The Best Megalodon Movies

It looks like there will be a few creature feature and megalodon movies coming in 2023 and while we wait for the release of both the Meg 2: The Trench and The Black Demon, we have gone through and found some other Megalodon Movies to keep you going till they appear in the cinemas. Be aware though, like dinosaur movies, megalodon ,movies are not all created equal and there are some stinkers in this list!

NOTE: We have included some trailers that are on YouTube for some of these and not for others ( feel free to search for them) as they are a little gruesome. and with the sites title and all we thought it best not to give easy access!

Megalodon Movies

The Meg (2018)

This high-budget Hollywood blockbuster, starring Jason Statham, follows a deep-sea rescue diver tasked with saving a crew trapped at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Along the way, they discover a previously thought to be extinct Megalodon. (or two)

The movie combines action, suspense, and cutting-edge visual effects to bring the prehistoric beast to life.

While not entirely scientifically accurate, “The Meg” provides thrilling entertainment and has popularized the Megalodon in mainstream media, at least certainly in recant years, and has spawned a Sequel – The MEG 2: The trench which is released on August 4th 2023 and may ( if it follows the novel) feature kronosaurus or Mosasaurus as well as Megalodon.

The Black Demon

the black demon is an upcoming ( very upcoming at the time of writing) Shark movie, and while we don’t cover shark movies here when watching the trailer (we have it linked below) The size of the shark suggests that it is a Megalodon, as it appears to be portrayed as over 60 feet long. We have an article on the Black demon here.

as with other megalodon movies they have given it more of a huge great white look rather than a Mako ( which more recently it is thought to have resembled – although of course ,much bigger!)

The story of The Black Demon centers around Paul Sturges who works for an oil company and ( for some reason) decides to take his family to an oil rig for a family trip. While there a huge, and we mean HUGE, black shark attacks their boat and strands them on the damaged oil rig.

The shark has killed most of the people on it already and they have to work out how to get back to the land before it finishes the job.

it is due to be released on 28th April 2023 so we are not sure how good it is going to be, but it does appear to be of a similar budget to the Meg and The Meg 2: The Trench rather than most of the lower budget megalodon movies in this list.

Meg 2: The Trench

The final Megalodon Movie of the summer, (we think) is the sequel to the biggest Megalodon movie to date. “The Meg” from 2018. Again seeing Jason Statham reprise his role as deep sea diver Jonas Taylor.

Ther script and plot are being pretty well guarded at the time of writing this, but if it follows some of the plot points of the novel The Meg: The Trench by Steve Altern. ( which we have just finished reading for this article.) then it will involve a captive megalodon called Angel ( in a resort like Jurassic World without all those pesky land dinosaurs)

In the novel the Megalodon escapes and heads to the Mariana trench to breed causing havoc along the way of course.

if this megalodon movie does follow the novel it may have a James Bond type villain who wants to mine the trench who discovers a pack of 3 Kronosaurus living down there as well. Though in the book they are over double their real size of a kronosaurus !

In the meg 2 the trench there are certainly other prehistoric reptiles out on the loose and you can check out what we think they will see here.

Shark Attack 3: Megalodon (2002)

This low-budget direct-to-video megalodon movie is the third installment in the Shark Attack series. It follows a coast guard officer and a marine biologist as they try to stop a pair of Megalodons that have been awakened by underwater cable installations.

The film is known for its subpar special effects and acting, as well as for its exaggerated portrayal of the Megalodon’s size and abilities. but if you want a popcorn shark / megalodon movie to shout at the TV with then maybe this will suit.

megalodon movies
black demon

Megalodon (2004)

In this made-for-TV megalodon movie, an oil rig crew accidentally drills into a deep-sea cavern, releasing a Megalodon from its prehistoric prison. As the shark wreaks havoc on the rig and its crew, a rescue mission is launched to save the remaining survivors.

The film features a mix of action, suspense, and limited visual effects, with the Megalodon depicted as an unstoppable killing machine with a taste, as always, for people!

Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus (2009)

This B-megalodon movie is an over-the-top creature feature in which a Megalodon and a giant octopus are accidentally released from a glacier and go on a rampage. As the two massive creatures battle each other, humanity must find a way to stop them before they cause global destruction.

The film is known for its campy acting and low-budget special effects, and it has gained a cult following for its unabashedly ridiculous premise. Chewing on the golden gate bridge is a high/lowlight depending on how you feel for B movies. It was successful enough to spawn a sequel either way.

Is megalodon alive

Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus (2010)

In this B-movie sequel to Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, the Megalodon returns to face off against a massive prehistoric crocodile known as the Crocosaurus. As the two creatures fight each other, a specialized team is assembled to stop them before they cause even more destruction.

The film features exaggerated portrayals of both the Megalodon and the Crocosaurus, along with low-budget special effects and campy acting.

Jurassic Shark (2012)

This low-budget megalodon movie follows a group of treasure hunters who accidentally awaken a Megalodon while searching for lost riches on a remote island ( as you do). As the shark terrorizes the island and its inhabitants, the treasure hunters must find a way to stop it.

Jurassic Shark is known for its poor special effects, acting, and storyline, making it a prime example of a “so bad it’s good” B-movie.

Megalodon Rising (2021)

In this recently (ish) released film, a group of navy soldiers is sent on a mission to investigate mysterious underwater phenomena. They soon discover that a Megalodon is responsible for the disturbances and must find a way to stop the massive shark before it wreaks havoc on coastal cities.

This megalodon movie blends action, suspense, and low-budget special effects to create a modern B-movie take on the Megalodon myths.

We have a selection of articles on Megalodon and other of the large Marine reptiles here on the site you can check them out in the list below.


While there are hundreds, literally hundreds, of shark movies out there there are considerably less megalodon movies that focus on the largest shark of all time, and those that have until very recently, have been firmly in B movie territory.

Since 2018 and the release of a properly funded blockbuster “The Meg” there have been 2 more with the sequel “The Meg 2 The Trench”, and “The Black Demon” being released in 2023.

Hopefully, even if Megalodon is no that accurately depicted, it paves the way for more movies about our prehistoric oceans to be made. As much as we love dinosaurs, the ocean deserve our attention as well!

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