Breakdown: Trailer for The Meg 2: The Trench

A teaser trailer was shown at the CinemaCon event in Las Vegas today ( 27th April) for the Meg 2: The Trench upcoming Megalodon movie with Jason Stratham. The movie itself is not due for releases until August 4th. While the trailer is not currently on YouTube we will link below when it is. Either way, the Meg is back for Seconds!

While the teaser trailer for The Meg 2: The trench was only available for those who attended the CinemaCon even in Las Vegas in April 2023, we can give some information on what it showed us and we do this here.

It turns out that the Meg 2: The Trench will certainly include the title Megalodon, and bigger than before it seems, but also include dinosaurs and prehistoric marine reptiles. We take a look at what we can expect both from the movie and the dinosaurs / prehistoric animals we can see in it below.

Megalodon 2 the trench trailer breakdown

Breakdown of the Teaser Trailer for the Meg 2: The Trench

We will do a breakdown of the trailer here, though we imagine it will be released to see for yourself in the coming days, and explain what it looks like the plot points and what actually happens in the movie ( or possibly happens as the trailer is just a minute or so long!)

What happens In the Meg 2:The Trench Trailer

The Meg 2 trailer starts with an insect eating lizard ( we guess) catching and eating a prehistoric dragon fly. a pretty large one it has to be said, (although in the book it was the Shantungosaurus which was a herbivore) on a shoreline 66 million years ago. ( we are staying with the current 66 million years ago – but yeah, the movie says

“65 million years ago one species ruled the world”

this lizard is then shown to be eaten by a pack of 3 or 4 prehistoric marine reptiles, possibly based on the Nothosaurus 9 though they look more liek the precursors to the dinosaurs than actually one themselves.

These prehistoric marine reptiles are then attacked and one is eaten, or almost eaten, by a T-Rex. Then the Meg 2 trailer shows a T-Rex hunting the marine reptiles. Ahhhh we think the T-Rex ruled the world 65 million years ago. it was big, powerful and had lots of sharp teeth, what could possibly take down a T-Rex, right?


Although as you probably guessed, The trailer of the Meg 2 The Trench has a shoreline, The title of the movie, and something bigger and with more teeth, that tag line doesn’t mean the T-Rex.

A huge megalodon erupts from the sea and takes the t-Rex. Not just the head or a leg, the whole thing!. this would make it at least 100 feet in length and judging from the size of the mouth even larger!

Don’t worry, we will take a look at the accuracy of this a little here and in a separate post when there is more information.

but as a quick note, as we cant help ourselves, these two huge predators were separated by about 40 million years, (The Apple nature documentary, prehistoric planet with David Attenborough does show a Mosasaurus stalking a swimming T-Rex, but they did actually live at the same time)

So we have our setting, big sharks ruled the world and now in the present day Jason Stratham as Jonas Taylor is again recruited by Cliff Curtis as James “Mac” Mackreides to go into the Mariana trench again, expect this time its deeper and in a part no one has ever travelled to. (which follows the Meg 2 novel and later novels plot lines, although it seems they are combining some of these stories here)

They do this exploring at some stage (i guess because it looks cool), in spacesuit type diving suits rather than using solely drones. while in the Marians trench, which the area in the books is called the Panthalassa Sea or ocean, what remains of it anyway, they encounter

“The Biggest megalodon anyone has ever seen”

Which while dramatic is perhaps not that difficult as not many people have seen a Megalodon in the movies world. However, if it did follow the book then there would have been a megalodon of over 72 feet that was displayed to the public to compare too. (I digress)

We are putting the megalodon in the Meg 2: The trench at over 100 feet long, mainly as its a nice round number, but also scaling it up is what all monster movie squeals have to do, there is a rule about this somewhere I am sure.

The plot lines of this have not yet been released so news reports, encounters or an actual Megalodon SeaWorld (we would all go there) seem to bey be in the movie when we see a blogger or influencer being chomped on through a glass aquarium screen which has some basis from the books, although it was a group of teen agers in the books.

In the first movie there were 2 megalodon sharks released from the trench, however in the Meg 2: The Trench it appears at least 3 sharks, including a huge one have swam up to spoil everyone’s day at the beach. and although not mentioned we have a feeling they either escaped the Aquarium or they are coming up to see their captured cousin!

they hunt in packs!

( although if this follows the books then its not the megalodons this pack hunting line is referring to but the kronosaurus which had developed pack hunting to defend themselves from Huge megalodon, we will have to see which way the movie goes with this.

