Dinosaur Alphabet

Dinosaurs hold a special place in the lives of so many children and they are hugely under utilized in Education, passed of as a fad, or passing phase but they offer the chance to teach so much across so many subjects, Geography, Biology, History. Life Sciences and of course English.

A dinosaur Alphabet is a useful way to both introduce younger students to the wonder of the world of dinosaurs and to start their English language journey. They can be suitable for Kindergarten to grade 1 students, or older if second language learners and can start an interest in science that should last for years.

The concepts dinosaurs can cover in these subjects are suitable for ever grade and here were present a Dinosaur alphabet to help young students and second language students learn with some of their favourite animals.

We have a nice and simple Dinosaur alphabet infographic for you to use here on the site, you can click the image to make it bigger ( more suitable for printing or displaying) and if you share it please give us a link.

Dinosaur Alphabet Infographic

You will also find other Dinosaur Alphabet we have on the site suitable for young children, and we also have a full ( this was a LOT of work) Dinosaur A-Z which covers as many dinosaur names as we can find and is updated yearly with new dinosaurs as they are discovered.

You can of course, make your own dinosaur alphabet for your children or students and we will start with that in the next section with some advice and links to help.

How to Make a Dinosaur Alphabet For a Wall

While there are plenty of dinosaur themed alphabet worksheets and printables available on line it is sometimes nice to create resources yourself. We have some ideas and links in the list below that may help if you are new at resource creation.

  • Try to source age appropriate images for your resource. This can be done through websites like pixabay, or google images and make sure they are copyright free if they are to be used online or commercially, or obtain a license.
  • Age appropriate materials can mean cartoon or cutesy dinosaur images for younger children to more accurate images for older children.
  • To make your Dinosaur Alphabet more authentic you can try dinosaur fonts from sites like Dafont. A simple search on there for “prehistoric” or “dinosaur” and you can access themed fonts.
  • However make sure these fonts are still legible so as not to forget the purpose! ( don’t go style over substance! )
  • If making more advanced Dinosaur worksheets (to follow on from your dinosaur alphabet ones) we have examples available for download below which you can get ideas from as well.

Alphabet Downloads: Dinosaur

Dinosaur Alphabet Letter Maze

We have also here for free download a set of 26 dinosaur alphabet letter mazes. They are super simple and can be colored as well We have them as a PDF here, and you can click on the image to download. All letters of the alphabet are included, with cute images of dinosaurs and eggs included.

There are 26 pages to this so we have given it to you as a PDF file link under the image.

Dinosaur alphabet Printable

We have loads of resources on the site covering dinosaurs for multiple ages, even a whole set of dinosaur worksheets to download and use for free as well. We have links below for you to use just click the picture.

Below that we have some dinosaur reading materials and questions on our sister site Making English Fun. These are worth checking out if you have dinosaur nuts in your class or more advanced readers.

Further Dinosaur Printable Activities

Dinosaur Word Searches

We also as well as the dinosaur alphabet resources on this page, also have wordsearches for older students. The link is in the picture and there are 6 (with answers as we know teacher and parent time is at a premium) to download for free. Hope they are useful and if you share give us a credit please!

Swimming dinosaur Wordsearch

Dinosaur Worksheets

This is going to be FREE for as long as we can manage it. Here there are 50 pages of Dinosaur worksheets for you to download and use, they are super popular and cover Maths, learning skills as well as English they are great to use with the dinosaur Alphabet resources, and to have at home or in a classroom as supplementary materials. Just click the link to be taken to the page.

FREE Dinosaur Worksheets

Dinosaur Reading Materials

We have 12 pages of readers on our sister site ( link in the picture below) which complement the Dinosaur alphabet infographic and Dinosaur Alphabet mazes we have on this page. Especially if you have more advanced students in your classes, or those that are really excited by dinosaurs. They can tell you, and will, what we got right what and we got wrong, but all the time they are reading!!

Dinosaur Coloring pages

We also, and lastly have a large selection of coloring pages we have found from all over for you to use. These are every popular and can be given as a reward for good work or as something just to do creatively. the great thing is that whatever color your children or students choose to color their dinosaur they may be right! there are very few dinosaurs we know the color of! You can click the picture to be taken to the page.

Dinosaur coloring pages small


Dinosaur-themed alphabet books and posters can transform learning ABC’s into an exciting journey. Each page or poster chart features a unique dinosaur corresponding to a letter, like ‘A’ for ‘Allosaurus’, ‘B’ for ‘Brachiosaurus’, and so on. These resources are an engaging way to enhance alphabet knowledge and inspire interest in the world’s prehistoric past.

In addition to books, an alphabet wall filled with dinosaur-themed wall art or posters can be a visually stimulating addition to a child’s room or a classroom. This wall decor serves as an educational tool and a conversation piece, sparking curiosity and learning.

These resources can be conveniently found in your local shop or online like here on our site, fitting nicely in your storage or on your bookshelf. In addition, consider printable activities such as alphabet coloring pages ( we have the maze above0 for an interactive learning experience. These coloring pages offer an opportunity for kids to reinforce their alphabet understanding while nurturing their creativity and fine motor skills.

To further engage kids, consider pairing the alphabet learning with themed music. Instrumental tunes can provide a calm learning atmosphere, while dinosaur-themed songs can add an extra layer of fun.

By integrating dinosaur-themed alphabet books, posters, and printable activities into your child’s learning, you’re not only fostering a love for books but also building a strong foundation of alphabet knowledge. These are skills that will serve them throughout their lives.


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