Dinosaur Names Beginning With N

Nasautoceratops is probably the most famous dinosaur here, famous its cow like horns. we have all dinosaur names beginning with N, but there are plenty more letters you can check out on this site.

We will take a look at all dinosaur names beginning with N in this article of which there are 30+ or so and is ever expanding in numbers. .

Also, as with all of our A to Z dinosaur pages we have the table below to help you check other dinosaurs, we aim to cover them all but of course there are new dinosaurs almost every week so bear with us!


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Dinosaurs Names Beginning with N

we have information on each dinosaur here, just a few details as the pages get long! If we have an article on the dinosaur you can click the name to jump there and learn even more.

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Naashoibitosaurus was a hadrosar dinosaur that lived in what is now New Mexico in the USA about 73 million years ago. I was discovered in 1993.

Naashoibitosaurus Name Meaning: “Naashoibito Lizard”


Nankangia was an oviraptor dinosaur from China. That lived 72 to 66 million years ago. It was discovered in 2010. It was feathers and it only known from partial fossils.

Naknagia Name Meaning: “for Nakang”


Nanosaurus was a small dinosaur, that lived 155 to 148 million years ago. it was about two metres long and walked / ran on 2 legs. It would have weighed less than 22 lbs.

Nanosaurus Name Meaning: “Small / dwarf Lizard”

Bagaraatan dinosaur names beginning with B


Is one of many carnivores that have been given their own species, but then classified as forms of tyrannosaurus. Nanotyrannus has been classified as a Juvenile tyrannosaurus.

the fossil was about 17 feet long when it died. Like other tyrannosaurus it lived about 68 – 66 million years ago.

Nanotyrannus Name Meaning: “Small Tyrant”


Nanshiungosaurus was a member of the Therizinosaurus family. It lived 67 – 66 millions years ago in China and it was discovered in 1974. Although not as big as its more famous cousin it was still a large dinosaur growing up to 16 feet – 5 metres long, and weighing up to 2000 lbs.

Nashiungosaurus Name Meaning: “Nanshiung Lizard”

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was a member of the tyrannosaur family that as found in Alaska ( where the name comes from). It lived around 7-68 million years ago during the late cretaceous period.

It was about 16 to 20 feet long and would have weighted 2000lbs. It was feathered and lived in cold conditions with low light. It is thought this may be why it was smaller and had larger eyes.

Nanuqsaurus Name Meaning: ” Polar bear Lizard”


Nanyangosaurus was a hadrosaur dinosaur from China that lived during the early cretaceous about 94-72 million years ago. It was discovered in 1994 and was about 5 meters long. (20 feet)

Nanyangosaurus Name Meaning: “Nanyang Lizard”

apatosaurus dinosaur names beginning with a



Is a horned face dinosaur ( ceratopsian) that lived during the Late Cretaceous, It is famous for having cow, or cattle like horns which are the longest relatively of all the ceratopsians. it was featured in the Jurassic World Dominion movie. It is probably the most famous of the dinosaur names beginning with n

It was about 15 ft long(4.5 metres) and would have weighed about 3400 lbs. ( 1500 kg) and we have a page for it on the site you can access on the link below or here.

Nasutoceratops name meaning: “big nose horned face”


Was a stegosaurus family dinosaur that has never been accepted as the name NATRONASAURUS and is now considered an invalid name. It is now known as alcovasaurus


Was an early sauropod that lived in china. it lived about 174 -168 million years ago in the mid jurassic. Not much is known about this dinosaur to date as the only fossil is a brain case.

Nebulasaurus Name Meaning: ” Misty Cloud Lizard”

Archaeopteryx dinsoaur names beginning with A, dinosaur names beginning with W


Was a two legged ostrich like dinosaur that lived in North America. It was discovered in 1993 and would have been about 3 metres long. it was named after Ned colbert but its scientific name is named after a 6 year old compoetion winner called Justin hoffman

Nedcolbertia Name Meaning: “for Ned Colbert”

apatosaurus dinosaur names beginning with a


it is still being discussed if nedoceratops was a species on its own, or if it was a odd looking triceratops. It was discovered in 1905 and lived about 67-66 million years ago.

the main difference being that with Nedoceratops the horns are much more vertical than in normal triceratops.

Nedocertaops Name Meaning: “Insufficient Horned face”

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was a member of the Therizinosaurus family that lived in Mongolia in late cretaceous about 95 million years ago. It wa smaller than its namesake and would have been a maximum of 10 feet long and a weight of 91 to 227 Kg. ( 200-500 lbs) it was discovered in 1999.

Nei Mongol Name Meaning: “Nei Mongol lizard”


Nemegtomaia was an oviraptor type dinosaur living in 70 million years ago and was discovered in 1996 in Mongolia. It was a 2 metre 9 7 ft) long oviraptor that changed the perception of the species as this one, in 2007, was found protecting its eggs rather than stealing them!

It would have weighed about 85 lbs ( 40 kg)

Nemegtomaia Name Meaning: “Nemegt good mother”

Troodonwas the smartest dinosaur


Nemegtosaurus was a late cretaceous Sauropod from , again, Mongolia. it lived about 70 to 76 million years ago and discovered in 1971. there is some discussion about whether is was a new species or if it is a type of Opisthocoelicaudia ( another sauropod)

It was about 40 feet long and would have lived with both gallimimus and tarbosaurus.

