years ago, during the late creteacous. It lived in what is now North America.

It was first discovered in 1913 and there are three species named. It was about 27 feet long (8 metres) and was a hadrosaur.

Gryposaurus Name Meaning: “Hook Nosed Lizard”


Guaibasaurus is mostly like a very early Sauropod. It size estimates range from 2- 3 metres long ( 6.5 to 10 feet) and 22-77 lbs. It lived during the late triassic 225 million years ago. in what is now brazil and was discovered in 1999.

Guaibasaurus Name Meaning: “Guaiba River Lizard”


Guanlong lived 160 million years ago making it a very early relative of tyrannosaurus. ir was much smaller at 3 metres long ( 9-10 feet) and unlike its larger descendant it had a large crest on its head. It may also have had protofeathers.

it was dicoverd in 2006 in China, and had three fingers unlike most other tyrannosaurs who had 2.

Guanlong Name Meaning: ” Crown Dragon”

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There are plenty of dinosaurs that begin with the letter G, and two of the most famous we mentioned at the beginning of the page. However now you have learnt about guanlong and even the impressively named Godzilla-saurus!! Although they could have saved that name for a more scary dinosaur!

new dinosaurs are added almost once a week, and while we can’t check that often we will update a few times a year!


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