Dinosaur Names Beginning With A

As Maria Von Trapp quite beautifully sang. Let’s start at the very beginning. And in this List of All Dinosaurs, we start with the letter A. Here we have all the dinosaur names beginning with A.

So expect to see some famous faces like Allosaurus and Ankylosaurus, and the largest (maybe dinosaurs like argentinosaurus and amphicoelias) and even ones with a possible X-men connections called Adamantisaurus.


If you still have the energy ( A is a long list) then you can click on the links above to look at other dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs Names Beginning with A

This list of dinosaur names beginning with A is quite a monster, as long as some of the dinosaurs in it like apatosaurus, or Amphicoelias  maybe.


Was kind of a cross between an Iguanodon and a sauropod, but more sauropd, was a very early sauropod ( basal) and lived about 195 million years ago. It was discovered in 2010.

Aardonyx  Name meaning: “Earth Claw”


Was a Carnotaurus type carnivore, and only its skull has been found! It lived around 90 million years ago in South America and was discovered in 1985

Abelisaurus Name Meaning “Abels Lizard”



Is both an early dinosaur, the first heterodontosaurus. It was alive 199 – 196 million years ago and was discovered in 1975.

abrictosaurus Name Meaning: “Wakeful Lizard”


was a small sauropod, small means about 30 feet long that lived in China 168 million years ago and was discovered in 1989.

Abrosaurus Name Meaning: “Delicate Lizard”


A similar sauropod to giraffatitan that lived in UTah 104 million years ago. One of the rare times a skull has been found. Was discovered in 2010.

Abydosaurus Name Meaning: “Abydos lizard”


Was an ankylosaurus type of dinosaur that lived in what is now England, It lived about 97 million years ago and could be 18 ft long. It was discovered in 1867

Acanthopholis Name Meaning: “Spiny Scales”


Was a Horned dinosaur, not quite as big was a triceratops at 18 feet but big enough! It lived 74 million years ago and was discovered in 1994.

Achelousaurus Name Meaning: “Achelous lizard” after a greek god

Achillobator –

Although not quite as big as Utahraptor, and Dakota raptor Achillobator was still very large for a dromaeosaur at 16 ft long. It live 96 million years ago and was discovered in 1999

Achillobator Name Meaning: “Achilles hero”

atrociraptor dinosaur name beginning with a


Acristavus lived around 70 million years ago and was a medium sized hadrosaur. it as discovered in Montana in 2011.

Acristavus Name Meaning: “no crest grandfather”


Although over shadowed by the big 4 ( see the link) Acrocanthosaurus was one of the biggest meat eating dinosaurs to exist! 38 feet long! It lived 125 -100 million years ago annd was discovered in 1950

Acrocanthosaurus Name meaning: “high-spined lizard”


Acrotholus was an ancestor of the more famous pachycephalosaurus, with a hard dome shaped head. lived 86 million years ago and was discovered in 2013.

Acrotholus Name meaning: :Highest Dome:


Only 6 vertebrae have been found but enough to know Adamantisaurus was a large sauropod ( long necked) dinosaur from South America. It was discovered in 2006

Name Meaning: “Adamantina dinosaur” ( not named after the metal wolverine is made of unfortunately)


This was a cousin of velociraptor, but a little bigger at 7 ft and 80 lbs in weight. Adasaurus  lived in the same area in Mongolia around 70-68 million years ago. It was discovered in 1983

Adasaurus Name Meaning: “Ada lizard”


Was a very early sauropod, likely walking on both 2 and 4 legs, was smaller than a person about 9 feet long and 3 feet high. Adeopapposaurus lived 200-195 million years ago and was discovered in 2009.

