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After waiting three years for the finale of the Jurassic World Trilogy of movies The final instalment – Jurassic World Dominion – hit the big screens on June the 10th 2022 to huge fanfare. However it has Stiff competition not only from the original trilogy but from the previous two films as well.

It has been met with mixed reviews, and a lot of comments and we decided to try to see where it would fit in the list of 6 dinosaur movies.

Now we are the opinion that any movie with dinosaurs in is better than any movie with out. (well mostly! and we certainly don’t include Velocipastor in that) but as with most things opinions are varied and this is your chance to push your favourite of the 6 Jurassic movies up or down.

We have tried to make the poll as fair as possible and honestly we expect the results to be fairly positive across the 6 movies, but until you all start pressing those buttons we just wont know!

We have deliberately not put them against each other so they can stand alone and if you want to see which one is the most popular ( though we think that’s a given) you can check out the results on each question

Jurassic Park (1993)

The original, the OG, where we were introduced to dinosaurs in a theme park for the first time and sets the stage for 5 other movies and even a Tv show.

Jurassic Park The Lost World (1997)

Ian Malcolm returns, shirt done up this time, for a return to the franchise but not the park. this time no fences, but more guns.

Jurassic Park 3 (2001)

The final movie of the original trilogy and a return of Alan Grant, a quick cameo of Ellie Sattler but no Ian this time. And Instead of T-Rex a Spinosaurus takes the role as king of the Island

Jurassic World (2015)

It took 14 years to get the Jurassic Franchise back onto the big screen, and it comes with a bang. Back in the park, Genetic hybrids, Dr Wu is back in the lab and no sign of the Spinosaurus or the Original 3

Jurassic Park (2018)

Dinosaurs on the mainland, a very cheap Ankylosaurus ( we thought) and a human clone, throw in a smaller Indominus and we have the first horror / dinosaur movie complete with shinning like halls and wooden floors.

Jurassic World Dominion (2022)

Dinosaur locusts, a swimming Pyroraptor, a prehistoric Freddie Kruger / Edward scissor hands / wolverine and a giganotosaurus join the cast, as do the dream team of Alan, Ellie and Ian. They even make room for 2 non dinosaur cameos with a Dimetrodon and a lystrosaurus

So above, if you entered your answers, you can see what people thought of all 6 of the Jurassic Park and world movies, and we are taking a guess here that all of them are more liked than disliked even Jp3 and JWD!

so despite some being better than others we can all probably agree, as we mentioned above, any movie with dinosaurs in it is better than a movie without them.

We are leaving the comments open on this page so keep it nice and civil please!

Oh and in case you wondered we did a little research ……

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