Best Dinosaur Squishmallow Toys

Squishmallows, plush toys known for their unique marshmallow-like texture and comforting softness, have won over the hearts of children and adults alike since their introduction by Kellytoy in 2017.

Among their diverse collection, the dinosaur-themed Squishmallows hold a special place, with their colorful, friendly designs resonating with dino lovers of all ages. These charming toys play a vital role in children’s development, serving as comforting companions, stimulating imagination, and even assisting in emotional development.

This article will delve into the world of dinosaur Squishmallows, helping you find the best prehistoric plushie for your needs.

Understanding Squishmallows

Setting Squishmallows apart from other plush toys is their unique, super-soft texture, designed to provide maximum comfort. They come in an array of sizes, from small clip-ons to extra-large pillows, offering something for everyone.

Dinosaur Squishmallows, in particular, captivate with their cheerful, cartoon-like designs that depict various species in a fun, approachable way. These cuddly dinos help foster a love for prehistory and encourage imaginative play, making them an excellent gift for dino enthusiasts.

Whether your child dreams of cuddling a Triceratops or playing with a T-Rex, Squishmallow has it all.

Features to Consider When Choosing a Dinosaur Squishmallow

Selecting the perfect dinosaur Squishmallow involves several key considerations.

  • Size and weight are crucial, with smaller versions suitable for younger children and larger ones doubling as cozy pillows for older kids.
  • The Squishmallow’s material should be soft and durable to withstand the rigors of play and cuddling, while the design and color should align with the child’s preferences.
  • A child’s age is also important – certain models might be more appealing or suitable for specific age groups.
  • Finally, ensuring that your Squishmallow complies with safety standards is paramount, checking for features such as securely attached eyes and non-toxic materials.

By considering these factors, you can find a dinosaur Squishmallow that’s both enjoyable and safe.

Review of the Best Squishmallow Dinosaur Toys

When selecting the perfect dinosaur Squishmallow, it’s essential to consider the most popular and beloved options available. Although specific model names may vary, the following examples provide a sense of the range and variety available. Although these are much more simplified plushie dinosaur toys we do have an article on more accurate plushies dinosaur toys here on the site. you can check the link below for that as well.

Best Plush Dinosaur toys

1. Xander the T-Rex Squishmallow

Meet Xander , the T-Rex that combines a child’s love for dinosaurs and cuddly toys. Tyrone is a charming, grey / purple colored T-Rex with a friendly smile with teeth, and two short T-Rex arms, appealing to dinosaur Squishmallow lovers who enjoy a mix of authenticity and cuteness.

It’s not just Xander‘s design that’s a hit; his plush, marshmallow-like texture makes him an ideal cuddle buddy. Xander comes in various sizes, meaning there’s an option suitable for every age.

However, some might find his color a bit too muted, or perhaps they’re looking for a different type of dinosaur so there are other colors including Tyler the grey T-Rex to choose from as well.

2. Malik the Triceratops Squishmallow

Malik , the Triceratops, adds another dimension to the dinosaur Squishmallow collection. His distinctive horns and beaming smile make him a hit with children who love unique dinosaur species.

He’s not just about the looks; Malik‘s soft, squishy material makes him an excellent choice for comfort and cuddling. His one drawback is that this design is very specific and might not be to everyone’s liking.

Choosing a dinosaur Squishmallow ultimately comes down to personal preference, the child’s favorite dinosaur species, and the appeal of the toy’s color and design.

Also befitting Triceratops as one of the most popular dinosaurs there is plenty of color and design choice for this design of dinosaur Squishmallow! For example

  • Delilah – A purple Triceratops like Squishmallow
  • Augusto: a greeny Blue Triceratops squishmallow
  • Jerome: A blue Triceratops Squishmallow
  • Lyan: An orange and brown Triceratops Squishmallow.
  • Massai: A rainbow fluffy crested Triceratops Squishmallow

3. Damian the Dinosaur Squishmallow

Damian is another delightful Squishmallow that caters to the dinosaur enthusiasts. He’s a fun, blue dinosaur with a different design than the T-Rex, definitely lacking the arms broadening the range of prehistoric creatures your child can enjoy.

His vibrant color and unique design make him a stand-out among his peers. On the downside,

Damian’s specific design might not be everyone’s favorite, and his vibrant blue might not suit all color preferences. Luckily this is the more generic – none named – Squishmallow dinosaur and it comes in a huge rainbow like selection of colors!

4. DeRay the Ankylosaurus Squishmallow

Deray the Ankylosaurus Squishmallow is a delightful addition to the dinosaur series. Its distinct design, featuring the iconic armor-like body with horns and bumps – although we thought not as many as there should be ( makes it smooth and cuddlable though) , it captures the Ankylosaurus’s characteristics while maintaining Squishmallows signature cute and friendly style.

