Prehistoric Planet 2: Episode 2: Badlands Recap

Prehistoric Planet 2: Episode 2: Badlands Recap

Prehistoric Planet 2 was shown of 5 days in May 2023, and we take a look at each episode to highlight some of the events and prehistoric animals you can see within it. With the narration of the renowned David Attenborough, the CGI that would not look out of place in a Jurassic World movie and with the unique approach to present it in a modern day nature documentary version it looks to be as excellent as the first series last year.

You can watch the episodes this week on this link for apple TV.

If you want a full list with some information about each animal in the whole series of Prehistoric Planet 2 you can check out this page where we cover each episode and the animals / reptiles / dinosaurs and more in more detail.

Episode 1: Islands | Episode 2: Badlands | Episode 3: Swamps | Episode 4: Oceans | Episode 5: North America

Just before you Jump In we have a table listing the animals that appeared in prehistoric Planet episode 2 below.

Table 1: Animals in Prehistoric Planet 2 episode 2

AnimalMaximum SizeWeightHabitatClassification
TarchiaAround 5 – 6 meters, 18 – 20 feetAround 2500 kg, 4400 lbs.MongoliaDinosaur
CorythoraptorAround 1.6 meters (5-6 feet)Around 33-40 kg, 70-90 lbs.ChinaDinosaur
Isiasaurus Around 20 meters tall, 65 feet15,000 kg ( 30-40,000 lbs) PakistanDinosaur
Velociraptors1.5 -2 Metres (5.5 – 6 feet)14 – 20 kg (30 – 45 lbs) MongoliaDinosaur
Nemegtosaurus 13 metres (45 feet) SpeculativeMongoliaDinosaur
Tarbosaurus10-11 metres (35 feet) 4-5,000 kg (10-11,000 lbs.)MongoliaDinosaur
Kuru Kulla1.5 to 2 metres 6 feet25 kg (40-55 lbs) MongoliaDinosaur
Prenocephale2.2 metres (7 feet)40 kg (88 lbs) MongoliaDinosaur
Rajasaurus11 metres (36 feet)1,100 kg, (2300 lbs) IndiaDinosaur

Prehistoric Planet 2: Episode 2: Badlands Recap

Here we take a look at the second episode in the series titled Badlands which explores the less hospitable places on earth 66 million years ago and introduces some dinosaurs from the first season, and has a few brand new ones that can be recognized from the Prehistoric planet 2 trailer as well.

In this Episode there is a focus on Dinosaurs and their Young and how they take care (or not!) of their eggs an babies.

Prehistopric Planet 2: Badlands: Deccan Traps

We are introduced to the largest lava flow the world has seen in 100 million years, which while looking ( and being inhospitable) there is still life there. In the form of Isisaurus the huge Sauropod.

ABelov2014, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A herd of Isisaurusus making its way through the lava and the toxic gases ( handy having such a long neck!) to a breeding ground. The hot ground helps to incubate their eggs

Did All Dinosaurs Lay Eggs
Dinosaur Egg Fossils

The Topic of eggs is also the subject of the prehistoric Planet uncovered section where we are told there have been many discoveries of nesting grounds within these lava beds. We have more articles on Dinosaur eggs here.

Prehistoric Planet 2: Badlands: Mongolia

it turns out that the only ‘badlands’ at the time were not in India but also in Mongolia and we are shown a baby what looks like velociraptor ( though there is some debate!) It is clearly the aim to tug at the heart strings – and it works! this is where the clip of the baby bumping into its parent comes from in the trailer.

20 Velociraptor Questions and Answers.

We are told that they are basing their survival on an event happening a little way away. The movement of herds of animals through the area. ( we think)

We are then shown a herd Nemegtosaurus and another large Sauropod. There is also a group of Prenocephale among, the towering it has to be said, legs of the sauropods heading to water.

the herd has attracted attention must like herds gathered around water holes in Africa attract both predators and prey. A tarbosaurus is shown which scares the herd of sauropods.

Editorial credit: Fotokon /

The velociraptors, not interested in the much too large sauropods, hunt the Prenocephale instead – successfully.

Prehistoric Planet 2: Badlands: China

We now take a look at a returning dinosaur from season one, the corythoraptor, nesting and protecting their nests and eggs. They are protecting from predators and one does appear in the form of Kura Kulla a carnivore.

Amusingly, with the story of an oviraptor being named the Egg thief, actually has its egg stolen by the Kura Kulla – a sense of dinosaur and prehistoric irony! the Kura Kula although eating an egg also takes one for her brood.

Prehistoric Planet 2: Badlands: Back to Mongolia

We take a look an an Ankylosaur for the first time in the season where we see two fighting amongst themselves and looking for water. While they find it they are not alone and ther eis a group of Prenocephale there already.

Might is usually right on the prehistoric planet and the Tarchia, while scaring off the smaller Prenocephale actually wake up an adult, and larger, Tarchia. Although no one likes being woken up any trouble is soon resolved when the adult realize they are outnumbered.

Editorial credit: Gennaro DiBs /
Editorial credit: Gennaro DiBs /

Prehistoric Planet 2: Badlands: Deccan Traps revisited

The episode moves back to the deccan traps to check in on the Isiasaurus and their nesting ground where the eggs are hatching, the only food around turns out to be huge ( unsurprisingly) piles of dung!

the babies, and there are quite a number, make their way to their mothers but there are hazards along the way, lava, pits and a large and hungry Rajasaurus who takes full advantage of the walking sauropod buffet!

Paleocolour, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

There are plenty who survive who make it to the forest and the second episode of prehistoric Planet 2 finishes.

You can check out The Prehistoric Planet Episode 3: Swamps recap here on the site as well.

Episode 1: Islands | Episode 2: Badlands | Episode 3: Swamps | Episode 4: Oceans | Episode 5: North America


Prehistoric Planet 2 badlands episode shows us that even in the most seemingly inhospitable environments both then and now, that to quote Ian Malcom,

Life, Uh, Finds a way!

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