What Was the Black Demon Shark?

Although the legend of the Black demon Shark has been around for hundreds and hundreds of years, it has been thrust into the spotlight in recent months due to the movie ‘The Black Demon’ due to be released in April 2023. Which is likely the reason you are here learning some more about the legend. .

The Black Demon Shark is a legendary shark from Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. Described as a huge, dark-colored shark with a tall dorsal fin, at 60 feet in length, it rivals the size of a Megalodon. Which along with a Great White Shark, a Whale Shark, and an Orca it has been suggested the legend may originate from.   

In this article, we will take a look at the possible origins and explanations for the Black Demon Shark and how it became such a prominent part of local folklore. We will look at theories that suggest it might have been an ancient, long-lost relative of the Megalodon, an Orca, an unusually large Great White Shark, or even a misidentified Whale Shark.

What Was the Black Demon Shark

The Black Demon Shark Legend.

The origins of the Black Demon Shark legend are not entirely clear, but it likely has roots in the rich oral traditions of the region. Some believe that stories of the Black Demon Shark started to circulate as far back as the 16th century when Spanish explorers and settlers first arrived in Mexico.

However they all have a similar story of encounters with a massive shark like creature 40 feet in length plus with a black color and large dorsal fin and whip like tail and all in the Sea of Cortez area. We have a more detailed on the reality of the Black demon shark here on the site.

What does the Black Demon shark look like?

The Black Demon Shark is a legendary creature said to inhabit the waters surrounding Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula. Described as a massive, jet-black shark, it is believed to be over 40 feet in length and in the movie looks to be at least 60 and possibly 70 to 80 feet in length. (if you gonna go, go big!)

One of the most distinctive features in the stories of the Black Demon Shark is its tall dorsal fin, that is suggested to be 6 to 7 feet in height. The creature’s enormous size, at least double the size of a great white, coupled with its sleek, black appearance, sets it apart from other known shark species though we explore what marine like may have helped spawn the legend in a section below.

Its eyes are often described as piercing, giving the creature an eerie and menacing look. The Black Demon Shark is believed to be a powerful swimmer, with a strong, whip-like tail that is reported to use to rise and descend quickly to and from the surface.

Encounters with the Black Demon

One such story comes from the early 1900s when a fisherman claimed to have been attacked by a massive, black shark with a gigantic dorsal fin. He described the beast as being over 40 feet in length and having the strength to easily capsize his boat.

In more recent times, a group of Mexican fishermen reported seeing a colossal black shark with a towering fin while fishing in the Sea of Cortez in the late 1990s. They claimed that the creature was the size of a school bus and had a powerful, whip-like tail. This sighting reignited interest in the Black Demon Shark and led to a surge of new stories and alleged encounters.

A fisherman called Eric Mack had an alleged encounter in 2008 when on his way to a fishing tournament in the sea of Cortez, when his boat hit something and his engine was attacked by something and he saw a large tail about 5 feet out of the water.

Local Fisherman also describe large bite marks on the bodies of washed up seals and whales, which would discount a whale shark ( although not a Great white or other shark species)

Despite the numerous tales and claimed sightings, no one has ever managed to capture a photograph or video of the Black Demon Shark. Including a Documentary from the series Monster Quest, episode mega jaws which we have a link to below.

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What Shark is The Black Demon?

As the legend of the Black Demon Shark sparks back into life thanks to the recent movie, several theories have emerged, or reemerged, to explain the possible origins of such a creature. We take a look at the four most popular

  • The Megalodon theory: Some believe that the Black Demon Shark could be a surviving Megalodon, a prehistoric shark species that lived millions of years ago. (we have loads of articles on this prehistoric shark) These ancient predators could grow up to 60 feet (at their largest) in length, and their formidable size and power resemble the descriptions of the Black Demon Shark. However, Megalodon went extinct around 3.6 million years ago, making it more than unlikely that they still exist today.

  1. The Great White Shark theory: Another possibility is that the Black Demon Shark might be an unusually large Great White Shark. Great Whites are known for their size and predatory prowess, with being known to grow over 20 feet in length. Although this is smaller than the alleged size of the Black Demon Shark, it is not uncommon that some stories have exaggerated the creature’s dimensions over time or that a rare, larger specimen exists.