Adeopapposaurus Name Meaning: “Far Eating Lizard”


Aegyptosaurus was a sauropod about 40-50 feet long, however it is one of a set of dinosaur fossils that was destroyed in the Second world war. It was discovered in 1932

Aegyptosaurus Name Meaning: “Lizard from Egypt”


A 46 feet, 14,000 lbs long necked dinosaur ( sauropod) that lived in argentina and lived 8 -66 million years ago. Aeolosaurus was discovered in 1987

Aeolosaurus Name meaning: “Aeolus’ lizard”


Aerosteon was a large ‘megaraptoran’ carnivore dinosaur living in Argentia 66 million years ago. it was discovered in 2009

Aerosteon Name Meaning: “Air Bone”


Afrovenator was a 26 feet long 2000 lbs African carnivore dinosaur from the early Cretaceous, 110 million years ago. It was discovered in 1994.

Afrovenator Name Meaning: “African hunter”


Agathaumas Might be a triceratops, or might be a new species of horned dinosaur (ceratopsian). That lived 66 million years ago and was discovered in 1972.

Agathaumas Name Meaning: “great wonder”


Agilisaurus was a fast herbivore from the ‘bird-hipped family’ (ornithopods) that was discovered in East Asia in 1990 but lived 168 million years ago.

Agilisaurus Name Meaning: “Agile Lizard”


Agujaceratops is a horned dinosaur like pentaceratops, and had a short nose horn. It lived 77 million years ago and was discovered in 1989.

Agujaceratops Name Meaning: “horned face from Aguja”


Agustinia was an up to 49 feet long Sauropod, that was thought to have a spikey back but turns out there were just ribs! It lived 100 million years ago and was discovered in 1999 in South America.

Agustinia Name Meaning: “Named after the discoverer Agustin Martinelli”


Ajkaceratops  was a small 1 meter long horned dinosaur from Europe and Asia that lived 85 million years ago. it was found in 2010 in Hungry.

Ajkaceratops Name Meaning: “Horned face from Ajka”


Alamosaurus was a very large ( 92-98 feet long!) Sauropod dinosaur, that lived in North America 70-66 million years ago. it was discovered in 1922.

Alamosaurus Name Meaning: “Ojo Alamo lizard”


Alaskacephale was a half sized member of the pachycephalosaurus family that lived 80-66 million years ago. It was discovered in 2006.

Alaskacephale Name Meaning: “Alaska Head”


Albalophosaurus was a horned dinosaur (ceratopsian) that lived in the Early cretaceous period in Japan, it was discovered in 2009.

Albalophosaurus Name Meaning “white crest lizard”


Albertaceratops was a horned dinosaur that lived 77 million years ago. it was pretty big at 19 feet long. and was discovered in 2007

Albertaceratops Name Meaning: “Alberta horned face”


Albertadromeus was thought to be a herbivorous dinosaur that lived in Alberta canada, and walked (and ran) on two legs. it lived 77 million years ago and was discovered in 2013

Albertadromeus Name Meaning: “Alberta Runner”


Albertonykus was a small, 2.5 ft long, long legged bird like dinosaur that lived 68 million years ago in North America. It was discovered in 2009

Albertonykus Name Meaning: “Alberta claw”


Albertosaurus was a large T-Rex Like carnivore that lived at the same time 68-66 million years ago. It could be 33 feet long and weigh 8500 lbs. it was discovered 1905

Albertosaurus Name Meaning: “Alberta Lizard”


Alectrosaurus was a member of the Tyrannosaur family about 20 feet long, it lived in What is now mongolia. it was found / classified in 1933

Alectrosaurus Name Meaning: “alone lizard”


Aletopelta was an ankylosaur type dinosaur, that was about 20 feet long and 4,000 lbs. it lived during the late cretaceous period and was discovered/named in 2001

Aletopelta Name Meaning: “Wandering small shield”


Alioramus was a small sized member of the tyrannosaur family that lived 70 million years ago. It was found in 1976, and 20069.

Alioramus Name Meaning: “Different Branch”

Dinosaur names beginning with A , allosaurus


Allosaurus was an awesome carnivore from North America 155-145 million years ago. it could be over 35 feet long and had an axe like mouth.