Full Disclosure we couldn’t actually find DeRay the Ankylosaurus on Amazon so we used Bumpy from Camp Cretaceous! However he does exist and you can check it out on this link here as well. it is Walmart – though at time of writing it was out of stock.

The plush toy’s ultra-soft material makes it an excellent cuddle buddy, and its vibrant colors stimulate visual interest and enhance playtime. However, he does have spikes ( soft spikes of course) so if for younger children who prefer simpler shapes it might be worth looking at the generic dinosaur Squishmallow we discussed above.

5. Fletcher the Pterodactyl Squishmallow

Fletcher the Pterodactyl Squishmallow brings the thrill of the sky to the dinosaur collection. With its wide wings and beak – looking a little like a snout it has to be said, Fletcher is a perfect representation of the majestic flying dinosaurs (well kinda…) in Squishmallow’s charming style.

The bright colors and unique design appeal to children who love diverse prehistoric creatures.

As with all Squishmallows, Fletcher soft, squishy texture makes it ideal for comfort and cuddling. Some might find Fletchers design slightly more complex than other models, but for those fascinated by flying dinosaurs, Fletcher makes a great companion

There is more than one pterodactyl Squishmallow in this range with others including the blue pizza eating Talib, the light blue Evelina and the tie dyed Shantira

6. Maisa the Parasaurolophus Squishmallow

Maisa the Parasaurolophus Squishmallow brings prehistory to life in the cutest way possible. This delightful plush toy beautifully captures the defining feature of the Parasaurolophus – its unique, backward-elongated crest, albeit small rendered in soft pastel green toned colors that appeal to both children and adults.

As with all Squishmallows, Maisa is incredibly soft and cuddly, making her an excellent companion for nap times or long car rides. However, the specific details of Maisa’s design, and pronouncing its dinosaur name! might be more appreciated by older children or dinosaur enthusiasts.

Other Dinosaur Squishmallow Like Toys

Although there are hundreds of different Squishmallow toys there are some that certainly resemble dinosaurs. There is even a Godzilla range that includes Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan and Mecha Godzilla. In case you want something a little more ferocious that a Triceratops!

There is also a Loch ness Monster ” Nessie” Squishmallow to add some mythology to your Squishmallow collection as well.

Tips for Taking Care of Squishmallows

Squishmallows, despite their durability and high-quality materials, still require proper care for them to retain their charm.

  • Cleaning Squishmallows is relatively straightforward. Many models are machine washable in cold water with a tumble dry on low heat. Always refer to the toy’s care instructions to ensure you’re not inadvertently damaging it.
  • For storage, keep them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent color fading.
  • Teach your children to handle their Squishmallows gently, as rough play can cause wear and tear over time.

With these simple care steps, your Squishmallows will remain vibrant, soft, and huggable for years to come.

Squishmallow Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Squishmallows?

Squishmallows are plush toys known for their super soft, marshmallow-like texture. They are produced by Kellytoy and come in a wide variety of sizes and designs, including animals, mythical creatures, and popular characters.

2. Are Squishmallows safe for babies and toddlers?

While Squishmallows are soft and generally safe, it’s always best to check the manufacturer’s recommended age. Some Squishmallows may contain small parts or accessories that could pose a choking hazard for very young children.

3. How do I clean my Squishmallows?

Most Squishmallows can be machine washed and tumble dried on a low heat setting, but you should always refer to the care instructions on the toy’s label to ensure proper cleaning.

4. Where can I buy authentic Squishmallows?

Authentic Squishmallows can be purchased directly from the official Squishmallows website, from reputable toy stores, or from authorized online retailers such as Amazon.

5. How can I tell if a Squishmallow is authentic?

Genuine Squishmallows typically have a unique bio and name tag, are made from high-quality, ultra-soft plush material, and are sold by authorized retailers. If you’re unsure about a product’s authenticity, consider purchasing directly from the Squishmallows official website or a known reputable retailer.

6. Are Squishmallows educational?

While Squishmallows are primarily soft toys for comfort and play, they can still provide educational value. They can help to stimulate a child’s imagination, develop empathy through pretend play, and their variety can introduce children to different types of animals, characters, and more.

7. Can adults enjoy Squishmallows?

Absolutely! While Squishmallows are often associated with children, their ultra-soft texture and wide range of designs make them popular with adults as well. Many adults find them comforting and use them as pillows or stress-relief toys.

8. What sizes do Squishmallows come in?

Squishmallows come in a range of sizes, from small clip-on versions to large ones that can double as a pillow. Always check the product description for specific dimensions.


Although every dinosaur Squishmallow has its charm, my personal favorite remains the Triceratops models. There’s an authenticity to their design coupled with a touch of Squishmallows’ endearing cuteness.

The Triceratops Squishmallows come in an exciting array of colors and designs, each one providing a fresh take on this popular dinosaur, although the pizza eating one we are not 100% about!

They serve as not only cuddly companions but also as an inviting gateway into the world of prehistory for children.

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