What Inflatable Dinosaur Costumes Are There?

Inflatable dinosaur costumes have been around for a while now. Originally just available as a T-Rex they have expanded into other species. We take a look at what species and answer other questions about inflatable dinosaurs costume questions below.

Although originally the only species available in inflatable costume was the T-Rex this has now expanded to Triceratops, Stegosaurus and Sauropods like apatosaurus and diplodocus. Meaning there is more choice with inflatable dinosaur costumes in recent years.

Is there a Choice of Inflatable dinosaurs Costumes?

Although unsurprisingly the first and most popular inflatable dinosaur costume is the tyrannosaurus Rex. it is much more effect a costume to dress up in than say a corythosaurus which is basically a large crested cow!

However since that first T-Rex inflatable costume there have been other dinosaur costumes made. A quick search on Amazon shows that the range has expanded to Triceratops, Stegosaurus, one that looks like godzilla but really is a Allosaurus we think. They also have large sauropods like Apatosaurus on offer as well.

We have our choice highlighted below, and we went with a classic.

Our Choice of Inflatable Dinosaur Costume.

We had to go for the inflatable T-Rex. Its the classic, a massive both in size and popularity dinosaur that has the added bonus of being able to chase someone while going RAWR ( the im gonna eat you, not the I love you sound in dinosaur! ) We choose these for the following reasons.

Reasons to buy Trex Inflatable Dinosaur costume

  • Its a theropod, means it walked on two legs
  • Its more fun to be a carnivore
  • it comes with Sounds!
  • being T-rex is more scary so more suitable for Halloween
  • It makes really funny movies if you start chasing people or jump out at them.
  • It is easier to sit down in that the four legged inflatable dinosaur costumes.

you can check it out on the link above and other dinosaur costume options below as well.

Other dinosaur Costume options.

We added these in case, there may be more but these are the one we found. You can click the names to get a look at them on Amazon, though if you are in other countries they are often available in online stores there as well!

  • Stegosaurus: They do have this walking on two legs so it actually looks a little more like Godzilla than a stegosaurus. Still its some different if you are wanting to stand out. Just expect to have to explain you are not Godzilla.
  • Triceratops: Although quite cool looking it is the most expensive of all of the inflatable dinosaur costumes ( at the time of writing) and with the two legs at the back means you will have to be standing all night!
  • Apatosaurus: This might be better for trick or treating outside as it is pretty tall! if you are at a party with low ceilings you might be taking out lights as you walk around.
  • Velociraptor: Our second choice for adults, as it is iconic, it easily recognizable and it is reasonably priced!
What Inflatable Dinosaur Costumes Are There

Quick Note On Inflatable Costumes for Children.

Despite all the ones n the list above being adult sizes these costumes were designed firstly and mostly for children ( sorry) and the choices are much wider for children than adults,

So much so that we will write another article on Children’s Inflatable dinosaur costumes here. But just to show one as we thought it was both cute and cool! Is the one where your children can ride a dinosaur. Our favourite is the velociraptor one in this style but of course you can choose.

How much do Inflatable dinosaur costumes cost?

Although this can depend where you are in the world, and from where you are buying the costume a maximum of around 60 dollars will be enough to buy a good quality Inflatable dinosaur costume.

In that price range you will have better quality materials, a half decent fan and a choice of dinosaurs. ther eis no real need to scale this up to the hundreds of dollars.

Can you take an inflatable dinosaur costume on a plane

Providing you have the foresight to take the batteries out as planes are not overly keen on having batteries in check in luggage! and if you take it as carry on no one is going to thank you if it inflates, there should be no problem with taking an inflatable dinosaur costume on a plane.

However, wearing one might be a little different. although we can no find specific guidance on inflatable costumes it is likely going to be considered a safety hazard as it will impede your movement in case of emergency.

However, as highlighted here some airlines do allow other costumes on planes. Just make sure you still look like you for the Id checks of course and if you are unsure we strongly suggest you check with your airline to find out their rules.

What Inflatable Dinosaur Costumes Are There

Can you wear inflatable dinosaur costumes more than once?

Although these costumes only cost 20 to 40 US Dollars ( around) they are certainly able to be used more than once if taken care of. You need to be aware of the following things.

  • Open flames ( they are made of plastic)
  • Drinks as they will stain and make it smell
  • Cigarettes
  • Sharp corners, door handles, table edges.

If you manage to survive the party without burning, catching it on sharp objects, drinks poured on it or having cigarettes’ stubbed out on it then when you get it back it can be worn again and again.

however, for the sake of being sanitary It will need a wipe down. We suggest turning it inside out and using warm, not hot, soapy water to do this and then allow it to air dry or place it near a fan.

After that you should be good to go again!

Do Inflatable T-Rex Costumes Come with a Fan.

Most of the lightweight inflatable dinosaur costumes do come with a fan. the fan is likely to be battery powered. This is the case for most inflatable costumes like Santa Claus or animals as well.

The Fan draws air into the Inflatable dinosaur suit and actually helps cool you down inside once in it fully inflated. it is battery powered, usually with 4 Double Aa Batteries and while these last for quite a while if you are headed out to a party or for the day while wearing it it would be worth having a space set of batteries or two.

You don’t really want it to deflate during the party!! it won’t cause any real problems, it will just not look at all like a dinosaur when deflated and will get hot. If that happens it will be like being wrapped in a plastic bag!

What Inflatable Dinosaur Costumes Are There

Can you sit down in an Inflatable dinosaur costume

As an inflatable dinosaur costume is basically a patterned plastic bag there will be no problem sitting down it it. They are not airtight, just air flow restricted so air can still escape when you sit down and it compresses. ( we have tried this ourselves)

It does lose shape when you do sit down, and you will need a minute or so after standing back up for it to retain its dinosaur shape. Also when you are sitting down it may look a little strange. However, a dinosaur sitting in chair is supposed to look a little strange so that’s ok!

How to Fix the Zipper on an Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

Th good news this is not anything like a dry suit or waterproof bag. So it is much more forgiving with repairs than more expensive items. However the plastic is thin and tears easily.

If the zip does come loose you can sew it back on through the plastic, and if the plastic is REALLy thin then adding a strip of Duct tape along the seam will add reinforcement to it ( Duct Tape fixes anything) If you get the tape with wire or string in it you can sew the zip back on through this and it will be stronger than before!

One thing, make sure you put the duct tap on the INSIDE of the costume unless you want a grey strip down the side!

Are Inflatable Dinosaur costumes still popular

Although inflatable costumes, including inflatable dinosaur ones, have been around for a few years now. 9 we still remember the funny YouTube videos that came out about 5 years ago, they still are popular for parties, school events, and special occasions. They are cheap and cheerful and will raise a smile on anyone’s face who sees them.

They have also got better quality, though not more realistic of course! , and there are now other dinosaurs other than T-Rex to choose from as well. The second most popular dinosaur is the triceratops inflatable dinosaur costume.

Are there other Dinosaur costumes?

There are loads of different options for costumes if you want to go to your party , or out on Halloween as a dinosaur. It doesn’t have to be inflatable ( though these are the most funny) You have options from making your own to buying a onesie dinosaur costume we have an article on these on the link. Which has the added bonus of being able to lay around the house in after the party as well !


Inflatable dinosaur costumes are still a great fun and cheap way to get dressed up for fancy dress, costume or Halloween parties.

They are full body costumes that can be used again and again and providing you take care of them will keep both the children and the adults entertain! Just stay away from sharp objects when yo are wearing them!

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