If 3 (or more) Megalodon were not a day spoiler it appears that, following the Meg Novels, there is more at the bottom of the sea than just massive prehistoric sharks swimming about. the trailer shows that megalodons have escaped that’s for sure but it also shows MANY other Marine reptiles, (Meg had to eat something down there right!)

While they are in the trench, in these super powered diving suits, it seems at least one is seen and probably eaten by a Kronosaurus ( its reptilian eye above the size of a human body, opens) and what looks like a multiple tooth sea worm attacks someone though hugely over sized it looked like the one from Deep rising ( a 90s movie that is also a lot of fun though a little gory! )

That sea worm is probably based on a 400 – 500 million year old Archaeopriapulida worm, which thanks fully was not this large!

In the Meg 2: The trench novel this was a pack of Kronosaurus, but the movie seems to be expanding that to include other extinct marine animals including sharks, reptiles and even huge squid.

Now in the books these Marine reptiles and animals had developed gills to help them live, and well frankly not die, in the deep ocean and they were introduced over the current series of 6 novels, so perhaps the movie wants to speed things up.

While we are not 100% yet of the species of all the marine dinosaurs / reptiles, in the meg 2. Although we have a better idea now that the full trailer released, However for sure a giant Squid takes out a Helicopter, and marine reptiles, these bear a resemblance to Nothosaurus , attack beach goers and tourists.

The meg does grab three of these kronosaurus / nothosaurus type animals at 1.41 in the trailer so i guess there are more of them down there too.

We take a quick look at the options from the books that the movie makers may put into this and any subsequent movies these briefly below and a longer look, as some are not that common, in a separate article here on the site. press the link when it appears! .

The Meg 2 trailer ends on a tongue in cheek note (though it is Statham so who knows) with Jonas Taylor riding huge waves armed with a harpoon, – though some viewers have said a sword (either way explosive we hope) and taking on the 3 megalodon on a Jet ski.

Considering the first book had Jonas being swallowed and cutting his way out of the Meg, then this actually seems more tame. ( though we don’t know if that will happen in the movie this time or not!)

Realistic no, Awesome yes, oh yes!

The Meg 2: the trench is out in Cinemas on August the fourth and here at Dinosaur facts for kids’ we cant wait!

if you are looking for cool dinosaur stuff like movies, masks, fossils, books toys, models and so much more we have put in the ground work for you and have collected some of our favorites here for you to browse over.

meg 2 the trench teaser Trailor review.

What Dinosaurs are in the Meg 2: The Trench

We think the main other prehistoric reptiles in the Meg 2 The Trench are likely to be Kronosaurus, unless they combined the prehistoric reptiles ( they were not dinosaurs – just to be clear) from the books 2, 3 and 4 and include the Liopleurodon, and the Mosasaurus into the mix. ( there were a few types in these books) While the T-Rex makes a brief appearance it is more a dig at Jurassic Park and World we think!

There are certainly more than a few different types in the meg 2: The trench teaser trailer as well! We will look at some options below and in a more in-depth article that covers what you can see in the movie and we will keep up to date here and on that article as well.

The book series has given the movie producers a whole host of creatures to choose from, and while reality has to be put on hold, if we can accept a Kronosaurus lived past the Extinction event then its not that much further a leap to imagine some the following survived as well.

Other possibilities for prehistoric animals in the Meg 2: The Trench

We have articles covering some of these Dinosaurs, marine reptiles and fish here on the site. ( there will be a link if we do) and to learn more about them all together we have a page with all the dinosaurs and marine retiles from the movie, and what could be in The Meg 2: the Trench and any possible sequels.

There are currently 6, and will be, soon, 7 novels to choose from and as Jonas Taylor in the later novels in of Pension age it could keep Jason Statham in work for a good few years yet!

Final thoughts

We have a soft spot for the megalodon here at Dinosaur facts for kids ( even though it wasn’t a dinosaur) i used to teach about sharks to my students and loved the reaction when they got to see and hold the 5+ inch megalodon tooth i brought in. (image below)

Meg tooth with other fossils
meg 2 the trench trailer

Although these movies tend to be aimed at a more mature audience, understandably, there is still a fascination with sharks and dinosaurs at a younger (and older if talking about me) age, and i loved using them as a teaching resources.

Whether you are a teacher or not we have some more friendly resources about megalodon and other prehistoric marine lifer here on the site you can check out below.

Other Megalodon resources.


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