Best Dinosaur Toys For Children

Given the immense popularity of dinosaurs in media, such as Jurassic Park, there’s no denying the impact dinosaurs have on our collective cultural consciousness as a society. This is most noticeable in young children, so what are the best dinosaur toys for children that are both fun and educational? 

For younger children, particularly children of kindergarten age, it is important to invest in dinosaur toys that promote a level of creativity, do not contain small parts or sharp edges, and do not have overly realistic aesthetics as some young children may find these toys to be frightening.

Although dinosaur toys are an excellent method of introducing young children to basic scientific concepts such as history, paleontology, zoology, climate change, ecology, and evolution, it can be difficult to scale these interests as they get older. Therefore, it is equally important to look at what other dinosaur toys children may be interested in as they get older. 

What Are The Best Dinosaur Toys For Kindergarteners? 

When choosing dinosaur toys for kindergartners, the focus should be on choosing toys that promote creativity, imagination, and basic motor skills rather than purchasing dinosaur toys that are realistic or scientifically complex.

The following eight toys are ideal for promoting an interest in dinosaurs in kindergarteners:

  1. Counting Dino-Sorters by Learning Resources,
  • DUPLO Jurassic World T.Rex and Triceratops by Lego,
  • Collectible Dinosaur Set by Melissa & Doug
  • Sand Dinosaur Building Kit by Greenbo,
  • Triceratops Plush Dinosaur Toy by Wild Republic,
  • Dinosaur Activity Play Set by Temi,
  • Dinosaur Modeling Set by Play-Doh,
  • Triceratops Hooded Cape by Great Pretenders.

1. Counting Dino-Sorters

By combining the game of hide and seek with dinosaurs, this fun interactive game is an excellent way of educating young children about colors, numbers, and life cycles, all while improving their fine motor skills.

2. DUPLO Jurassic World T.Rex And Triceratops

DUPLO forms part of the Lego line of toys that were designed with young children in mind. It does this by producing easy construction sets, void of sharp/small pieces, and with friendlier aesthetics to appeal to young children.

At only 36 pieces, this set promises to be challenging while not frustrating for young children:

3. Collectible Dinosaur Set

Sporting nine felt figurines with their display cabinet and information, this is a great toy to teach children about the importance of organization, taking care of your possessions, and sparking their interest in collecting valuable items.

4. Sand Dinosaur Building Kit

Capitalizing on young children’s inherent interest in building things out of sand, this building kit promotes creativity and safe sensory interactions with fifteen sand molds, five digging tools, four dinosaur molds, and four dinosaur toys.

5. Triceratops Plush Dinosaur Toy

Standing at 12 inches, this relatively large plush toy is perfect for introducing young children to dinosaurs in a non-threatening way that provides comfort and companionship.

6. Dinosaur Activity Play Set

Sporting a 31.5’’ x 27.6’’ PVC mat with nine large dinosaur figurines, this playset is the perfect space to allow multiple children to play with dinosaur toys subject to their imagination and creativity.

7. Dinosaur Modeling Set

Play-Doh is a world-renowned product that promotes creativity and expression for young children. The Dinosaur Modelling Set includes 13 cans of various Play-Doh colors and a host of dinosaur-themed cutters.

8. Triceratops Hooded Cape

Playing “dress-up” is a fantastic method of allowing young children to express themselves and emulate their favorite characters, animals, costumes, etc. Sporting a full mask cover and cape, this Triceratops Hooded Cape is perfect for Halloween birthday parties or any costumed occasion!

What Are The Best Dinosaur Toys For Primary School Children? 

Once children reach primary school age, they are looking for more stimulating toys and require an improved understanding of arithmetic, history, biology, and fine motor skills, rather than simply having static or basic dinosaur toys.

The following three toys are ideal for promoting an interest in dinosaurs in primary school children:

  1. Mega Fossil Dig Kit by National Geographic,
  2. Creator Mighty Dinosaurs by Lego,
  3. Dinosaurs by Top Trumps. 


1. Mega Fossil Dig Kit

As a licensed National Geographic product, this fossil dig kit aims to teach children the process behind the careful excavation of fossils by providing replication tools to uncover fossils in a dig brick. The kit also includes an educational full-color booklet.


2. Creator Mighty Dinosaurs

While most Lego sets only allow for creating/building one figurine, this 174 set allows children up to three dinosaurs with the same pieces. Therefore, this Lego set is perfect for educating children about the importance of creativity and versatility. 

3. Dinosaurs by Top Trumps 

Top Trumps have established themselves as the world leaders in themed card games that are fun for the whole family. Therefore, the dinosaurs pack is a fun way to learn about different dinosaurs while engaging in a competitive game that requires both strategy and arithmetic.

What Are The Best Dinosaur Toys For High School Children? 

By the time children are in high school, they are likely to have outgrown most toys; however, some dinosaur-themed toys are designed for older children interested in dinosaurs. 

The following three toys are ideal for promoting an interest in dinosaurs in high school children:

  1. Jurassic Park Monopoly by Hasbro,
  2. Dinosaur Skeletons Ideas’ by LEGO,
  3. Jurassic World Evolution 2 by Frontier Developments.

1. Jurassic Park Monopoly

As one of the most popular board games in the world, it’s no surprise that Hasbro has developed a Monopoly board with music, special effects, figurines, and unique rules to mirror the aesthetics of the popular Jurassic Park series of films.

2. Dinosaur Skeletons Ideas’

Designed for children sixteen years and older, this 910 piece Lego set includes anatomically accurate skeletons of three different dinosaurs, equipped with display stands and plaques.

3. Jurassic World Evolution 2

While not strictly “a toy,” Jurassic World Evolution 2 is a 2021 video game available on both PC and consoles. The appeal of Jurassic World Evolution is that not only does it sport stunning graphics and fun gameplay mechanics, but it relies on important skills the player must learn to manage a virtual park successfully.

You may even notice it as the backdrop to some of our videos as its the next best thing to actually visiting Jurassic Park!

Inflatable Dinosaur Costumes

of course some toys are for all ages and one of these are inflatable dinosaur costumes. great for parties, round the house and halloween. Just be careful of heat and sharp objects! and also best dinosaur onesies as well.

We have a full article on these here !


There are a wide range of dinosaur toys of all types that are fun and educational to children of all ages! The various price points mean the accessibility of these toys for children of all ages is relatively low, regardless of your budget. 

We also have recommended products on our dinosaur fact pages if you are looking for ideas.


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