25 Dreadnoughtus Facts For Kids.

Dreadnoughtus, even the name make you think of something big and powerful. it is the largest dinosaur, and therefore animal, that has ever walked the earth ( that we can prove with substantial evidence) it was a sauropod dinosaur that lived 70 million years ago in what is now Argentina, and as its name suggested was so big it would literally fear nothing. lets check out some dreadnoughtus facts below.

Dreadnoughtus is currently the largest provable dinosaur ever. Its Fossil remains are the most complete of the large sauropods and suggest it was an 85ft long, 108,000 pound sauropod that lived 70 million years ago in present day Argentina. Other dinosaurs may have been larger but current fossils are not conclusive.

it is a newly discovered, and is often overlooked with the less proven challengers for the largest dinosaur title, argentinosaurus and Patagonian. However in science proof is everything, so we take a look at the known Facts about the Dreadnoughtus below.

dinosaur facts for kids

Don’t forget to check out our dreadnoughtus fact sheet in the list below, it is saveable and printable, and free! We also have coloring pages and worksheets to get on all our dinosaurs as well.

Dreadnoughtus Quick Facts

dreadnoughtus facts
  • The dreadnoughts has a length of around 26 meters (about 85 feet) and a height of 9 meters (30ft)
  • It could weight up to about 65 tons which is over 108000 lbs.
  • The length of the head and neck was over 40 feet (12.2 meters), the head was about 90cms, (3ft)
  • Dreadnoughtus was a plant-eating herbivore, it would have eaten leaves high up in the branches of trees.
  • Dreadnoughtus was discovered in rock formations in southern Patagonia, Argentina, around 77 million years ago,
  • Dreadnoughtus is likely to have laid eggs to reproduce! imagine how big those eggs would be!
  • Dreadnoughtus names means “fears nothing” it is named after old strong battleships, and it was so big it would have feared nothing!
  • As Dreadnoughtus is pretty easy to say for a dinosaur name It has just three syllables and is said like this Dred – Nor – tus.

24 Facts about the Dreadnoughtus

This is a pretty recently discovered dinosaur, and there are new HUGE long neck being discovered all the time, especially down in Argentina. At the moment it has a claim of being the biggest ever dinosaur we can prove was so big as so much of the skeleton has been found. However, as you read below there are others, less easy to prove than many have been bigger….up to twice as big!

1: How big was the Dreadnoughtus?

The dreadnoughts has a length of around 26 meters (about 85 feet), height (6 meters) and a tonnage of about 59 metric tons (about 65 tons) which is over 108000 lbs.

As we cant often find complete dinosaur fossils it can be difficult to estimate there size. However Dreadnoughtus is one of the most complete long neck dinosaurs ever found, Argentinosaurus may have been bigger but we have no found many fossils of that dinosaur.

2:  How heavy was the Dreadnoughtus?

The current estimate, on wiki, for the mass of the Dreadnoughtus specimen is 49,000 kilograms, 108,027 pounds. Dreadnoughtus was heavier than a Boeing 747 jet. It was not the longest dinosaur but we do think it was the heaviest.

3: How long was the Dreadnoughtus?

Dreadnoughtus schrani was certainly a long dinosaur and measured 85 feet (26 m) long. It was not as long as a diplodocus but was much bulkier. It may have been longer but those fossils have not yet been discovered.

dreadnoughtus facts
4: How tall was the Dreadnoughtus?

Dreadnoughtus could grown up to about 9 meters tall (30 feet), although its neck was 11 metres long (37ft) when it is so large it becomes difficult to raise it so high. Although the fossils found were possibly not fully grown when it died.

dreadnoughtus fact sheet for kids
5: How big was the Dreadnoughtus head?

The length of the head and neck was over 40 feet (12.2 meters). Estimates for the Dreadnoughtus head are about 90 cm to one metre, giving it quite a large head for a long neck (sauropod) dinosaur.

6: What kind of habitat did Dreadnoughtus live in?

For Dreadnoughtus to be able to eat the amount of food it needed to surive its environment would have been heavily forested, with leafy trees, bushes and shrubs.

7: Was the Dreadnoughtus the longest dinosaur?

Dreadnoughtus was one of the biggest titanosaurs, probably the largest, according to certain authorities. It had a total length of around 26 meters (about 85 feet). it is also one of the most complete sauropods. However, supersaurus and diplodocus are considered longer, but not heavier dinosaurs.

8: What Did a Dreadnoughtus eat?

Dreadnoughtus was a plant-eating herbivore.  That stood 9 meters (30 feet) tall and used its 11-metre (37-foot) neck to reach leaves high up on trees as well as other plants close to the ground, it might not have been able to reach as high as a Brachiosaurus, but still was a high browser.

dreadnoughtus facts
9: How long was Dreadnoughtus tail?

