Dinosaur Names Beginning With F

Of all the 1000s of Dinosaur names one letter is the least popular to start a name with. Its not F Its Q, but F is the second least popular letter to begin a dinosaur name. It was a Surprise to us, we thought it would be x, z, or maybe U. I wont say how many, as you can guess how many dinosaur names start with F for yourself, it won’t take long to count them!

however we have them all here, feel free to get in touch if we missed any or if you just named one and want it added!!

It is unlikely you will know most of these dinosaurs unless you are a student in university or a doctor, but some of them definitely deserve more recognition than they have got!

So we have that below. All the dinosaurs we can find that begin with the letter F.


The table above will take you to more dinosaur beginning with page, just have to pick a letter and go.

Dinosaur Names Beginning with F

We have 9 dinosaurs here to check out. All these dinosaur names begin with the letter F, and there are some lesser known dinosaurs here like. Fruitadens, which means fruit tooth! and the Fukuiraptor which is a dinosaur from Japan.


Fabrosaurus was an early ornithosaur dinosaur that lived in the Early Jurassic about 199-189 million years ago. Ornithosaur is quite broad and includes dinosaurs like camptosaurus, centrosaurus, and even ankylosaurus!

Fabrosaurus was possibly more like a lesothosaurus which was a two legged small with thin legs. the fossils are just of two crushed skulls, some limbs and ribs. It was discovered in 1964.

Fabrosaurus  Name meaning: “Fabre’s Lizard”



Was a Theropod but a therizinosaurus type dinosaur. it was thought to be 4metres long ( 13 feet) with a long neck . it lizvd in The early Cretaceous about 139 to 134 million years ago and many fossils have been found in North America bouth young dinosaurs and adults. It was found in 1999.

it was amusing described as a cross between an ostrich, a gorilla and Edward Scissorhands. Falcarius was smaller than its bigger cousin the therizinosaurus and would weight only 220 lbs when fully grown although it did also have long claws.

Falcarius Name Meaning “Sickle Cutter”

dinosaur with long claws name jurassic world dominion dinosaur


Ferganasaurus is a sauropod discovered in 1966 , but lost and not discovered again until 2000 in kyrgyzstan. It was a pretty big sauropd ( long Neck Dinosaur) growing up to 60 feet long and weighing up to 33,000 lbs.

Ferganasaurus lived during the middle Jurassic period.As with so many Sauropods the head were never found.

Ferganasaurus Name Meaning: “Fegana Valley Lizard”


Fruitadens was a type of heterodontosaurids dinosaurs that lived in the late jurassic about 150 million years ago. At least four fossil from different animals have been found since the 1970s when it was first discovered.

It is one of the latest known heterodontosaurus and like the others would have been a herbivore, and was very small. Only about 75 cms long ( 2 ft) and less than 2 lbs in weight. The fossils were found in Colorado at the Morrison formation.

Fruitadens Name Meaning: “Fruit Teeth”


Fukuiraptor was a large member of the raptor family ( megaraptoran) from Japan. It would have been approximately 16 feet long nad 660 lbs in weight. and had teeth like a carcharodontosaurus being sharp and blade like.

It was discovered in 2000 and lived about 127 to 115 million years ago at the beginning of the Early Cretaceous.

Fukuiraptor Name Meaning: “Thief of Fuki”


Fukuisaurus was a herbivore that lived during the Early Cretaceous in what is now Japan. it wa found in 1989. It was about 4.5 metres in length and 880 lbs in weight and was a biped walking on two legs, although would have been able to walk on four when needed.

It has been compared to iguanodon in appearance.

Fukuisaurus Name Meaning: “Fukui Lazard


Although Fukuivenator is called the hunter of Fukui, in 2021 it was suggested it wasn’t actually a carnivore, it was more likely an omnivore or even herbivore and a member of the therizinosaurus family.

It was about 2.5 metres long or 8.5 feet and about 50 lbs.

Fukuivenator Name Meaning: “Fukui hunter”


Fulgurotherium has a cool name, it means lightning beast! and it was alive around 99 -96 million years ago in Australia. It has been suggested to be both a therapod and a hypsilophodont but at the moment not enough fossils have been discovered to know for sure what it was!

Fulgurotherium Name Meaning: “lightning beast”

dinosaur names beginning with f


A Futalognkosaurus was another huge sauropod from argentina, there must have been something in the water down there! it live about 87 million years ago, although first though to be possibly 112 feet in length this was revised to 85 feet and a weight of over 100,000 lbs.

Futalognkosaurus Name Meaning: “giant chief lizard”

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So The letter F has quite a few dinosaurs from Japan on its page, however new dinosaurs are being discovered and named at the rate of about one a week, so it wont be to long till we are adding more dinosaur names beginning with F to the page.

If you have time you can head to the other A to Z dinosaur pages using the table below.


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