What Does “Walk The Dinosaur” Mean?

“Walk the Dinosaur” is more than just a song. It’s a catchy phrase that has become part of our everyday language. But what does it mean? Where did it come from? And why has it stuck around for so long?

“Walk the Dinosaur,” a song by Was (Not Was), has become a metaphor for change. It refers to outdated ideas or behaviors that need to evolve, much like dinosaurs did. It’s a call to adapt and grow.

In this article, we’re going to dive into the world of “Walk the Dinosaur,” explore its history, and find out why it continues to be relevant even today. It is important, but it also gives us the chance to put the two version of the song from YouTube up on this article!

What Does "Walk The Dinosaur" Mean?

The Meaning of ‘Walk the Dinosaur’

“Walk the Dinosaur” originally comes from a song by the band Was (Not Was). The basic idea is that it’s about doing a fun, dinosaur-themed dance. But there’s more to it than just that.

When you think about it, the phrase “Walk the Dinosaur” reminds us of old times, like the age of dinosaurs. So, it’s often used to talk about things that are old-fashioned or need to be updated. Just like dinosaurs had to change to survive, the phrase suggests that we need to update old ways of doing things. never more true than right now!

These days, people use “Walk the Dinosaur” to talk about change, getting rid of old ideas, and moving forward.

‘Walk the Dinosaur’ in Popular Music: The Was (Not Was) Original

“Walk the Dinosaur” started out as a song by the band Was (Not Was). The band released it in 1987, and people loved it. The song was, on the surface fun to dance to, and the words painted a picture of what life might have been like back when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Even though the song sounds cheerful, the lyrics talk about big changes and even the end of the world, kind of like when the dinosaurs went extinct.

This might be a way of saying that life can change quickly, and we need to be ready for it, do you think we are ready for the changes we are seeing in the world now – for example the climate!

The song did really well when it came out, reaching number seven on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Even now, people still enjoy it and it continues to inspire new versions. One of which is particularly popular which we look at below.

IV. ‘Ice Age’ and the Revival of ‘Walk the Dinosaur’ (200 words)

“Walk the Dinosaur” got a big boost when it was featured in the movie “Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.”

Queen Latifah performed a new version for the movie, which introduced the song to a whole new younger generation of fans.

The song fit perfectly with the movie’s story. Like the song, the movie was about change, adventure, and learning to survive in a different world. The song’s theme of dealing with change matched up perfectly with the movie’s story.

Thanks to the popularity of the movie, “Walk the Dinosaur” became even more famous. Now, it’s not just a song, but a phrase that reminds us of the need to change, evolve, and keep moving forward, just like the characters in “Ice Age.”

What Does "Walk The Dinosaur" Mean?

Deeper Interpretation of ‘Walk the Dinosaur’

“Walk the Dinosaur” is more than a dance. It’s a symbol that makes us think about bigger ideas. While the song is about dancing and having fun, but it also reminds us of the dinosaurs’ story – they couldn’t adapt to changes in their world, and they went extinct.

The song is a fun reminder about a serious topic – that we need to keep changing and growing, just like the world around us.

Think about the “Ice Age” movies. They’re about a group of animals that have to adapt to survive in a changing world.

Just like the dinosaurs in the song, they have to ‘walk the dinosaur’ – they have to change and grow.

This song and phrase remind us that life is always changing. They remind us that we can’t just stay the same – we have to keep moving, keep dancing (always) , and keep growing.

‘Walk the Dinosaur’ in Modern Day Context

Today, “Walk the Dinosaur” is still a part of our culture. It’s a phrase we use when we’re talking about changing and updating old ideas. It’s a fun way to remind ourselves to keep moving forward and to not get stuck in the past.

“Walk the Dinosaur” shows up in all kinds of places – in movies, in music, and even in everyday conversation. it goes along with the phrase “going the way of the dinosaurs” which we discuss on the site as well.

You might hear someone say they’re ‘walking the dinosaur’ when they’re learning a new skill, or when they’re trying to change an old habit.


“Walk the Dinosaur” has evolved from a catchy song into a symbol of change and adaptation. Its journey from the music charts to the big screen, and its embedding into our language, reveals its enduring appeal.

The phrase serves as a playful reminder to keep moving with the times, to dance through life’s changes, and not to get stuck in old ways.

Whether you hear it in a song, see it in a movie, or use it in conversation, “Walk the Dinosaur” is more than just a phrase – it’s a call to embrace change and celebrate the dance of life while we have it!

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