The original specimen contains over 100 pieces of the Dreadnoughtus skeleton, including the majority of the vertebrae from the 30-foot-long tail. With its huge mass and length the tail was required to add balance to its neck.

10: Where was the Dreadnoughtus found?

Dreadnoughtus was discovered in rock formations in southern Patagonia, Argentina, around 77 million years ago, during the Late Cretaceous Period (roughly 100 million to 66 million years ago).

11: When Did the Dreadnoughtus become Extinct?

Dreadnoughtus lived during the Cretaceous Period. The after effects, of the K-T asteroid impact would have caused massive climate change and large animals like Sauropods would not have been able to find enough food. In fact most animals over 25kg (50lb) went extinct at this time.

12: What type of dinosaur is Dreadnoughtus?

Dreadnoughtus was the biggest, provable, terrestrial animal that ever existed, a genus of enormous sauropod ( long neck) dinosaurs. There is only one species in its family and the full name is Dreadnoughtus Schrani.

dreadnoughtus facts
13: What does the name Dreadnoughtus Mean?

Dreadnoughtus, which means “fearless,” or “fears nothing” is named after the fearless battleships of the early twentieth century. With its size when fully grown you can see why, there was no a predator on the planet that could take a dreadnoughtus on.

14: How long was a Dreadnoughtus neck?

Dreadnoughtus was 9 meters (30 feet) tall and had and 11.3 meter (37ft) long neck. this neck evolved to be able to graze at higher levels than most other herbivores, meaning it could have less competition for food.

15: Is Dreadnoughtus schrani the world’s largest dinosaur?

Dreadnoughtus, the biggest dinosaur whose size can be properly measured at 108000lbs and 85 feet long. There are challengers to this title however, a species of barosaurus recently discovered, Patagotitan, the Argentinosaurus and a yet unproven dinosaur Amphicoelias fragillimus may have been bigger we have more on this here as the fossil was lost over 100 years ago.

One thing to note was that the fossil of dreadnoughtus that was found was still growing quickly as well, so it wasn’t fully grown!

16: Did the Dreadnoughtus lay eggs?

There is evidence for other sauropod dinosaurs ( and the majority of all dinosaurs) being egg laying. So dreadnoughtus is likely to have laid eggs to reproduce! imagine how big those eggs would be!

dreadnoughtus facts
17: Where was Dreadnoughtus discovered)?

It was Kenneth Lacovara, PhD, an associate professor at Drexel University’s College of Arts and Sciences who discovered the Dreadnoughtus fossil skeleton in southern Patagonia, Argentina,

18:  When was Dreadnoughtus discovered?

Dreadnoughtus was Discovered in 2005, though the amount and size of bones took a few years to get out of the ground, study and then name. They knew when they discovers the first 6ft long femur (though bone) that they had a giant on their hands.

19: Who discovered the Dreadnoughtus?

Dr. Kenneth Lacovara, the paleontologist who found the huge beast, named it after early twentieth-century dreadnought battleships. he said that after all the scary dinosaur names given to the predators it was about time that the herbivores were shown be the toughest dinosaurs alive!

long neck dinosaur coloring pages

Dreadnoughtus coloring pages, and other long necked dinosaur coloring pages can be downloaded from the link above.


20 What movies have a Dreadnoughtus in?

Dreadnoughts is a relatively new dinosaur discovery being uncovered in 2005. This means it is not featured in many movies so far. However, it is appearing in the new Jurassic World Dominion Movie, and is currently able to be seen here on YouTube.

21. How to pronounce Dreadnoughtus?

As Dreadnoughtus is pretty easy to say for a dinosaur name It has just three syllables and is said like this Dred – Nor – tus. we decided to make this 26 facts about dreadnoughtus, not 25

Dred – Nor – Tus


Dreadnoughtus has not had the time to become as well known as some of the other large and more famous sauropods ( long neck dinosaurs). Movies like Jurassic park and jurassic World let us all see Brachiosaurus and Apatosaurus, but this recent dinosaur has not had the chance just yet.

as we mentioned above ( fact 20) this may be about to change. At the time of writing Jurassic World Dominion has not yet been released ( 2 months and cant wait!!!!) however they have released the prologue to Jurassic world dominion ( you can see this on Youtube here) and that has Dreadnoughts Schrani in it! Its blockbuster movie debut.

So hopefully this HUGE titanosaur will start to become as popular as all those other long neck dinosaurs we know and love. it is the biggest dinosaur we can prove, and lets be honest it has a way cooler name then any other! (arm lizard, double beam, argentina lizard! for example)

If you would like to more about all the dinosaurs both big and small then you can click on the big button below this which takes you to our article list. There are loads of different herbivore and carnivore pages there to keep you busy and keep you learning. If you want to do something a little more creative we also have coloring pages and facts sheets to download

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