What was the Tyrankylosaurus?

Although we do not often go into the rabbit hole that is the Possible hybrids that Ingen created in the Jurassic World franchise we felt there was a need to take a look at the Tyrankylosaurus. Mainly as there are some questions about a very similar looking dinosaur that has made a somewhat random, and short lived it has to be said, appearance in the new (as of 2023) Dinosaur movie ’65’.

The tyrankylosaurus was a dinosaur that appeared in the Lego Jurassic world animated series in the episode Hybrid Horror. It was a hybrid of tyrannosaurus Rex and an Ankylosaurus. It bears some similarity, at least as a juvenile, to a dinosaur in the 2023 dinosaur movie ’65’

Although it is unlikely to be this, its similarity is somewhat striking, and just in case it is ever explained away, you can find out at least that there was an actual Hybrid of the Tyrannosaurus Rex and an ankylosaurus in the Lego Jurassic animated series. ( in the episode Hybrid Horror)

We will take a look at what it was in that movie, and what its doppelganger in the movie 65 actually was / what happened to it. So mild spoiler alert. We also have more on the dinosaurs in the ’65’ movie on its own dedicated page

How was the Tyrankylosaurus Engineered

In the Jurassic World movies, InGen uses genetic material from various dinosaurs, as well as other creatures, to create new hybrid species. They extract DNA from fossils or preserved specimens, and then use advanced gene-editing technologies to combine and modify the genetic material to create a new, unique creature.

InGen used a similar process to create the “tyrankylosaurus” hybrid in the LEGO Jurassic World series. They may have extracted genetic material from a Tyrannosaurus Rex and an Ankylosaurus, and then used gene editing techniques to combine and modify the genetic material to create a new hybrid dinosaur.

However in the cartoon version they sped up the growth to be bale to show it to the public much faster and it escaped and had to be caught again.

Why Does the dinosaur in ’65’ look like a Hybrid

This is a question really that needs to be asked to the writers and the CGI team on the movie as it does on the surface seem like a strange thing to do. While it is actable to presume there are dinosaurs we have no discovered as of yet ( and may never) it is an unusual move to make one, even with creative license that looks like a mix of two, and to look like one that has already featured in animated jurassic world spin offs as well.

We have a couple theories, and it’s just out guesswork here to be clear, but we will offer them below.

Theory one: With what happened to the Tyrankylosaurus ( for want of a better name) in the movie 65 i may have been a not so subtle dismissal on the world of hybrids and the direction jurassic world ( in particular) took in the last 2 or movies. ( in case you haven’t seen it the Baby T-rex – Tyrankylosaurus – unknown dinosaur – was friendly to the characters and then basically got eaten by a pack of smaller predators possibly raptors or some kind or troodon.

Maybe this was a message or sign to show there would be no ‘making friends’ with the dinosaurs in this movie.

Theory two: The particular episode of Lego Jurassic World was on in one of the homes of the writers of 65 and it subconsciously found itself on the page and then in the movie. I kinda like this idea, especially as the movie had to undergo numerous rewrites.

There is probably another reason this dinosaur appeared with the design it had, but those are the two we thought of after watching the movie! Hopefully there will some official explanation in the coming weeks and i would love it if it was the second one we mentioned above!

Theories about the Tyrankylosaurus in the Jurassic World

Below we have just some theories about what this dinosaur may have eaten, what it was made of and what its purpose was.

  1. Diet: As a hybrid of the Tyrannosaurus Rex and Ankylosaurus, the “tyrankylosaurus” may have had a varied diet. It may have been a carnivore like the T. Rex, feeding on large herbivores such as Triceratops or Stegosaurus. However, it may have also had some herbivorous or omnivore tendencies due to its Ankylosaurus heritage, feeding on plants and foliage as well
  2. Composition: The “Tyrankylosaurus” appears to be a combination of the T. Rex and Ankylosaurus, with features of both dinosaurs. It may have inherited the T. Rex’s powerful jaws and sharp teeth for hunting and tearing flesh, as well as the Ankylosaurus’ heavy armor and clubbed tail for defense.
  3. Purpose In Jurassic World Universe: The creation of the “tyrankylosaurus” hybrid dinosaur may have been part of InGen’s ongoing experiments to create new and more exciting attractions for Jurassic World. The hybrid may have been designed to appeal to visitors who were looking for something more unique and exciting than the existing dinosaurs in the park. It may have also been created for research purposes, as InGen was interested in studying the genetic makeup and behavior of hybrid dinosaurs.
  4. Advantages: The “tyrankylosaurus” hybrid may have had several advantages over its parent species. Its T. Rex genes may have given it greater size and strength, allowing it to overpower prey more easily. Its Ankylosaurus genes may have provided it with greater defense against predators, making it more difficult to kill. Additionally, the “tyrankylosaurus” may have been more adaptable to different environments, as it would have inherited traits from both herbivorous and carnivorous dinosaurs.

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