Best Kids Dinosaur Onesies: The Perfect Gift for Dino-Lovers

Onesies are not just for babies anymore, though the cuteness factor when you see a baby in one is on overload – dont believe us then check out the image below. They have become a popular fashion trend for all ages, and especially older children. One of the most popular themes next to animals is dinosaurs. We take a look at everything and more you would ever need to know about dinosaur onesies for kids below.

Dinosaur-themed onesies are a hit among kids for both lazy days and sleepwear. Made from soft and comfortable materials, Dinosaur onesies can be of favorite dinosaurs like T-Rex and Triceratops. They are available in various sizes and make a great choice for kids of all ages

In this article, we are going to cover everything you need to know about dinosaur-themed onesies, including types, materials, sizes, prices and of course where to purchase,

Told ya!

Types of Dinosaur Onesies.

Typically children are going to choose their favorite dinosaur if they are wanting a dinosaur onesie, now children know there stuff when it comes to dinosaurs so if you are a parent reading this be careful if you are surprising them!

However dinosaur onesies are not entirely anatomically correct, so splitting these into 5 dinosaurs as we have done below, should have you covered. We look at the triceratops, T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Velociraptor and Ankylosaurus. However there are other, less well known dinosaurs available as well, though not that many.

We have five of the most popular that we know are available and links belo that if you wanted to check them out. We also have pictures of the actual dinosaur (just in case you are not sure – no judgement!) and then our recommendation.

Triceratops Onesie:

Triceratops onesies are pretty common and as it swaps places with the T-Rex as everyone’s favourite dinosaur it is relatively easy to find dinosaur onesies of this dinosaur in stores and online

Horned dinosaur triceratops
dinosaur onesie

. If you are buying for your children, then look for the three horns, two longer above the eyes and one shorter on the nose and the neck frill.

Tyrannosaurus Rex Onesie:

T-Rex is known as the king of the tyrant lizards, and it is less spectacularly the king of the dinosaur onesie as well. There are more versions of this dinosaur in onesie searches online that another,

how tall was a t rex
T-Rex Big and small

However being a fashion designer does not make one a paleontologist so look for two fingers, lots of teeth, no spikes down the back and what should be a large head. You might not know the different but your 8 year old certainly will.

Stegosaurus Onesie

Stegosaurus never quite makes it into the top two favorite dinosaurs, but it certainly iconic. the plates on the back, and its tail with four spikes are its defining Characteristics.

stegosaurus onesie dinosaur onesie

It is also known to have a very small brain, but don’t remind the children of that. Though so be aware if they recommend this dinosaur onesie for you!

Velociraptor Onesie

Although not as popular as the onesies above the Velociraptor has become more popular due to the Jurassic World series of films, and is likely to become less popular if that is a raptor in the new ’65’ dinosaur movie.

Did Velociraptors Hunt In Packs

However, often coming in Blue – as the movies have her – it can be a popular dinosaur onesie for those looking for something different.

Ankylosaurus Onesie

This is a rare dinosaur onesie to see. it is a well known dinosaur but not often the favorite of children, or adults for that matter.

Ankylosaurus , dinosaur

Its appearance in Camp Cretaceous recently ( bumpy in case you were wondering) and this popularity has started to rise but not to the heights of stardom that triceratops and T-Rex currently have. If you are looking to be a little but different it is one to consider.

Our recommendation

Well the traditionalist in use won out as we recommend a T-Rex Onesie. yes its not that original, and yes it’s quite common, but it was the king of the lizards, the tyrant ones anyway, and sitting at the top of most popular and favorite dinosaurs you can’t really go wrong with it.

Also, it saves explaining to anyone else what you have come as, cos even the non dinosaur people tend to know what a T-rex was!

What is a Onesie?

You are likely to be as surprised as we were that onesies in one shape or form have actually been around since the 1800s. Although not in dinosaur onesie shape we are sure! They were basically one piece pajama sets back them, and continues to be so until the 1940s when Winston Churchill himself is alleged to have worn them ( again unlikely to dinosaur onesie – but image that for a moment!)

The name onesie was trademarked in 1982 by Gerber, who despite their efforts, have seen their trademarked term enter every day language. Originally it was used for one piece baby clothes. It started to become more mainstream in 1998 when a onsie with feet was made for adults by JumpinJammerz ( specifically made for a music group) btu in the 20 years since then they have become hugely popular.

Now Onesies are often used as loungewear or pajamas, providing comfort and warmth for sleeping or lounging around the house and as they come in hundreds of styles and themes, they are also popular for holidays like Halloween or sports events. In fact chose a holiday and add Onesie after it in google and somewhere someone will have made one.

What are Dinosaur Onesies made of

Dinosaur onesies, depending on their price and purpose, can be made of soft and stretchy materials likes cotton, polyester, or a mix of the two. More expensive versions can be incredibly soft on the inside. these are actually useful to keep warm as well.

Some onesies, often thinner ones, may also include a small amount of spandex or elastane for added stretch and comfort and some will also be breathable to stop over heating. Both types may have pockets or other features depending on their purpose.

Dinosaur Onesie: Sizes and Age Range

Although we have made this page about Children’s dinosaur onesies there are plenty of adult options as well, they tend to be described as small medium large etc as measurements are not really relevant with them. just be aware baggy is fine with a onesie.

So whether you are are looking for your baby, or looking for a friends halloween party and anything in-between there will be not just a onesie that fits you, a dinosaur onesie that does too.

dinosaur onesies

Where to Buy Dinosaur Onesie?

Kids dinosaur onesies are often found in larger department or big box stores like Walmart or target, but there are large selection available online if you don’t fancy a trip to the store. they choice may well be larger online as well.

Large online retailers like Amazon for the US, Lazada and TaoBao for Asia, and Esty for all over, stock a range of dinosaur onesies. you can also check out specialist costume stores but these tend be higher priced than the other options mentioned, although they may be more accurate or featured if designed for costume rather than laying about or sleeping use!

Can you Wear a Onesie for Halloween?

Well frankly you can wear anything you like for halloween, but yes dinosaur onesies have become increasingly popular as they are not a one wear item. You can take your children trick or treating as a family of dinosaurs, and then the next night curl up in front of a movie and still wear them. ( some explanation for the pizza delivery person might be needed though.)

They are comfortable to wear, easy to move around in, and often feature fun and creative designs. If for any reason, and here at our site we can’t think of any of course, you don’t want a dinosaur onesie then they come in hundreds ( literally) of different designs.

If you are looking for different types of halloween costumes we have one on inflatable dinosaur costumes which are great fun, if not quite so practical here on the site as well.

t rex dinosaur onesies

We also have a couple of articles on the best dinosaur toys, and inflatable costumes here on the site which you can check out below.


A dinosaur onesie is a great gift for your small dinosaur fans in the family, and if you can’t go and let them choose then we suggest ( if you don’t know their favorite dinosaur) that it is hard to go wrong with a T-Rex Onesite.

Whichever one you decide on, be comfortable not just in the onesie but in the knowledge that its going to be worn more times that jsut on Halloween, and your challenge may be getting your kids out of it rather than into it!


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