Nemegtosaurus Name Meaning: “Nemegt Lizard”


Neovenator, is a member of the carcharodontosaurus family andd a large carnivore dinosaur that lived 130 -125 million years ago in England.

it was discovered in 1978 when a storm caused a collapse of rocks revealing its fossils. It was up to 25 feet in length and would have weighed up to 4400 lbs ( 2000 kg) Although one fossil suggest it may have reached 33 feet long it is just of a toe, so not accepted yet.

NeoVenator Name Meaning: “New Hunter”


Neuquenraptor is an early dromaeosaur / raptor family member form South America. it lived about 96 million years ago and would have been about 2-3.5 metres long ( 6-12 feet) and 165 lbs. ( 75 kg)

it was discovered in 1997.

Neuquenraptor Name Meaning: “Neuquen thief”


wasa sauropod from South America, that was small compared to those more famous family members. it was found in 1893 and has gone through a number of different classifications.

it lived about 80 million years ago and was estimated to be about 25 feet long.

Neuquensaurus Name Meaning: “Neuquen lizard”

The parasaurolophus facts, dinosaur names beginning with k


Ngexisaurus was a carnivore dinosaur that lived in China during the Mid jurassic period. it has not been classified / described yet but we know it would have lived about 174-163 million years ago and was likely discovered in 1983.

Ngexisaurus Name Meaning: “Ngexi Lizard”


Nigersaurus was a sauropod from Africa that lived 115 to 105 million years ago. it is famous for possibly have the most teeth of any dinosaur – possibly up to 500 in its wide mouth!

it was discovered in 1976 but not named until 1999. It was relatively small for a long neck dinosaur at 9 metres ( 30 feet) long and about 8500 lbs ( 4000kg)

Nigersaurus Name Meaning ” Niger Lizard”


 As the name suggests this dinosaur was discovered in Japan in 1934, it would have lived about 80 million years ago and it may have been a juvenile of other asian dinosaurs.

it was a hadrosaur that was about 13 feet long

Nipponosaurus Name Meaning: “Japanese Lizard”


was a predator carnivorous dinosaur that lived in the Late cretaceous period 70 million years ago in South America. it was discovered in 1977 and was quite small.

It would have walked on two legs and was about 5 feet long and 33 lbs ( 15 kg) it had long claws on its hands.

Noasaurus Name meaning: “North West Argentina Lizard”


This dinosaur, Nodocephalosaurus, does not have the most flattering of names, it was an ankylosaur from what is no New Mexico and was discovered in 1995.

Nodocephalosaurus was about 15 feet long 9 4.5 metres) and would have weighed about 3000 lbs. ( 1500kg)

Nodocephalosaurus Name Meaning: “Knob Head Lizard”


Nodosaurus was discovered in 1889 during the American Bone wars ( its a thing) It was an ankylosaur and was heavily armored. It lived about 99 -86 million years ago and was estimated to be between 13-20 feet long and up to 7000 Lbs.

Nodosaurus Name Meaning: “Knobbed Lizard”


Was a sauropod from France discovered at the end of the the 19th century.

Normanniasaurus Name meaning: ” Normandy Lizard”


Nomingia was an oviraptor from Mongolia. It was distinguishable from it decorated tail. That may have been like a fan. It was about 1.7 metres long ( 5.5 feet) and 44 lbs in weight ( 20 kg)

it lived 70 million years ago and was discovered in 1994.

Nomingia Name Meaning: “for Noming”


Nothronychus was a large therizinosaurus that unusually was not from Asia. It was named in 2001 and was discovered in New Mexico North America.

It was about 4.2 metres in Length, 14 ft (4 metres) and about 1800 lbs in weight ( 800kg) It would have lived about 92 million years ago

Nothronychus Name meaning: “Slothful Claw”


Notoceratops is not 100% a seperate species of dinosaur. It was discovered in 1918 and may have actually been a hadrosaur instead of a horned face ( ceratopsian) dinosaur. However in 2014 a re-examination has suggested it probably was a horned dinosaur and the name is valid.

Notoceratops name meaning” Southern Horned face”


Notocolossus was a large sauropod from South America. Discovered in 2016, It is incomplete but the fossils found so far suggest this may have been one of the largest ever dinosaurs.

It may have weighed around 60,000 kg ( 130,000lbs) and over 93 feet long. It lived around 86 million years ago.

Notocolossus Name Meaning: “South Wind Giant Statue”


Was a bipedal dinosaur that lived in Argentina 99.6 million years ago.it was discovered in 1985 and was a herbivore of about 4-5 feet ling and 13 lbs in weight.

Notohypsilophodon Name Meaning “Southern hypsilophodon”


Nqwebasaurus was discovered in 2996, in Africa. it was a very complete fossil and showed a small sized dinosaur about 3 feet long and 1 foot tall.

It was an ostrich type dinosaur (ornithomimosaur) That would have lived around 140 million years ago.

Nqwebasaurus Name Meaning: “Nqweba Lizard”


Has not yet been formally accepted as a dinosaur name beginning with n as of writing. However it was a sauropod from China discovered in 1992. it would have been 82 feet long ( 25 meters)

Nurosaurus Name Meaning “Healer Lizard” – Guessing as not complete yet.


Was a possible raptor family member from England that lived 142 million years ago and was discovered in 1854

Nuthetes Name Meaning: “Monitor Lizard”


Nyasasaurus Possibly lived 245 million years ago. making it one of, if not the oldest known dinosaur fossil in existence. it was found in the 1930s. it belonged to a 2 legged dinosaur about 3 metres in length.

Nyasasaurus name meaning: ” Lake Nyasas Lizard”


there you have all the dinosaur names beginning with N so far. As we mentioned there are about 50 or so dinosaur names beginning with N, and more are added each year. We will try to keep up~


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