Allosaurus Name meaning: “Different Lizard”


Altirhinus  was a large plant eating iguanodon type dinosaur that lived 125-110 million years ago and was found in 1981.

Altirhinus Name meaning: “High Snout


Alvarezsaurus lived around 86 million years ago and was a bird like dinosaur an was likely a fast runner like others in its family. it was found in 1991.

Alvarezsaurus Name meaning: “Alvarez’s lizard”


Was an early dinosaur dated to 228 million years ago and lived in what is now Indian. It was found in 1987.

Alwalkeria  Name meaning: “for Alick Walker”


Alxasaurus is a early cretaceous member of the Therizinosaurus family that was about 13 feet long. It was found in 1988.

Alxasaurus Name meaning: “Alxa lizard”


Amargasaurus was a spiky long necked lizard that lived 129-122 million years ago. It was found in 1984 in South America.

Amargasaurus Name meaning: “La Amarga Lizard”

amargasaurus dinosaur beginning with letter a


Amazonsaurus was another big sauropod from South America, could be up to 40 feet long and lived 125 to 100 million years ago.

Amazonsaurus Name meaning: “Amazon Lizard”


Ammosaurus was an early Sauropod that could walk on both 2 and 4 legs. Dated to 200 million years ago it was found in 1818 or 1855.

Ammosaurus Name meaning: “Sand Lizard”


Ampelosaurus Was a 60 ft long Sauropod dinosaur that lived in Europe. it lived about 7-66 million years ago and was found in France in 1989.

Ampelosaurus Name meaning: “vine lizard”


If Amphicoelias can ever be proved to have existed, or the missing fossil is discovered then it would have ben the largest ever dinosaur on earth. It has been reclassifed to maraaripunisaurus recently.

Amphicoelias Name meaning: “biconcave”


Amurosaurus was a 20 ft long hadrosaur living between 70 and 66 million years ago. It was found in russia in 1991.

Amurosaurus Name meaning: “Amur lizard”


Was a bird like dinosaur that lived 93 million years ago in South America.

Anabisetia Name meaning: “for ana biset”


Anatotitan is actually called Edmontosaurus now,

Anatotitan Name meaning: “huge duck


This was a horned dinosaur with beak type mouth and a long frill that lived 72-71 million years ago. Anchiceratops was found in 1912.

Anchiceratops Name meaning: “near horn face”.


Anchiornis was a bird like dinosaur that lived 160 million years ago, it was feathered and maybe could glide. It was discovered in 2009

Anchiornis Name meaning: “Near bird”


Anchisaurus was an early sauropod dinosaurs that lived 200 million years ago in North America. Dinosaurs like this were from from 1818 onwards.

Anchisaurus Name meaning: “near saurian / lizard”


This was a huge Sauropod dinosaur that could be 60 feet long and 40,ooo lbs plus in weight. Andesaurus  was found in South America in 1991

Andesaurus Name meaning: “Andes Lizard”


Thought to be the same dinosaur as irritator which was a member of the spinosaurus family.

Angaturama Name meaning: “noble, brave”

albertosaurus dinosaurs beginning with a


An African Sauropod thought to be a little smaller than others in the family. Angolatitan was found in Angola after the civil war in 2005.

Angolatitan Name meaning: “angolan giant”


Angulomastacator was a hadrosaur dinosaur that lived 76 million years ago, it is known for have a mouth that bends down

Angulomastacator Name meaning: “bend chewer”


Animantarx was a small ankylosaur type dinosaur that lived 104 to 98 million years ago. it was about 10 feet long and was found in 1999

Animantarx Name meaning: “animated fortress”


ankylosaurus was the biggest of the ankylosaur family at up to 26 feet long and 150,00lbs in weight was very well armoured! It was discovered in 1906

ankylosaurus Name meaning: “fused lizard”


Was another member of the Ankylosaurus family, although Anodontosaurus name means toothless this was because the fossil was found without teeth, as compression had removed them.