What Was the Black Demon Shark
  1. The Whale Shark theory: The Whale Shark theory suggests that the Black Demon Shark could actually be a Whale Shark. As the largest living shark species (and fish) , Whale Sharks can grow up to 40 feet in length. Despite their large size, they are filter-feeders and pose no threat to humans. The key differences between the two is the coloration: Whale Sharks have a distinctive pattern of light spots and stripes, while the Black Demon Shark is said to be entirely black. The aggression that the black demon shows is also not something found in the whale shark.
  1. The Orca theory: Orcas are known for their large size, intelligence, and predatory behavior. They also have a distinct black and white coloration. Additionally, Orcas are known to have a very tall and prominent dorsal fin (not shark shaped though) , which is a key feature of the Black Demon Shark. Although there are no reports of wild Orcas being aggressive to humans or boats, Although orcas tend to live in colder waters, they have been found in the warm waters of the Seas around Mexico.

Table 1: Black Demon Size comparison.

SpeciesLength (feet)Weight (tons)Notable Features
MegalodonUp to 6050-60Extinct, prehistoric shark with immense size and power
Great White SharkUp to 202-3Large predatory shark, known for its size and power
Orca (Killer Whale)Up to 326-9Black and white coloration, tall dorsal fin, intelligent
Black Demon SharkAllegedly 40+UnknownJet-black color, massive size, towering dorsal fin

By comparing the size and weight of each species, we can better understand how they might be mistaken for one another.

While the Megalodon, Great White Shark, and Orca all have traits that could contribute to the legend of the Black Demon Shark, there is no concrete evidence supports the existence of the Black Demon

What Was the Black Demon Shark

The Black Demon Shark Movie

Although The Meg was the first mainstream large budget movie about an actual megalodon, by witching the trailer you can see it may have spawned at least one more, and probably more in development with other studios. While there will also be a sequel to the Meg coming in 2023, The Black Demon has beat them to the shark movie punch by being released 4 months earlier.

It follows at least on the surface ( ha!) the plot of another megalodon movies with an Oil Rig, Drilling going on, and a pretty annoyed shark. The story is of oilman Paul Sturges who (randomly) takes his family on holiday to Mexico while he has to do an inspection on an Oil Rig.

the town is not as they remember and the family go with him to check out the Oil Rig, which turns out to be considerably more dangerous than the town as it is being repeatedly attacked by a huge ( 60 feet plus) black shark known as the Black Demon.

The movie is them, and the few surviving oil rig workers, trying to get off the oil rig while avoiding being lunch for this huge shark. You can check out the trailer below.

Other Marine Mythical Monsters

While the legends of a surviving megalodon and stories of The Black Demon continues to fuel Hollywood movies they are not the only marine mystery out there in the deep blue ocean and beyond. here on the Site we have looked at three other mysteries: the Bloop, the Julia Sound, and Mokele-mbembe. You can jump to the articles with the links on the title. Although we admit one is not an underwater mystery.

The Bloop

In 1997, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) detected a mysterious, ultra-low frequency underwater sound in the southern Pacific Ocean. Dubbed the “Bloop,” this powerful noise was picked up by multiple hydrophones more than 3,000 miles apart.

Initially, some speculated that the Bloop could be the call of an enormous, undiscovered sea creature. However, further analysis by NOAA concluded that the sound was likely caused by a large iceberg breaking away and scraping the ocean floor, putting an end to the more sensational theories.

The Julia Sound

Another unexplained underwater sound, known as the “Julia” sound, was recorded by NOAA on March 1, 1999. This eerie, whining noise lasted for roughly 15 seconds and was detected by hydrophones across the eastern Pacific Ocean.

While some have suggested that the Julia sound could be the call of an unknown marine animal, researchers believe that it was more likely caused by an Antarctic iceberg running aground.


Although not strictly a marine creature, Mokele-mbembe is a legendary reptilian monster said to inhabit the swamps and rivers of the Congo Basin in Central Africa. Described as a large, long-necked animal with a small head and a body resembling that of an elephant or hippopotamus,

Mokele-mbembe has often been compared to a living dinosaur, such as a sauropod. Various expeditions have been mounted to search for this elusive creature, but no concrete evidence has been found.


As with all myths there is little proof of the existence of the Black Demon shark, at least as a relation to or an example of the Megalodon, and as with many sea monster stories it is more likely to be a case of mistaken identity, like sea serpents being oar Fish, sounds like the bloop being Ice bergs scrapping and the Black Demon being a large, probable, Whale shark.

However Stories like this do capture the imagination and despite causing us to be a little more wary when dipping our toes in the Ocean they do bring much needed attention to our oceans, especially when like the movie version of the Black Demon, or the more recent TV show the Swarm, they highlight the damage we are doing to them year on year.


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