Anodontosaurus Name meaning: “toothless lizard”


Anserimimus was a bird like dinosaur found in the 1970s, it would have walked on 2 legs and been about 3 metres and about 100 lbs. it lived about 170 million years ago in Mongolia.

Anserimimus Name meaning: “Goose Mimic”


This 4 metre long (12 feet long) ankylosaur family member was the first ever dinosaur to be found in antarctica and Antarctopelta  was found in 1986

Antarctopelta Name meaning: “Antarctic shield”


A large sauropod found in South America in 1929 However size estimates are not possible as there is not enough fossil material of Antarctosaurus  to make them!

Antarctosaurus Name meaning: “opposite North Lizard”


Antetonitrus Was a Sauropod from the Late Jurassic Period making it one of the first long necked dinosaurs. It was small for a long necked dinosaur about 30 feet long and 6 feet tall. It was found in 1981

Antetonitrus Name meaning: “before thunder”


Anzu was a maniraptoran dinosaur about 3 metres long (9 feet) but was bulky at an estimated 400 lbs in weight! it was discovered in 2014

Anzu Name meaning: “Bird like Demon” ( named after one in Mesopotamian religion)


Aorun  Was a small, 3 feet long, bird like feathered theropod from 160 million years ago. It was discovered in Asia in 2013.

Aorun Name meaning: “Different Lizard”

apatosaurus dinosaur names beginning with a


The Apatosaurus  features in many jurassic Park and World Movies and was about 20 metres long, 70 feet, and 40,000 lbs. it was discovered in 1877 during the bone wars

Apatosaurus Name meaning: “Deceptive Lizard”


Appalachiosaurus was a T-Rex type dinosaur that lived in North America 77 million years ago. it was smaller than t rex at over 20 ft and about 1500 Lbs. It was discovered in 1982

Appalachiosaurus Name meaning: “Appalachian lizard”


Aquilops was an early horned dinosaur that lived about 110 million years ago in North America. it was small at about 60 cm long and was found in 1997

Aquilops Name meaning: “eagle face”


This was a 60 ft long Sauropod (long necked) dinosaur ( there were so many!) from Spain. Aragosaurus was found in 1987

Aragosaurus Name meaning: “Arago lizard”


Aralosaurus Was a Hadrosaurs type dinosaur that was found in russia. in 1968 it lived in the Late cretaceous period about 83 million years ago.

Aralosaurus Name meaning: “Aral Sea Lizard”


Archaeoceratops lived 125 million years ago and was a member of the horned dinosaur family, though it had no horns and just a frill. it was just a metre long!

Archaeoceratops Name meaning: “Ancient Horned face”


Archaeopteryx was thought to be one of the VERY few if not the only Feathered dinosaurs properly capable of powered flight. it lived in Europe about 150 million to 148 years ago. it was found in 1861.

Archaeopteryx Name meaning: “old wing”

Archaeopteryx dinsoaur names beginning with A


Archaeornithomimus lived about 96 million years ago and was a bird like, ostrich like dinosaur about 3.4 metres long. It was discovered in 1995.

Archaeornithomimus Name meaning: “ancient bird mimic”


Arcovenator was a carnivorous dinosaur that lived in France 74 million years ago. it was a similar size to a carnotaurus about 20 ft long and was discovered 2013

Arcovenator Name meaning: “Arc Hunter”


Arcusaurus dinosaur was an early sauropod that lived during the Early jurassic period. It was discovered in 2011.

Arcusaurus Name meaning: “Rainbow Lizard”


Argentinosaurus was the largest dinosaur to walk the earth. (so far) although there are plenty of challengers for the title. it lived 96 to 92 million years ago.

Argentinosaurus Name meaning: “Argentina Lizard”


Argyrosaurus was another large sauropod from South America, discovered in 1893 and living about 70 million years ago.

Argyrosaurus Name meaning: “Silver Lizard”


Aristosuchus was a small meat eating dinosaur similar to a compsognathus that lived about 130 – 122 million years ago. it was an early discovered dinosaur found in 1876

Aristosuchus Name meaning: “Different Lizard”


Arrhinoceratops was a horned dinosaur without a nose horn, which is where its name comes forms . It looked like a small version of triceratops.

Arrhinoceratops Name meaning: “no nose horn face”


Astrodon was another 60 ft sauropod dinosaur, there were so many of these . it lived 112 million years ago and was discovered in 1865.

Astrodon Name meaning: “Star tooth”


Asylosaurus was a sauropod type dinosaur that was discovered in 1834, making it one of the earliest dinosaurs to be discovered.

Asylosaurus Name meaning: “Sanctuary Lizard”


Atlasaurus could grown up to 50 feet in length, and was alive 167 to 164 million years ago. It is named after mountains in Morocco. .

Atlasaurus Name meaning: “Atlas mountain Lizard”

argentinosaurus dinosaur beginning with A


Atlascopcosaurus was a small ( 2 to 3 metres) iguanodon type dinosaur that lived in what is now australia about 114 million years ago. It was found in 1984

Atlascopcosaurus Name meaning: “Atlas Copco Lizard” It is named after the company that provided the excavation gear


Atrociraptor was a small member of the raptor family ( unlike its Jurassic World Dominion depiction!) It had a flatter face than most raptors and was discovered in 1995

Name meaning: “Savage Thief “


As Aublysodon is only known from a single tooth, which is now missing it is not sure if this is a seperate species or one from another dinosaur. What they do know is it was tyrannosaur, or carnivore like dinosaur and the tooth was found in 1868.

Aublysodon Name meaning: “backwards flowing tooth”


this was a 17 ft long very small armed dinosaur, that was part of the same family as skorpiovenator and Carnotaurus. It was discovered in 2002

Aucasaurus Name meaning: “Different Lizard”


Auroraceratops  Was a horned face dinosaur, an early one from the early Cretaceous and was discovered in 2005.

Auroraceratops  Name meaning: “Dawn Horned face”


This sauropod was just under 60 ft.. at 56 feet. it was discovered in 2007 in tanzania Africa.

Australodocus Name meaning: “Southern Beam”


Australovenator was a 95 million year old carnivore that lived in australia. it would be 20 ft long and 2000 lbs in weight. It was discovered in 2009.

Australovenator Name meaning: “Southern Hunter”


Austroraptor is one of the largest raptors known, only utahraptor achillobator and dakotaraptor beating it for size. it lived about 78 – 66 million years ago. and was discovered in 2008.

Austroraptor Name meaning: “Southern Thief”

albertosaurus dinosaurs beginning with a


Annnnnd another 60 ft long sauropod this one was found in Australia in 1933

Austrosaurus  Name meaning: “Southern Lizard”


Avaceratops was a horned dinosaur that lived about 77 million years ago in the USA. it was pretty small at 7 feet long and is thought to be a young dinosaur.

Avaceratops Name meaning: “Ava’s horn Face” Named after his wife


Aviatyrannis  Was a tiny T-rex, well a tiny T-Rex ancestor. it was about 1 meter long about about 10 lbs in weight but might have been a juvenile dinosaur. I lived about 160 million years ago and was discovered in 2000, but named in 2003.

Aviatyrannis  Name meaning: “Grandmother Tyrant”


Avimimus Was a 1.5 metre (5 ft) long bird like dinosaur that lived 85 to 70 million years ago. it was found in 1986 .

Avimimus Name Meaning: Bird Mimic

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We will be working through the Dinosaur A-Z in the coming weeks. If you want to check out the others you can click the links on the table. In the meantime we hope you found these dinosaur names beginning with A.

There are a lot of famous dinosaur names beginning with A, Allosaurus, Apatosaurus, Ankylosaurus just to name three. However there are more famous dinosaurs than even those beginning with the Letters, T, V and S. Do you know which ones we are talking about?


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